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  1. I'm genuinely curious, who is this intended to appeal to (especially this early after a wipe)? "Starting fresh" could be nice for new players that jump into the game months or years after launch so they don't feel completely outgunned, but I feel like even that's a stretch. I also understand that eventually more than a single campaign will be available to choose from at a time, but that's not today. Personally, a zero import campaign just absolutely kills my desire to hop on and play. I don't want to start fresh. I've already had to level a bunch of new vessels for various things and help
  2. Knowing what you're doing doesn't change the fact that the game system can be altered underneath you, though.
  3. The problem with keeping it to starter vessels is that the value/details of talents can be changed by the developers. Say I invest relatively heavily into a high-quality vessel that has the exact stats I want. I spend time and energy leveling them to 30 and spec them based on deep understanding of the current game state. The next day the Devs patch the game and talents are now different or combat calculations are evaluated differently, changing the value of various talent point choices. Now I'm potentially "stuck" in an unoptimized build without re-investing heavily in a new vesse
  4. 1. Make a Necromancy-built consumable that resets talents. Higher level vessels require higher level (or simply more) of the consumable. Now necros are used for both building stat-sticks for ideal builds as well as respecs. 2. Make a common-level variant of this consumable store bought and available on Temple vendors, so newbs can do it easily for starter vessels. 3. Put it on a cooldown.
  5. I guess my perspective from a Ranger gameplay is that you may need to navigate various menus depending on which tray you want to be swapping powers for. I could agree that doesn't apply in most cases, though. As for intent, we're just speculating. My stance is that if the intent was to allow mid-fight hotswapping they would have just had more ability slots in the GUI. The fact that having extra slots is considered a boon (see Human disc racials) seems like a strong indicator that bar space is meant to be a limited resource. Hotswapping technically works, so it's definitely "part of the ga
  6. Whether or not it's difficult to do, it seems to fly in the face of the design intent of a limited ability loadout. Unless the intent is that players who can navigate menus and drag-and-drop mid-combat is an intentional "skill differentiator". Which I think anyone who is being honest would agree that's likely not the design intent. I'm not saying it's simple or easy to do. Just that I don't think it should necessarily be a rewarded tactic.
  7. Because development resources are finite and this is pre-alpha testing. They implemented a rudimentary spirit banking system to basically make the "game" functional for testing purposes. I'm sure by now they've heard the testing feedback loud and clear about the inadequacies of that placeholder system. They are working on a replacement embargo system which will presumably address those inadequacies. They should be able to assume that people that signed up for pre-alpha testing can tolerate less-than-polished placeholder assets for short durations until MVPs of real assets come online, because.
  8. Because development resources are finite. Any time/thought/energy put into implementing, testings, iterating, and deploying a minor fix for a temporary system is time/thought/energy *not* being spent on a desired, more long-term solution. I'd prefer they not polish anything that we absolutely know is a very temporary placeholder of functionality. I'd much prefer everyone's focus remain on a genuine embargo system that we can test and iterate on, rather than iterating over what essentially amount to placeholder assets.
  9. Play a pre-alpha test build + expecting fully polished game loops = Recipe for disappointment
  10. "You can do better!" is not particularly constructive feedback. What exactly should they be doing differently that they aren't doing now? Your story seems to suggest you expect to be able to jump into *and reasonably compete to win* PVP combat while playing solo and without investing really much or any time into your character's progression. Those aren't reasonable expectations, I would say. Crowfall is not an FPS or MOBA that you can just queue up a match and engage in some quick and dirty PVP fights. It's meant to be a long-term, campaign-driven combat between organized groups (guilds,
  11. I don't think Crusaders tend to run their passive, at least I don't. "Always on" defensive passives like Hushed Prayer, Dig In, Sturdy, etc. just push out room for something as situational as the minor bubble on low health targets that's got an ICD attached to it.
  12. I disagree with Phr00t. There should be an innate 2% chance to fail, but only for Phr00t.
  13. My preference would be to totally de-focus any balance concerns with points accumulation in the Faction CWs and redirect that time/energy/thought cycles on Dregs design and system-creation.
  14. Follow-up idea: Tie a lot of those aura/AOE buffs and CC to melee abilities that are relatively costly with regards to resources and/or higher CDs but with a solid effect or duration and then buff up general ranged damage. Could lead to a flexible class that in RvR combat would spend it's time diving momentarily into the "melee ball" to hand out some solid buffs/protection to the dedicated melee and then disengaging back to range while you recover resources/await CDs. Would make more sense as a mail wearer that you only want to spend part of your time in the thick of things. That said if
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