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  1. Made Eve Pay to Win. Simple. Anything similar in Crowfall would be terrible for the game imo.
  2. Crowfall and Star Citizen are the only two video games I have backed via Kickstarter or Corwdfunding. Which is probably a good thing, as I am pretty deep into both of them. Surprisingly enough, pretty evenly too!
  3. Maybe it's just me, but in the launcher where it says "Welcome to Crowfall Pre-3.0...." the "READ MORE" link is missing the : in the URL so it directs to "http//community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13838-patch-notes-october-28-2016/" leading to DNS lookup issues for obvious reasons. Thought I'd bring it up.
  4. Checked this morning and my City Rank 3 has been changed to a Capital Rank 1, so guessing they fixed the script and re-ran. Thanks ACE, you guys seriously are the best.
  5. I get that it's all in development and nothing is written in stone, and everything is up to change, and so on and so forth. But seeing how the 2016 Large Castle description says it contains the Capital Parcel (and has a picture of the new parcel) either there is a bug in terms of Website error (LC doesn't actually contain a Capital Parcel) or the script they ran bugged out and missed at least my and Jah's LC packages and left us the City Parcel. (as I seriously doubt they are going to punish early backers by not giving them the Capital Parcel if that's what it is supposed to have) ‚ÄčEither way I'd still think it is a bug in terms of there IS a discrepancy between the two. Could be that they haven't decided what package gets what, but at that point they shouldn't have updated the description of the post 9/1 LC and changed the parcel picture. And I'd hate to see Gordon being flooded with support requests because people have "the wrong thing in the package" (hence why I posted here asking if I was the only one or not)
  6. I see what you're getting at, but my thoughts are that in a Small or Medium Castle the parcel are the same design and are shown as a 6 cell parcel as a 4x2 rectangle with the top two corners missing - https://s3.amazonaws.com/artcraft-web-crowfall-media/store/items/ParcelArt_6cell_City.png . Where as the Capital Parcel is a 8 cell parcel, put together as a 3x3 square with the bottom right corner missing - https://s3.amazonaws.com/artcraft-web-crowfall-media/store/items/ParcelArt_8cell_Capitol.png So I would have some doubts that the design and cells making up the parcel would change as you ranked up the parcel. Just given as the parcel remains the same between Rank 1 (SC) and Rank 2 (MC) then the name changes for the LC. Maybe the Capital parcel is actually the same as the Province Parcel, and the name itself changes going from LC to Citadel/Palace?
  7. I see the Large Castle in the store has the following parcel "Parcel Capital Rank 1 - a Capital stronghold parcel (rank 1)" I have a KS Large Castle, and the highest ranked/largest parcel I have is "Parcel City Rank 3 - a City stronghold parcel (rank 3)" Now I haven't emailed support or anything yet as I realise that they just did the split into the 4 parts of the Stronghold bundles, and the parcels that came with the 2016 Large Castles WERE at one point the City and not the Capital, so it may very well be an issue with the script that they ran to split up the packages into the new 4 components. Or the KS/2015 come with a lower rank parcel (which I doubt is the intent) Anyone else have this same issue? Is this localised to me, or more of a widespread issue?
  8. Yeah, I'd like to see an official answer on this. The sole reason I picked up a Large Castle was for the larger throne room. otherwise I would have gotten 3 Small and 3 months VIP...
  9. I don't care about "magic" mounting (where does the Horse go when I die? He just runs home?) but one this I would LOVE to see is a stable where I can have my mounts visible in my stronghold. Just wandering around, that would be pretty sweet for RP.
  10. I think this would be pretty cool. Should be "easy" to do too... All you need would be to continue the sky, and add fog of war a ways out. Not a computer programmer, but the idea seems better than an invisible wall, or even just being surrounded by water.
  11. And I think this would make for a nice little revenue stream for ACE, without HAVING to subscribe they need to have some sort of micro-transactions in order to keep the lights on. So you build a Castle. WOOTS. It's a base Throne Room, nothing special. BUT for $10 or $15 you can get the Elken Race style Throne room. Keeps same floor plan, its just for looks. TBH, I'd be buying some.
  12. Yeah, so instead of having my Large Castle, it seems I should have gone with 2 Small. Getting more pieces? Unless ranking up the parcel itself is going to be godly expensive. Which also makes some sense.
  13. Well, I wasn't referring to a choose your own color skin, more like predetermined themes. Like maybe someone wants to be a badass, and wants a Black/grey themed dark Keep. Where someone wants to be the knight in shining armor and wants a lighter grey with white accents. Done, sell it in the store. I just think it might be a nice thing, as I have a KS Small Castle. Well, if I upgrade to a Large castle in the game, I understand I loose the KS variant on the throneroom. So, making that a skin that can be applied to a building of X class (Fort, Keep, Castle, main building) it would allow early backers to keep that "bonus" but also open up a new revenue stream for ACE.
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