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  1. Fought against them and with them in Shadowbane, was always interesting and more or less devoid of religious drivel.
  2. The music choice was indeed unfortunate, I took some bad advice, in future episodes that mistake was not repeated.
  3. This happened in Eve Online fairly regularly.
  4. If they can be brought to that virtual brink by words alone, were they that innocent to begin with? Prisons are full of people who heard the wrong thing at the wrong time and up to that point were 'innocent' people.
  5. Proximity would be interesting in certain situations, though as mentioned prior by many here, very prone to abuse. Muting people would have to be very simple, such as right clicking their character and choosing an immediate mute option. Also using proximity should highlight the individuals location in order to find the character more easily so that they can be muted quickly if they are abusing the feature. Highlighting might seem to make the feature disadvantageous but realistically it would mimic the human ability to tell where a sound came from, which is harder to do in video games and is more or less difficult depending on various factors such as the quality of speakers and or the client's sound device, but also the complexity of the audio software in the game. This for some people will not be an acceptable solution.
  6. Shaxx


    I always parked my character in the ice safehold on the walls or logged them out into the login lobby when I had to step away for a bit.
  7. Shadowbane was a game that sucked but was still better than any other online game on the market.
  8. Right, because less player versus player and less consequences are scary.
  9. Zerg versus zerg until only one remains and the server dies, again and again until the game dies. This is the way, the age of strife. Nothing lasts forever, might as well grab a torch and have some fun.
  10. Heard about it from guild-mates, dropped in to take a look around. The 'Eternal Kingdoms' thing seems a bit sketchy to be honest. They talk a lot about consequences and yet they put it in the hands of a player to set their kingdom for Player versus Player? Everyone is going to puss out if they have anything good to lose and thus the combat feature is pointless. Their descriptions for Eternal Kingdoms seems inconsistent, which is understandable I suppose due to the early stage of the project; at times they describe it as though it would function just as a lobby for the game and in others they mention crafting, trading, building, feudal land structure and resources in this area... in those it sounds like the most interesting part of the game is going to have the least functionality in player versus player (that is to say disrupting trade, burning crafting shops, buildings and stealing land and resources). Hello Kitty Adventure Island would be a better name for it.
  11. I have never understood the connection between emotions and past events.
  12. "I want to slit this kid's throat bro, straight the f**k up bro..." ~ Scoop from the HateCrew. "Hey Shaxx, you stupid f****n' kid, learn to f****n' play this game." ~ Manshoon. The first one is obvious but the second always cracked me up as I was in fact 'playing the game' that he wanted me to learn how to turn on, which is of course no what he actually meant, but he was so angry he could not articulate his viewpoint successfully.
  13. Eve Online, Darkfall, Age of Conan, Warhammer, Mortal Online, Archeage and likely Crowfall all are games that failed to deliver after Shadowbane ended. At this point I can get a feel for what games are clearly going to suck prior despite their attitude of superiority. Crowfall is too early in it's concept and has some potential but the apparently un-siegable Eternal Kingdoms bit seems like a pansy deal-breaker for me, though I am imagine it is going to flip flop in functionality quite a lot before release as they have stated opposing things on how it is intended to work, even in the same video at one point which was hilarious.
  14. You have to be able to burn people's homes down and risk having yours reduced to ash for your actions. What is the point without that? Eve Online has a similar 'safe zone' system that makes up a small portion of the map and yet roughly half the population of the game plays in it and never ventures out. Eternal Kingdoms need to be siegable and campable or relegated entirely to social hubs with nothing else attached, otherwise the game will struggle to call itself a MMORPG with consequences.
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