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  1. Inspired by the upgrade based vessel system coming in 6.4*
  2. Sorry, I'd like a clarification. You said belt are "account bound". Do you mean they are no tradeable? As far as I know, belts still are a piece of equipment, which is lost when your character falls form the border of an island.
  3. Vediamo cosa porta la 6.4* di Crowfall. Quanto scrivo è quello che ho inteso dal Q&A di ieri. Fidatevi del mio inglese a vostro rischio e pericolo. La notizia principale è un cambiamento al sistema dei Vessel. ACE ha deciso di evitare che la sostituzione di un Vessel costringa i giocatori a ripetere le attività necessarie a raggiungere il livello 30. Quindi, se non ho inteso male, invece di procurarsi un nuovo corpo, il giocatore acquisisce un oggetto che consente di rafforzare il corpo preesistente. L'uso di tale oggetto (prodotto dai necromanti) è limitato dal livello, di
  4. <QUESTION> Is Crowfall going to launch without an account linked progression system? <QUESTION> Is Crowfall going to launch having gathering/crafting specialization limited to the equipment based system of Belt Age (6.3*)? We saw player-run markets before 5.8*, about on second half of 2018, then I don't recall any advancement was announced regarding EK. Meanwhile in Crowfall arrived NPC mechants in temple areas (5.8*), drops from war camp mobs (5.10*), free cities (5.12*). <QUESTION> Is still in development plan having players' EKs in the economic cycle or a
  5. @PopeUrban as far as I know no milestone of Crowfall gave EK opportunity to have enough value to justify a perma-death risk. However, since ACE changed their plan about passive training and account progression, I would not be surprised if in next Q&A Todd announced you can put some rank 11 stone-metal-woods node or you can have resources popping directly in a VIP- enhanced version of EK-castle. Obvioulsy then Tiggs will explain us they are leaning into the core value of what makes Crowfall unique, the fact that player choices change outcomes, flip the tide of battle, and change the
  6. @jtoddcoleman I reckon a founder update is not the place to discuss a (perceived) breacking-deal issue, so I figure you deliberately chose to not address feedback and discussion about Q&A of December which has been read and parsed. However, I'm sorry to feel very distant from the excitement for features still to came. Some of the backers who have been with us since the Hunger Dome days today are already talking about Crowfall as the game-that-was
  7. "I pray that you are wrong." And fear that you are right. - A Dance with Dragons - The Queen's Hand
  8. Thanks, sir. I doubt this matter was said in such a clear way on this forum or during the fateful Q&A of December 2020. I mean I'm not the only one who misunderstood: I was sceptic since the beginning the Belt Age was going to end soon and always included the word temporary in quotes. Perhaps I miss some dev clarification about the intended progression since 6.3*, but no need to link it. I trust your word: active progression is the way Crowfall is going to be sold from this month on. P.S. Passive training is still in this site FAQ (Crow and Vessel).
  9. Let me see... Just some weeks ago Crowfall had a significative "diversion" of development, which includes the cutting of passive trainning system. Instead of a questionable account progression five years old and two time revisited, the game has today no account progression and a system implying a significant amount of chore. ACE stated this system is just "temporary" but no idea is given when and how this "temporary" system is going to be replaced. Meanwhile we receive the "gift" to let some fellows of ours to play Crowfall for free 30 days and enjoy the game in the status it is
  10. Yes, voxels were in the original vision, but were trashed in the early stages of development. I'm quite sure they disappeared from Crowfall's plan since October 2016 (Big World), but link me some post if I should remember better. Some of qualities which voxel system should have had were inherited by building placement. Possibly other similar qualities will be acquired with the widely requested "free building". This month ACE introduced a "diversion" cutting a system five years old and two times revisited, without a hint of a replacement on its positive quality (I'm not denying passiv
  11. I wish some account leveling system is introduced to be a decent substitute of the uncerimoniously dumped passive tree.
  12. Nevertheless, it was a selling point and Crowfall customers purchased a game with planned passive training starting from kickstarter update on 9th March 2015 ending to Q&A of 1st December 2020. Since a wide audience called for removing it, I can't have doubts the very small part of backers which find troubles with this "diversion" could be easily refounded. Don't you think?
  13. Now I understand. If you want for real to play a game with a passive skills system, you have to chose a game whose lead designer says a phrase like "I've been waiting for years for something to build that kind of system in a fantasy game!". You know, apparently this exact phase was said by a guy named @thomasblair. Well, I mean it happended if a certain @jtoddcoleman can be trusted.
  14. I understand your point and thanks for sharing your view as a dedicated crafter in the "Belt Age". You addressed with fine arguments my complaint and reduced my frustration. You missed just a main issue, which is the lack of an account progression. From 6.3* onwards, do you think a skillful crafter can sustain himself out of a main guild, while such guilds can conjure similar crafter at will? It is unwise for a casual trying to "keep up" with a player who spend a daily amount of time on this game. On the other hand the "Belt Age" is going to create an incolmable gap between a c
  15. Without account specialization for crafing (and gathering) a whole potential target audience for this game is lost. I shall be watching closer, but not playtesting. You are not wrong it is almost my complain. I usually talk about dominant or affirmate guild.
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