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  1. I appreciate the update. It sounds like you guys need help. Would it be possible for the community to help? I am sure some of the backers could lend a hand in some way?
  2. I see. So if you have a better version of something you keep it correct?
  3. Would you be willing to upgrade me to Ruby 2015 for $500 more?
  4. I am really only interested in the Launch Party invite. Crowfall Launch Party Invite (I live in Austin) Others I might be interested in. I understand you can buy the castles from the Store. Someone might want to sell for less. Maybe another Castle? Villa Manor Thank you Glock
  5. My Chat has dissapeared. I can hear them typing. I just can't see what they are saying.
  6. Make sure to post it on YouTube. I look forward to watching it tomorrow morning.
  7. Just curious. I am sure everyone is just as excited as I am.
  8. Of course they want our feedback but Complaining about things that "They Said" and "You knew" were going to be a issue is just spinning your wheels in the sand. Just be thankful that we are getting to play at this stage of the game.
  9. Its pre alpha. Give them a break and be thankful they are letting us play. Its going to be broken and "wonky" They are fully aware of this.
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