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  1. Guild: Zealots Faction: the Order Reason for Faction: Honestly from an RP perspective the Order fits into the Zealot theme perfectly so that’s why I chose it but it also has a cool emblem which also supports our RP lol
  2. I wanted to start a topic on what factions people are picking, why theyre going to be playing that faction (Strategic reasoning, Roleplay, It has a cool emblem) and what guild you are from. I don’t expect only guild leaders to post I want to also hear from regular members from within guilds and their responses. Format being.. Guild: Faction: Reason for Faction:
  3. Thank you for your very detailed and informative response this was veryyy helpful 10/10.
  4. I think we’ve all seen Alliances and giant Zergs of Guilds working together ruin other MMOs, most MMOs. I think with the whole Campaign season system will stop this issue and potential threat to the games health will be avoided largely. I don’t mind losing campaigns etc. but if it gets to the point where a single guild or Alliance can win them all with ease then obviously the balance of the game will be lost. This is just a topic to discuss people’s looming concerns and problems we foresee as a community coming to light. Also how best smaller guilds can avoid these issues or prepare for them accordingly. Obviously this is all up for change, do not take the content discussed here to heart, final game development will likely be different. 1. First of all, are Alliances even a thing? 2. What do losers in a campaign get? If there are Alliances, is it one guild wins all? 3. Are there any publicly known Guild Collaborations / Alliances already formed? 4. I wanted to see if people could see potential issues with larger Zerg guilds coming into play?
  5. I'm from a fairly new gaming community called Zealots. I discovered Crowfall through some friends who highly recommended the game to me back when it was a Kickstarter, bought in and waited. I've been looking for a new MMO for a long time. My two all time favorite MMOs I've played were World of Warcraft which I played for about 7 years.. And also Mortal Online who got me into the truely hardcore gaming aspect that I love. I've yearned for a heavy PvP game since then and have been wandering the lonely internet for a couple years now.. Waiting. I think this game has great potential for me and my community and I can't wait for all the adventures to unfold before me. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this. If you're looking for a fun group of guys to play Crowfall with check us out. Website: http://Www.ZealotsOfficial.enjin.com Discord: https://discord.gg/QFb2S
  6. ZEALOTS About Zealots: Zealots is a very laid back community who can appreciate all kinds of gameplay form Casual, Roleplayers and even Hardcore gamers. There will be settings for all kinds. Personally I see myself a Hardcore PvPer that likes to Roleplay, I only play games with PvP in them. But we also have many people who enjoy the PvE aspects of the games we play more so, so we accommodate for those individuals as well. We have a serious ranking system that is strong but also constantly being improved as our community grows because we must constantly adapt it. We're about 150 members strong when I write this post and we hope to grow much much larger while keeping our roots and core values intact as we expand both in our current games and to new games abroad. What to Expect: We're a very small group making our push into Crowfall we're not one of these larger clans/groups who have been recruiting for months, even years. But with that said if you're looking for a small, communicative and cooperative group that is dedicated to this game, this is the perfect place. I've been following Crowfall since Kickstarter and I have dreamed of the day of a Soft-Launch and with that day nearing hopefully by this years end I will prepare. Our focuses will be primarily PvP Dominance but we will take PvE and Crafting with the utmost seriousness to compete at the end game content. Players we want: *Competitive PvPers: These are the players who know their builds in and out, practice with one another, share tips and strategies, know the compositions of what classes go well together and when to utilize their skills as a group. This should be the primary bulk of our group so that we can compete with High-End guilds and Content. *Crafters: It can't be understated that crafters will have a major part to play in Crowfall and these individuals who study the workings and proper steps to master this craft will have the full support of our Guild. It is a selfless path and should be honored. *PvE Gods: These players know how best to level, what mobs drop what, the dungeons you farm and the raids we will strive to beat everytime. These players are to be listened to and respected when you step into their raid. *Casuals/Roleplayers: Among all our competitive and hardcore aspects that we guarantee we must remember that this is just a game and we sometimes just want to sit back and enjoy what it has to offer. There will always be a place for casual players who have a busy life and can't play all the time and learn all the strategies. Our Mission: *Be the best at what we do, this does not mean the largest, quality > quantity *Have a fun gaming experience *Meet new individuals who share our values and make new friendships *Engage in all the content Crowfall has to offer Requirements: *Be a mature human, no age limits but maturity is taken seriously *Have a microphone and speak english - must have discord *Read and respect our community rules failure to do so will results in warnings then a ban *We require our members to stay active and if you must leave let an officer or higher know *Apply on our community website - Or join our discord first for a chat www.ZealotsOfficial.enjin.com Our discord: https://discord.gg/CYa63Kc Thanks for reading!
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