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  1. As my PC does the first part of downloading the game, I can share my website expresions here. (With 1920x1080 resolution, and google chrome browser.) The loading page of crowfall is awesome, but the teaser itself isn't perfect. As a content designer, I would shift the original video, which is kinda boring on the very important part, into the one. which should start with potential activities in game. Becasue first 20 seconds of this vid looks like You're running around an empty world of warcraft server *sigh*. After watching like 15 seconds of the vid, I jumped into the media sec
  2. Yeah, It still happens. I had to open this thread to fix my problem.
  3. Hey Everyone! My name is Alex. And I am here for You guys, to listen your thoughts about Crowfall's current state. So, starter pack gives full access to everything what's going around. But You have to spend tons of hours reading forums, listeting to dev, to understand what's going around. BUT there is no place, where You can listen to people's voice - "how's the game now". So I make this one here. Tell me, my brother/sister, is the game playable/enjoyable/solid/almost done/ or unplayable/messy/glitchy/sketchy Does the starter pack will make me fall in love in
  4. Way too much thinking as it is late. Maybe next topic will be more precise. Btw. Not a title but content counts!
  5. I hope You're reading before liking post. :)

    1. JamesGoblin


      I believe I am reading more comments (and more carefully) than 99% of the forum folks (actually, this might be low estimate).


      On the other hand, my liking policy can be seen as somewhat liberal by some... =)

  6. As long as game requires teamplay,eveyone abusing that mechanics, should be kickable. Good idea.
  7. Calling thread "Boobs" would solve the problem ?
  8. ofc, everything can change, just wanted to understand this part of mechanics #and i love it
  9. Got it, thank You my saviour! #Edit I am really bad I didn't found it in FAQ. I am going to study It once again.
  10. in crowfall healing abilities will not be significant. Good luck for creators. They will need it in creating balance
  11. The system of calling items in Diablo 2 was fair enough. Name of a weapons was changing each level cap, legendary ones had their own.
  12. Every class can upgrade their skill while remaining offline, or through using it in game. But what's the maximum cap of these? Is there planned any capacity? Where can I find infor about it? Was looking for it but couldn't find it.
  13. You could be great politician, and this message should be sticked to proposal thread. What about fansites? They're external part of the game and free advertisiment with bunch of community administrated by some people in some languages. Will people working on it get some kind of reward for their job? Example. Tibia fansite administrators have free premium time.
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