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  1. It's now confirmed that they do...ahem....will. Good guess!
  2. For anyone wondering about the exact number of class, race, and discipline combinations, it comes out to be over 48 billion, or 48,711,936,000. (Forty eight billion, seven hundred and eleven million, nine hundred and thirty six thousand). This is assuming: ----------------------- - 40 Race/Class combinations (counted from the chart) - 16 weapon disciplines (from the picture) - 35 Major Disciplines (As stated in the article) - 41 Minor Disciplines (As stated in the article) - No discipline can be taken twice This resulting calculation is (contrary to what was in the article ,which allowed for taking the same discipline twice): ----------------------- 40 class/race combinations * 16 weapon disciplines * (35*34) major discipline combinations * (41*40*39) minor discipline calculations = 48,711,936,000 different race, class, and discipline combinations.
  3. Eh, they look cool, but also pretty top heavy, which would be compounded by the fact that they are one-handed. Not to mention that they have pretty much zero hand protection. I was hoping for something a little bit more bog standard and practical, like this:
  4. You know what they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." If we just pretend like everything is fine, they might never actually get around to giving the Ranger the TLC she deserves.
  5. Regarding her bombs, I would much prefer that the ranged trap applied a short duration stun or root, rather than a knockup (which last I checked it was failing to apply). Even when the knockup works, you can't actually use it to land more damage, as they are moving too fast to land an arrow, and they are out of melee range for you to attack them with your daggers. I do realize that the knockup itself deals damage due to falling damage, but if they are knocked straight up, this damage is fixed as it can't be used to knock people off of walls. And, for those of you concerned about flavor, all you really need to do is change it from an explosive trap to a bear trap. Secondly, I totally agree that her slow needs to be moved to a skill that isn't behind forest step. A short duration slow off of an attack that can only be used within a few seconds after a teleport that has a 45s cooldown is only useful in a very small set of situations, and can still be difficult to land in those cases. I think moving the slow to another melee skill would be good, but I'd also like to see a short to medium duration slow be applied to targets of her trick shot, giving it a bit more utility outside the rare cases where there are 3 or more targets that are conveniently grouped up so that you can get the crit buff, as well as actually making the skill useful in 1v1 scenarios. As for the Hard vs Soft CC debate, I agree that she doesn't need much hard cc, but I do think she needs some, as well as a bit more soft CC to back it up. She is, after all, one of the classes that is most dependent on CC in order to land damage, as she has no hit-scan abilities and is entirely projectile and hitbox based.
  6. Aragorn was a Ranger, and as such was proficient with "Sword, bow, and spear.". The D&D Ranger also reflects this, being proficient with all martial weapons, which includes things like longswords and warhammers, and is also proficient with bucklers and shields (but not tower shields). The same can also be said of Rangers in GW2, which can use swords, axes, and spears. All of these are quite capable of being more than 'a glorified poacher'. Now, Crowfall can do what it pleases when in comes to designing their ranger, but from the visual design at least, it appears to me that they are going much more for a Ranger of the North (or a Ranger of Night's Watch) than they are a Legolas. Honestly, I think carrying around a sword and buckler is more than sensible for a traveler in a world where Hunger and Monsters are encroaching, and bandits, highwayman, and scavengers abound. In fact, it was quite common for travelers in medieval times to do just that. (Not to mention that it was also a favorite among said bandits and highwayman, which from the Ranger's lore regarding her melee promotion class seems to be a role that she is also quite capable of fulfilling.) Also, the Ranger's Archer's Stake ability has no obvious use outside waging war, so I think saying her primary role in the lore is that of survivalist would be incorrect.
  7. It doesn't really matter what you call it. It matters how short the weapon is. In the real world nothing is as straightforward as, "Chop their chainmail 3 times in the same place with this sword and you'll cut through." Not to mention that it hardly matters if the weapon itself is capable of getting through an opponents armor if you get skewered by a spear before you can get within striking distance to do so. Sure, having a defensive weapon can help you survive getting into striking distance with a shorter weapon, but take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8RWLxlzTiM Notice how difficult it is for the person with even a buckler and one-handed sword of decent length to close the distance? Most of the time he is at the mercy of spear wielder, and is constantly on the defensive until he can find a way around the spears tip. I still maintain that you'd be a fool to bring a weapon that is only as long as your forearm against soldiers with spears, polearms, and longswords, all of which are either longer than a person is tall, or at least come up above their waist. And by longsword, I mean a the traditional 2-handed sword wielded by knights of the late medieval and Renaissance periods, not the one-handed sword used by the Knight currently in Crowfall: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longsword Also, check again the name of that second picture that you linked. Those are rondel daggers, traditionally used be knights as a backup weapon to a longsword, which was itself usually a backup weapon to some form of polearm or ranged weapon. Again, like I said before, one of the most common uses for the dagger was as a finishing weapon once they had thrown their opponent to the ground and rendered them mostly defenseless, or as a last resort if they had dropped all of their other weapons. But, as previous posters have already mentioned, this is a game, not real life, and the above just serves as some fluff, which probably only matters to some. And not everyone who cares about the fluff agrees with me that it should better match RL, either. But suspension of disbelief is a thing, and I find it hard to suspend my disbelief when I engage in melee with raging minotaurs carrying giant meat cleavers or frothing beserkers wielding gaint axes with nothing but a couple of daggers, and sometimes even win due to my C heal, because 'Magic'. What I find even weirder is that our C still feels a bit out of place. It is really the only overtly magical skill in the Ranger's arsenal, besides the teleport (which we may lose to the assasin, anyway.) Not that I find anything wrong with rangers using magic, they are, after all, divine casters in D&D. It just feels a bit sudden to start leeching health from our attacks, when we haven't used any other form of magic up until that point.
