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  1. I 100% agree with the Risk vs Reward aspect because with this it makes it much more fun!
  2. Love this vessel system think that it has the potential to be something great!
  3. Meh Chronicles of Elyria will drop ranking sooner or later CF will be no1
  4. 20v20 personally I think its big enough to be fun but guilds even on the off times can muster 20 ppl with allies to go do 20v
  5. Yo all, Flyingsword here someone took my nick on the forums =(
  6. The game looks great cant wait for Alpha 3 Edit Keep the good work up Streamers you are giving us all a look into the game before we can actually play it
  7. Honestly if I had to play a female assassin I wouldn't have minded that much I dont get why people hate gender lock so much.
  8. Zergs are part of every game people hopefully it will be minimized in CF
  9. +1 Its going to be interesting to see how they make it all work.
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