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  1. Greetings Crows! Alright, to kick this off I wanted to start by saying that I simply love resource gathering, crafting and all the scenery and comradery along the way. I think we can all agree that we really want to see some amazing systems put into the game for all things: crafting, gathering and hunting/camping. Systems I want to see Crowfall take points from and build off of are those found in: Runescape, Monster Hunter and Archeage, among others. (Yes I said Runescape, don't hate lol). ------------------------------ Directory: (Points of discussion in this thread) Fishing fly, regular, cage and net fishing, river, lake and ocean fishing - (fresh water/salt water) fish species and their respective geography locations seasons, spawning and migration boats & ships rare finds gathering drops (special ingredients) trophies Hunting tracking seasons and migration Special and rare materials (gathering drops) trophies taxidermy? Crafting Leather working Use of special and rare materials (gathering drops) from beasts and monsters Light armor Medium Armor Fun character titles acquired through crafting Skill and Disciplines Forging and Leather working separate or sub classes of one skill? Discipline runes for gathering/crafting Tracking --------------------------------------------------- Fishing! ... Rare Finds & Trophies For fun, as well as maybe some titles, I would LOVE to see some rare/funny finds thrown in to fishing. For example finding that old leather boot at the bottom of the lake - making it a highly rare 'drop' when fishing - can only be found in lakes, maybe rivers as well and can be made into a trophy/gag for your trophy wall. Getting funny titles after having tons of fishing experience like: 'weed drag'er' or 'something smells fishy' , etc... Hunting .... Crafting .... Medium Armor Mixes both leather working and metal working, as it has both elements in its recipe. Really want to see some options to add in special material from animal/monster drops - like the crafting system found in Monster Hunter. Where you are literally arming and protecting yourself with the scales/hides and claws/teeth of the beasts in the world. Medium armor-> a higher level sub branch of leather working and forging, can be obtained faster if you have both skill sets, but still attainable if you do not (since we are limited to only 3 skills and 3 disciplines). OR yet another subbranch under crafting as a whole (if forging and leather working are a part of the same skill). Economy - I kinda still want to see them as a separate skill from one another as this makes for a more diverse economy and market, allowing crafters to have niche markets and clientele. Skill and Disciplines ... ------------------------ THREAD STILL ROUGH DRAFT Will edit and add the rest of what I wanted to include and bring up/expand on soon! Please feel free to start adding your input and thoughts into this as well! P.S. I know there are already some things within the crafting system and character progression system that are known about and solidified, and I will be bringing them up and expanding on them - adding to them in the post points.
  2. Hey and maybe we could also play some good ol' fashioned Bowman, it's really only a 2 player game, man it'd be fun to have it as a team vs team game. Ah Bummer, I just looked it up again and it's only 2 player if your in the same room together =( I'll keep looking for another 1v1 browser game that might be fun but I think they are all local for player vs player. Technically we could actually play Bowman vs one another if we both played the human vs human version, and related to one another the exact angle and draw weight we applied for our turns, and then recreated them for each other on the other end. Kinda like how people play chess with each other in their heads/with their own chessboards at home by just using the verbal code. The only downside to that with Bowman is that the distance between the two players is a random spawn for each game. So.... yea probably wouldn't work lol.
  3. Totally agree with you on that one a4sayknrthm. The battle.net tag type of system is the best I've ever come across, I always loved the fact that no matter what game I was playing I could see all of my friends online, which game they were playing, what server they were playing on, and that I could just message them no problem. And you could even make it more personal by adding the email of you 'real friend'. Would love to see a similar system in Crowfall for sure.
  4. I will be the most sought after Master Crafter in all the realms! I plan to spend the majority of my time in the game crafting only the finest and high quality armor and weapons. I'm also considering pledging gold, getting my own kingdom, and having it to be filled with all of the best crafters in the game. It will be the Mecca of Crafters in Crowfall! People will come far and wide for our fine wares!
  5. The Lantern Watch sounds pretty cool, you guys seem pretty nice, good moto and all. It reminds me of the Night's Watch from GOT. I'm interested in playing one of the following: Ranger, Stalker, Templar or Forgemaster. I want to be a master crafter, and make top quality gear and weapons. I also plan on pledging gold so that I can get a small kingdom, but I might pledge silver if I am joining a guild that already has a kingdom. Anyways look forward to hearing back from y'all.
  6. The Guardians sound amazing! Being a Guardian of the Galaxy myself, I think I'd really fit in ^.^ I can't believe I've never met you guys, I used to play SWG and SWTOR, glad I get to meet you here. Ranger, Stalker, Templar and Forgemaster. I want to be a master crafter, and make top quality gear and weapons. I also plan on pledging gold so that I can get a small kingdom, but I might pledge silver if I am joining a guild that already has a kingdom. Anyways look forward to hearing back from y'all. How do I apply to the guild?
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