  8. As the one that started the 'eyecandy' weapon thread, I agree with most of your points. I, or other members of the Ranger community, have brought up most, if not all of them, in the testing feedback forums, or in the Ranger redesign thread. Perhaps you are correct that these side 'eyecandy' topics are getting more attention than the core issues of the Ranger, atm. Feel free to start a new thread highlighting these issues if you feel like this is the case.
  9. I agree, I would much prefer the mechanic stay an aimed projectile that rewards skilled play. It would be nice, though, if they improved the visual on it so you could actually see where your shots are going in order to better adjust your aim. It's in a different genre, but I think Warframe actually does this quite well: https://youtu.be/Kl3kY0u8JXU?t=68 Something where it's just enough so that you can see it, but also subtle enough so that you aren't announcing your presence to the entire enemy team.
  10. As for melee, most of the skills seem decent. However, the 45 second CD on forestwalk is brutal (how this exists in a world where knight's have a charge on a 3 sec CD, I don't know). Also, the fact that our only slow is behind it is really awkward, and makes a missed slow even that more excruciating. Disengage is also pretty useless. A lot of the time it doesn't actually do anything, and even when it does, it's barely faster than just backpedaling. This either needs a rework or replacement.
  11. I, for one, quite enjoy the charge up mechanic. It makes using the bow quite satisfying, as well as adding a great degree of depth to simply 'spamming auto-attack'. I'm quite alright with her auto-attack being the main source of her damage, as it by itself is more interesting to use than whole classes from the auto-target, 'spam-1-2-3-4' style of MMO combat. I would, however, like to see more utility be given to her other bow powers. 1 and 3 are great, 5 is okay (bordering on meh now, as the knock-up seems to be nerfed), 4 is meh, and I hardly ever use 2 or 6. Some form of ranged slow would be nice, but I realize that might be asking for too much. I would also like to see the charge-up time on her auto-attack sped up a bit. As it is now, pretty much any class can go from melee range to out of range (or vice versa) in the time it takes you to fully charge up a single shot. Heck, if it's against a knight with their ridiculous 3 second charge, I can't even get a parting shot off before they are out of range and over the horizon, with no hope of me ever catching up to them. An increase in lifetime and/or flight speed would also be nice. I realize there are skill tree options that help with this, but it matters how much of an increase this actually is. I'll be getting picking up the projectile lifetime skill next, so then I'll be able to see how much it affects the maximum. I suspect it might increase range from 40m to 50m, but I hope it's more and worry that it might be less. This is even more so because I don't really want to have to go down the Archer tree in order to pickup the flight-speed skill.
  12. I agree that it'd be cumbersome to carry both a spear and bow. Swapping from one to the other would be awkward, and I really can't think of a way to carry a spear other than holding it in the hands, which would mean dropping it on the ground or resting it against a tree or wall in order to use the bow. I do disagree with it being slow and at odds with the archetype, however. Example of speed: https://youtu.be/O8RWLxlzTiM?t=226 Example of rangers using spears from D&D: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/58/31/b8/5831b83c8122df7f2266a2d25321df69.jpg http://orig00.deviantart.net/b1af/f/2010/151/c/6/human_ranger_by_rhineville.jpg
  13. Well, it's in the skill tree. I expect we will see it as an option at some point.
  14. Well, they are called daggers in-game. Also, what they're called is irrelevant so long as they are significantly shorter than a sword that extends from the hip to the lower shin/ankle. Heck, the sizing for rapiers (a weapon designed to maximize reach and thrusting) was sometimes suggested to be from just below the wielder's armpit down to the ground. Good luck trying to get past that (or a spear/polearm) with a bladed weapon that only extends from the elbow to the tips of your fingers.
  15. Are we really going to start a fight about which sparring/combat system is superior? Yes, the rules for LARPing tend to be pretty simplistic, with a lot of emphasis put on role-playing and having fun, but that doesn't mean useful observations can't be taken from it. I think what he meant is that his experience extended beyond just the theoretical, which is a lot more than what most people have. I really didn't intend to start a flame-war about LARP vs HEMA vs ACL vs <insert your favorite sparring/combat system here>.
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