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  1. Thanks all for the responses. Now I was a kickstarter that had "beta 2 access." Now these other options I see avialable now have "beta 2 access with all subsequent tests." Think that is the same for me? Trying to prevent having to drop another $55 on the game to try it before launch.
  2. Hi all. Did some searching, and I'm having a tough time finding out any news on Beta 2's start. It looks like Beta 1 just went, but can't confirm that either. All I see are pre-alpha discussions in the forums. Is there a good news forum to check out? Does anyone have any info for me? I'd like to get into the test, and would invest in the Contributor upgrade pack to Alpha 3.0, but if Beta 2 is around the corner I won't bother. Plus the playtest schedule is kind of useless. Thanks, Cheers.
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