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  1. Stealing is an action. I think it should be based on weight of the armor you are wearing, the blending of the crowds and, how often you do it(skill). Another thing is the target storage location. example a small pouch of coins hanging from a belt or a grabbing bag from a caravan. Less you carry, Harder you are to steal from. It makes sense. Stealing a dagger from a assassin would be harder based on where is located. if it is in his boot, I wish you luck. Stealing a pouch of coins from a tank wondering in town would be much easier.
  2. I prefer the ranger that can scout with stealth, lead people into traps they made and, critical hits with bows or knifes. The classic bow and throwing knife ranger, some would say it was an assassin with a bow with the strategic plans. using the environment to the advantage.
  3. I would really like some light one-handed weapons that can be duel weld to be effective against armored foes. I would like these weapons to use speed instead of weight to take the toll. I was thinking like a short staff or baton. In compensation of the increase of speed, a decrease of durability and damage.
  4. A specialist to me is a player who sacrifices the constant damage output of a DPS and the massive health of a tank for the talents required to accomplish a goal like assassination or gathering information. I would classify specialist as either Assassins or, Scouts. Assassins are to infiltrate an area, eliminate the target, and get out the area before anyone notices. Scouts are to gather information, plot false information, spy on enemies and spot enemies before they spot you. Assassin play a role in large battles. Poisons, Stuns, Blinds and, Slows. While in smaller scale battles the burst Damage to eliminate Healers and Scouts.
  5. I was looking through the Archetypes and found myself looking at the Ranger class. I wondered how they would fit in with the other classes

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