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  1. Bruskie; is this Bruskie from Blood & Iron?

    1. bruskie


      Yes! is this mal?

    2. Malevolent


      This is! I hope you are back on soon. Hatechild and Elreich are gearing up for this game, too. Sorry it took me so long to reply; I've been finishing a graduate degree, if you can believe it. The last few months have been busy. Now I can focus on the upcoming game!

    3. bruskie


      Are you still around? Text me 208-699-8383

  2. mal don't hate. I was trying to be funny about asking Todd. please do not post to my "poorly made socks" I doubt you have ever made socks before in your life. #richgirlsruinthefun
  3. todd ill give you 100 bucks if u tell me if your going to have barbs. or some Norse themed toon bro =) #barbforlife
  4. dude get my mom off here. she has nothing to do with this! Low blow dude. I am hoping so fug, I just wish he would say somthing
  5. come on bro! I've got high apple pie Hopes! brake it to me gently... maybe an Xpac?
  6. barb, Norse, Anglo Saxon... call it what you will I wants it!
  7. that's not a barb..... its a champion...
  8. come on Todd! give us some light!
  9. we have played a lot of games but never found one worth brining the B&I tags back. we hope this one will do. we are currently playing Life is feudal, but getting very board with it.
  10. no way no need for stalkers if there are no vamps!
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