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  1. I'm not trying to discredit anything in your post, you did a good job, but I do want to make a minor correction. They said they wanted to launch in winter, which the majority of is in 2016. The way it's worded makes me think the first quarter of 2016.
  2. Lycati

    Mad Max Fury Road

    Needs more chrome...
  3. Fixed itself with time, please ignore my plea.
  4. I'm one of the people who pledged $5 once it was required to use the forums, later on, I've lucked into being one of the few with a KS Package, however, when trying to upgrade, it only allows me to upgrade the $5 supporter pledge. I've gone ahead and sent the $5 pledge off the account, but it's still only giving me the option to upgrade it over the kickstarter bundle. I haven't consumed anything, and right now my account looks like this: Is there an extra step I'm missing to be able to upgrade the KS Package to the higher tiers?
  5. I keep peeking in now and again.... Hopefully I'll catch someone eventually
  6. Welcome back you good gent sir dude... I look forward to your future contributions!
  7. Any recommendations? For mods that is
  8. Lycati

    Mad Max Fury Road

    Ya... I was shocked to find some still warm in the bottom... It should of cooled off longer before reaching down there.
  9. Lycati

    Mad Max Fury Road

    I'm a believer of brutal honesty. Thanks for paying for the ticket at least.
  10. Would you all recommend starting the series at the third game? I'm looking for something to tie me over for Crowfall, and LoL can only do so much. I tried out ARK last night and was not impressed. It seems like it'd be a good survival sim though, if I had friends there.
  11. Lycati

    Mad Max Fury Road

    I made the mistake going to it as a blind date for an online meeting. OKCupid... Turns out they were a total skeeze talking about wanting to touch my boobs, or the girls in the movie... I would of enjoyed it more if the person to my left didn't make my blood curdle.
  12. Haha Band, I check it from time to time... I think I said hello to you a few times throughout that day...
  13. Could also do one big Skype call, or google hangout!
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