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  1. Think I'm going with the Razer (NZXT) S340 for my new rig. Any thoughts?
  2. Yes, it seems like the "staff" set up the infrastructure for people to share Crowfall news (especially small nuggets that might get missed by a lot of people if contributors don't submit them) in a very convenient way. I think it's a good idea.
  3. Your account should tell you which round of beta are in (e.g. Beta 7, Beta 1). I'm assuming the predictions for start of Beta is for Beta 1. Summer 2016 seems right to me.
  4. Ya, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. I'm not projecting my perception on to the playerbase as a whole. I'm just giving my opinion - just like you. Have a good one.
  5. Yes, I did. My point was....they're guinea pigs, man, lol. I didn't mean "they should run around like buffoons" kind of silly. There's just an inherent silliness to the premise. If your point is they shouldn't be assassins because they're noble....well that just doesn't make a lot sense. First of all, I doubt every specimen you find out there is going to be "noble" - you always have people willing to get their hands dirty. Second, Vadember is right - there are plenty of assassin's guilds you can find out there in history and/or fantasy that have a code they adhere to. Assassin doesn't necessarily equal low-life.
  6. I'm sure they'll be plenty we don't. Like the podcast, btw, valor. ...I don't know about the shave though....
  7. Honestly, what could you do with a race of humanoid guinea pigs that isn't going to be silly, lol? If you're going to be a Guinecean you kind of have to embrace silliness.
  8. I think a sort of assassin-ish character that uses burrowing as a kind of ersatz stealth, specializing in hand claws would be pretty cool. Plus I've always liked the "tiny killer" sort of characters. (Loved my goblin rogue in WOW)
  9. I actually think he would make a lot more sense as a duelist promotion class. (I know.... "Ew" Lol)
  10. From Todd: "The Guinecean Slayer was well-received on Tuesday -- a little TOO well-received for an April Fool's Day joke, actually. He turned out a lot more popular than we expected! (and who knows, perhaps he'll become a future stretch goal?)"
  11. Wouldn't mind seeing that offered in the store too.
  12. I'm still waiting to see the Slayer stretch goal.
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