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  1. It's supposed to be unbalanced why would adding the same type abilities to different archetypes be fun?
  2. Seumas


    That could be quiet awesome shame i'll be a ranger far away from the combat to save anyone
  3. Would suck without some awesome ambient sounds and heroic music!
  4. I see your views it would make a change to the game but I guess it all down to how they manage it. WoW did it and that didn't work out hugely well. (I'm not comparing Crowfall to WoW in this statement i'm just stating a huge game dev team tried and failed at it)
  5. This sounds like a good solution the KS backers can still keep there reserved name reward still.
  6. It's a waste of resources to try and do ingame voice leave it to TS3 and Ventirlo most guilds have one anyways.
  7. One of the better ideas on the forums I like it but hope that it isn't just the case of a quick reskin. Needs to be done at the level of detail the pre-alphas are showing.
  8. It will be busy as a Merc but it fits into my life style easy as someone who works different hours and sometimes very late will give me a lot of flexibility into when I want to do campaigns.
  9. Gonna be the campaigns! ESO had a similar idea in there end game PVP just didn't turn out as expected felt very much the same grinding actions
  10. Hi everyone I am Seumas, I've been on the MMORPG scene since WoW vanilla from the age of 10 now I'm 21 going on 22 on the 13th. I'm an avid gamer I play a huge wide of games from the devs EA to the small indie company like Punchface. I've been around for the releases of Rift, SWTOR all WoW exp and TESO. I saw this game on MMORPG website and read a ton up, sat on YouTube for a few hours watching all interviews and alpha game-play and was rather excited. This game is all i've ever wanted an MMORPG to be all based on PvP. Just an fyi I will definitely be a mercenary. I look foward to
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