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  1. bruskie


    mal don't hate. I was trying to be funny about asking Todd. please do not post to my "poorly made socks" I doubt you have ever made socks before in your life. #richgirlsruinthefun
  2. bruskie


    todd ill give you 100 bucks if u tell me if your going to have barbs. or some Norse themed toon bro =) #barbforlife
  3. dude get my mom off here. she has nothing to do with this! Low blow dude. I am hoping so fug, I just wish he would say somthing
  4. come on bro! I've got high apple pie Hopes! brake it to me gently... maybe an Xpac?
  5. barb, Norse, Anglo Saxon... call it what you will I wants it!
  6. that's not a barb..... its a champion...
  7. come on Todd! give us some light!
  8. we have played a lot of games but never found one worth brining the B&I tags back. we hope this one will do. we are currently playing Life is feudal, but getting very board with it.
  9. no way no need for stalkers if there are no vamps!
  10. guys its an E Z fix, they just need to charge a price of 15$ or hell even 20 a month if the game is good.
  11. dude, just stop. SB is the only world where we can say what we want. no other forum is this way, so why do you think it would be any different? you are a moron if you think you can act like a SKAH! and think there is no repercussions. get a life bro. also think about this: there making this game for money. they need players for money, you offend 1 person per day and they do not come back to this game because your an ass hat. 7 days 7 people X 15$ a month? that's 105$ out of there pocket while they keep you. I don't know what your line of work is but that's a sure fire way to go bankrupt. and mind you that is just you. now think about 20 or even the whole SB community doing this? there goes the wiz101 player base. while they keep a small but savage player base. think about a bigger picture other then a small screen your staring at. Bruskie
  12. every damn game out there has buffs, just take them out. I think it would be fun to play a game where your not buff dependent
  13. no sparkly vampires for u to kill bro so no need for an empty class
  14. when I was 15 years old I started playing Everquest in high school. I learned about shadowbane and waited a year to get into the last round of the beta. then it was on! I loved shadowbane, there is nothing like it, and I am afraid there will never be a game like it. since SB went down. it forced me to get a life =P. got married, started a career and tried every single MMO out there. I have been let down so many times. by so many Developers. I have high hopes for this game..... but I had high hopes for Dark fall... Did SB ruin games for you? what is your burn out now on MMO's? mine is about a month. PS and my barbs!
  15. the SB EMU's there full of Asians on both servers. its not very fun any more.
  16. and things will be okay! I want to smash people in the head with an axe, or I want to cut off an arm. cutting off an arm would be hella cool! I don't think I've seen a MMO with Limb loss yet. Shadowbane had Limb Wrecker, but I did not see arms Flopping on the ground... Todd! do you Barb bro?
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