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  1. Hopefully this is going to happen with husbandry and farming (to be implemented on LongTerm goals)
  2. I'd suggest the thread about future plans of development is useful to newcomers. "ACE Q&A Livestream March 2nd" discussion - General Discussion - Crowfall Community
  3. I reckon one person EK are pointless before Long Term (tm), when you'll need a place for farming and husbandry. Then I suppose players could care of their EK same way Albions's players care their private island.
  4. Crowfall redefines the action of "Jumping in the dark". Good luck and hoping for the best.
  5. The ridding of passive tree is going to haunt ACE for long... 😄
  6. Oh, right. Now I recall what they said about the third part of NPE in Infected, focused on PVP (really years ago?). Obviously NPE should be persistent. I can't realize why ACE calls "bands" this worlds which now are meant to be a tutorial zone without need of multiple instance... excepting lore wise.
  7. Back in 2015 ACE sold us this game advertising about "Eternal heroes, dying world". The same word "eternal" is still used for the player owned worlds, which never disappear. I suppose most of backers "got the wrong impression" the EKs were intended to be the only persistent worlds. Let say this was since the beginning the innovative vision of Todd and his gang crew. As @mystafyi correctly pointed out, this is the first time ACE states Infected "band" is made of (how many?) permanent worlds.
  8. Honestly, I never played or had interest in MOBA, therefore I've no personal expectation about what ACE is trying to do on May. However I understand your point and I can describe my feeling with a matching quote from the saga which inspired Crowfall: "I pray that you are wrong." And fear that you are right. - A Dance with Dragons, Chapter 71, The Queen's Hand
  9. I suppose we agree. I'm guessing ACE included HungerDome Arena in Crowfall vision long before this year, then moving MMO features to "long term" is a shift on the expected timeline rather then a diversion. And I can also understand a lack of development resource to realize shortly an appealing MMORPG, after the disastrous reception of beta, while they expect offering a good Arena/MOBA with all hands on deck.
  10. My guess is ACE took money from kickstarter promising to realize an MMORPG inspired by Shadowbane, but also got funding by investors which liked the idea of some Crowfall Arena targeting e-sport audience (such as sponsors of this tournament). Therefore I reckon no coins are diverted, but I agree at the moment ACE do not mind development of an RPG.
  11. Same here. I hoped somebody discussed which improvements of the game are in the pipeline for next milestone, but I suppose I need to watch the streaming myself. 🙂
  12. I reckon we can share our impression about yesterday's livestream and perhaps give useful feedback.
  13. I rimborsi mi risultano fuori questione per quel che riguarda ACE, che però ha definito una patnership per rivendere in modo sicuro e legittimo i pacchetti che non sono più nelle loro offerte (i trusted traders sono menzionati qui https://crowfall.com/en-US/partners, per chi ha bisogno di maggiori informazioni). Non so se ci si possa appellare a Kickstarter, per chi ha contribuito tramite la piattaforma, dato che il gioco è stato finanziato ma non è ancora uscito. Io sono determinato a vedere come si presenterà il gioco al lancio, sperando che lo sviluppo renda il gioco più valido (
  14. Italian section is the only not english-speaching oriented section not organized in subsections. Just to say.
  15. Fort and Keep probably will stay with a unique design, with some degrees of style customization. Meanwhile ACE said Castle is going to be the building players will assemble from basic parts in differents shapes. I suppose the recent issue of a gap in the wall is somehow correlated with designing parts which join in alternate ways.
  16. IMO: At "short term"(tm) Crowfall is going to be a game for enstablished large community or guilds. ACE target are firstly players which have a PC opening their guild Discord at start. Furthermore EK will be almost meaningless without breeding and farming, since major guilds are going to monopolize resource in GvG (dregs) for themselves. We are also aware guilds can literally conjure out of their resources specialists of crafting/gathering since Belt Age (6.3*) Tools for middle-small sized guilds are expected to arrive on "long term"(tm).
  17. TLDR: Ci è stata promessa al kickstarter una versione fantasy di EVE. Ci consegneranno nel corso dell'anno (dita incrociate) un gioco che punta ad essere la versione tridimensionale di Albion. Ma sembrerebbe un gioco che varrà la pena giocare, ancor più a partire dal 2023. -------------------------------------------- Fin dal fatidico Q&A di dicembre 2020 ho dovuto chiedermi quanto delle mie aspettative relative al gioco che mi hanno portato (cinque anni fa!) ad investirci sopra siano state corrisposte. L'abbandono del training passivo in sé non era una notizia sco
  18. Sure ACE can... but I'm not convinced they even remotely had a thought to do it. I believe the scarcity of resource is the main reason they intend to use to drive conflict between major guilds. ...even after December 1st 2020, a folk like me is hoping ACE has a design to realize.
  19. True enough. But on the other hand this means only major guilds can "easily" access the best resource nodes in game. Therefore ACE is stating lesser guild "play preference" is, at the moment, for their worst. I suppose on "Long Term"(tm) players will have something to trade with major guilds for rarest resource, for instance from breedind and farming in EK. Game at launch is going to miss small to mid size guilds target, but hopefully subsequent years will fill the gap.
  20. Hi there. I'm really glad players from my country joining the fight! At the moment the guild I belong is in hiatus becouse... nobody is sure which kind of game is going to be launched 😛 Hopefully we'll meet on the field as allied or enemy 😉 Ciao a voi. Mi fa piacere che altri giocatori del mio Paese scendano in campo! Al momento la gilda a cui appartengo è in stasi perché... nessuno ha idea di che genere di gioco avremo al lancio 😛 Speriamo di incontraci in battaglia come alleati o nemici 😉
  21. <QUESTION> Is Crowfall going to launch without any kind of account progression? <QUESTION> Is Crowfall going to launch with the resource based and RNG dependant progression introduced in "Belt Age"? <QUESTION> Is Crowfall going to launch without giving players a reason to build an EK, excepting having marketplace which major guilds don't need and other players can't supply?
  22. I have no doubt there are many ways to intend a phrasing including "gifted our Backers" or "our way of saying, thanks for your support". If I misunderstood, sorry for my fault.
  23. @ACE-Tiggs sorry, I'm not going to promote this game to anybody. Since I invested money in development, I'm not going to express, excepting in this community, how much development missed my expectations. A neutral position is the best I can maintain for now. Even if ACE realized (five years after development started) passive training was not a good idea, I foresee the resource-based progression introduced with "Belt Age" is going to marginalize players not belonging to a major guild. I'm waiting to understand if the game is going to be launched with this terrible system. I'm
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