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  1. For anyone wondering about the exact number of class, race, and discipline combinations, it comes out to be over 48 billion, or 48,711,936,000. (Forty eight billion, seven hundred and eleven million, nine hundred and thirty six thousand). This is assuming: ----------------------- - 40 Race/Class combinations (counted from the chart) - 16 weapon disciplines (from the picture) - 35 Major Disciplines (As stated in the article) - 41 Minor Disciplines (As stated in the article) - No discipline can be taken twice This resulting calculation is (co
  2. Eh, they look cool, but also pretty top heavy, which would be compounded by the fact that they are one-handed. Not to mention that they have pretty much zero hand protection. I was hoping for something a little bit more bog standard and practical, like this:
  3. You know what they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." If we just pretend like everything is fine, they might never actually get around to giving the Ranger the TLC she deserves.
  4. The logic for whether or not bruised apples restore chicken tickers is backwards. Currently, they do not restore chicken tickers if you are starving, but will restore chicken tickers if you are above 3 tickers.
  5. Regarding her bombs, I would much prefer that the ranged trap applied a short duration stun or root, rather than a knockup (which last I checked it was failing to apply). Even when the knockup works, you can't actually use it to land more damage, as they are moving too fast to land an arrow, and they are out of melee range for you to attack them with your daggers. I do realize that the knockup itself deals damage due to falling damage, but if they are knocked straight up, this damage is fixed as it can't be used to knock people off of walls. And, for those of you concerned about flavor, al
  6. Aragorn was a Ranger, and as such was proficient with "Sword, bow, and spear.". The D&D Ranger also reflects this, being proficient with all martial weapons, which includes things like longswords and warhammers, and is also proficient with bucklers and shields (but not tower shields). The same can also be said of Rangers in GW2, which can use swords, axes, and spears. All of these are quite capable of being more than 'a glorified poacher'. Now, Crowfall can do what it pleases when in comes to designing their ranger, but from the visual design at least, it appears to me that they ar
  7. It doesn't really matter what you call it. It matters how short the weapon is. In the real world nothing is as straightforward as, "Chop their chainmail 3 times in the same place with this sword and you'll cut through." Not to mention that it hardly matters if the weapon itself is capable of getting through an opponents armor if you get skewered by a spear before you can get within striking distance to do so. Sure, having a defensive weapon can help you survive getting into striking distance with a shorter weapon, but take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8RWLxlzTiM Notice how di
  8. As the one that started the 'eyecandy' weapon thread, I agree with most of your points. I, or other members of the Ranger community, have brought up most, if not all of them, in the testing feedback forums, or in the Ranger redesign thread. Perhaps you are correct that these side 'eyecandy' topics are getting more attention than the core issues of the Ranger, atm. Feel free to start a new thread highlighting these issues if you feel like this is the case.
  9. Ranger Unable to move backwards while charging basic attack. Side-to-side and forwards movement still work. Also, character is rooted for about half a second after firing a basic attack. I'm not sure if either of these are intentional, but I wasn't able to see anything regarding these changes in the patch notes, so I'm assuming that they aren't.
  10. You've got it backwards, Elves are a type of Fae, at least according to other fictional sources in pop-culture such as the Dresden Files: http://dresdenfiles.wikia.com/wiki/Faerie#Kinds_of_faeries Artcraft, of course, has the artistic license to do whatever they want with their lore, but the lore of the assassin would not be all that inconstant with the Fae that are in the Dresden Files, which in turn has likely been influenced by other sources in pop-culture.
  11. I can confirm that our range now increases with increased lifetime on projectiles from the ranger skill tree. However, the amount at which it increases does not make sense to me. Our old range was roughly 40m (70m/s *.58s = 40.6m). However, with a listed increased projectile lifetime of .176 (I'm assuming seconds) at rank 88 out of 100 in Lasting Arrows, I am observing a max range of about 65m, which far exceeds my expected max range of 52.92m ((.58s+.176s) * 70m/s = 52.92m). This is assuming, of course, that the listed numbers are accurate, and that the projectile lifetime and its inc
  12. Bu...bu...but I want my rapid fire into suppression shot combo back! It was the only thing allowing me to kill people before they could run away and laugh at rangers for being the slowest class in the game with no hard CC.
  13. Ranger bug: Attempting to use basic bow shot (LMB) with only basic bow and basic arrows and no daggers equipped results in unarmed attack animation. Other bow skills still work, however.
  14. Welp, there goes about two months of vessels training. Now that you've added this prerequisite, have you considered moving such a combat relevant tree out of the exploration category? Nevermind, I didn't see the part about only needing the first skill of the tree.
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