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  1. As my PC does the first part of downloading the game, I can share my website expresions here.

    (With 1920x1080 resolution, and google chrome browser.)

    The loading page of crowfall is awesome, but the teaser itself isn't perfect. As a content designer, I would shift the original video, which is kinda boring on the very important part, into the one. which should start with potential activities in game. Becasue first 20 seconds of this vid looks like You're running around an empty world of warcraft server *sigh*.

    After watching like 15 seconds of the vid, I jumped into the media section. Well... I just made a look on that noise and regret that. It felt like I've opened my folder from the old hard driver, with a name "pictures.old". I can tell there are some cool things going inside, but It would be nice If someone would sort the thing inside of it, dealing with parts for the comics, game footage, character models etc.

    The newcomer's first thought is "What the game looks like, what the game is like". I think It's the most important part to convince people into the CROWFALL, by giving them context of those adventures and opportunities coming out from the game.

    So, crowfall's website should start looking like the game's website, instead of developer's website.

    Switching it's context from "What games has to offer", into "What you could do, if You'd join" should do the huge part.

  2. Hey Everyone!

    My name is Alex. And I am here for You guys, to listen your thoughts about Crowfall's current state.

    So, starter pack gives full access to everything what's going around.

    But You have to spend tons of hours reading forums, listeting to dev, to understand what's going around.

    BUT there is no place, where You can listen to people's voice - "how's the game now".

    So I make this one here.

    Tell me, my brother/sister, is the game playable/enjoyable/solid/almost done/ or unplayable/messy/glitchy/sketchy

    Does the starter pack will make me fall in love into the game, and keep playing until it launches officially?

    (I am a kind of scientist person, I like discovering things, but have no fkin idea if there is anything to discover out there)

    Just leave Your personal opinion, guide, I'll read anything on this topic, and make use of it, Thanks <3

  3. I do feel that there should definitely be some kind of counter-spy action, such as having a kick-out vote, forcing the player out of that particular campaign. Spying you might not be able to do much about, but trolls and people on your team who are purposefully screwing your side in a blatant manner should be kick-able out of your team if enough people acknowledge that they are indeed that sort of player.

    As long as game requires teamplay,eveyone abusing that mechanics, should be kickable. Good idea.

  4. I'm sure we'll include a few stretch goals that wil include new features and content, but (1) anything added now would come online post launch and (2) we just need to be careful to not get into a pattern of promising more stuff tomorrow to sell more stuff today.  It's a dangerous road... I'm sure we could increase pledges by doing that, but increasing pledges isn't our endgame.  We want to release this game, and make it great.




    You could be great politician, and this message should be sticked to proposal thread.


    What about fansites? 

    They're external part of the game and free advertisiment with bunch of community administrated by some people in some languages.

    Will people working on it get some kind of reward for their job?


    Example. Tibia fansite administrators have free premium time.

  5. I'd like to avoid topic of people from Asia, and don't judge/rate them.


    Crowfall has enough goal to do at the moment.

    They want more money, to create the game quicker and earn some some customers/members.

    "Great funding part" is over, It's time to work hard.


    After reaching goal of japans, there will be more cool goals, just brace yourselves.

  6. Sand-box game requires sand, not water.


    On waters, there is a high chance to get advantage caused by money, and tactical mechanics like movement, damage etc. is caused by your ship stats, not ur character.


    Crowfall is meant to create yourself and fight for the great goods. I can't fit this in Crowfall, even If I really want to.


    Sorry bro, this is impossible.


    But I am glad to see this proposal clear and wealthy in information.

  7. +1 for customizable buttons


    Tibia has customizable button sets, so you can use different hotkeys on each character, on thing you're already doing.

    ex: different set for crafting, different fighting styles, solo huints, different vocations, etc.


    Only thing They're lack of, and what's annoying is: That you're forced to move only with arrows on, which makes it impossible to play, and this is what I am expecting from crowfall.

  8. In some instances you cannot take enough resources to make tons of arrows you need. Crowfall isn't that type of MMORPG.

    Of course finite ammo is something I love, but If we want to remain game in balance, we need to make finite everything mutual to arrow which is almost impossible and senceless.


    That's my point.

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