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  1. Not so weird, since players can have accounts changing the affiliation to a guild multiple times during a campaign. If I recall correctly, players can also change guild without unlocking characters from any world.
  2. Imagine telling Fosbury he HAD to dump his "back-first" tecnique because he prevailed in high-jump against athletes who were no competent on it. Nobody did. Because other athletes were not his friend to play with, but rivals in gaining a gold medal. This game is sold with the slogan "play to crush" and I figure OP could try other games, while seeking for better friends than Bob.
  3. Truly interesting. Possibly I'll manage to have a similar setup.
  4. Not exactly. You can decide a player is a Noble in your EK and give them permission to place zero cells of parcels. Therefore you could have a player who can load the EK without owning lands anywhere. On the other hand giving some players the ability to load an EK imply all Noble chests of EK are accesible by them.
  5. We should try the system you described to see. I fear when a player is assigned to an harder faction is going to stop playing, while a player assigned to an easy faction is going to rush and login every hour. Therefore on the maps instead of a bandwagon joined by all players, we'll find a bandwagon joined by all players assigned to winning faction.
  6. <QUESTION> are you planning to implement a Market Billboard where i can search for certain items among all vendors in the EK I'm visiting, without the need of walking to a specific stall to purchase them? I mean a market system like in Albion. (Thanks to Grungi who posed a question I modified into mine).
  7. As a matter of fact ACE is selling VIP membership giving purchasers some advantages. Advantages are obviously most appreched by players which are short of time. Now you told us; In other words, you are telling VIP members a certain amount of dedication to the game is mandatory to be elegible for rewards. Do I need to say more?
  8. I agree plently with all of us which pointed out this basic fact. The flaw is in the risk/reward ratio. We need to have farming in Shadow and Dregs extemely more profitable than in God's Reach. I reckon a change is need here.
  9. An other good point. As you said, perhaps some species are less influenced by Hunger... but in that case for sure all non evergreens should change color in a natural way.
  10. Good point On the other hand, lorewise, seasons are an effect of Hunger which is not a natural phenomen, thus you should expect decayment also in evergreen tree. I completely agree. Seasons are just a deadline for gaining divine favour. Pity.
  11. Lorewise, because you don't want the crow come back immediatly in that corpse and reanimate it. You want the simplest way to made the corpse not usable without recurring to some divine power (at the statue).
  12. Unfortunately I was not aware of this problem until guild members discovered it on my EK. After I reported the bug, I received a mail saying ACE is aware and is going to manage it. I suppose "soon"
  13. In my understanding the requisite of 100 point is needed for a guild reward in GVG campaign. All factions should gain their rewards in shadow
  14. New Horizon Italy is a Crowfall guild founded in 2017 with the aim of being a reference for Italian-speaking players. At the launch of the game it becomes a meeting point between players with experience gained in other Italian and international guilds and players who approach the game for the first time. At the end of July 2021 this collective closed the first GvG campaign (dregs) of the USA area (world: Nermara) placing within the first 20% of guilds by conquest score (within the first 40% considering the guilds with at least 100 points). With the contribution of the members and the prizes received, the guild is already able to cover a large part of the needs of the players in terms of specialists for the objects to be crafted, such as weapons, armor and runes. The guild current focus is in the GvG campaign, where aims for both the ranking by conquest and by divine favor. For this reason it is proposed as an ideal place for Italian players who want to approach competitive levels, in the awareness of not having (yet) the ability to oppose more consolidated and organized guilds. We are making the first alliances to consolidate our presence in the campaign. Meanwhile, to continue to contribute to the meeting between Italian players, N. H. Italy remains a guild with free access. A guild in which you can safely say that you will take a week off to take the children to their grandparents or try the Beta of New World. For more information and to actively participate in guild initiatives, we are on this discord server: https://discord.gg/3KgAVyetcs New Horizon Italy è una gilda di Crowfall nata nel 2017 con l'obiettivo di essere di riferimento per giocatori di lingua italiana. All'uscita del gioco diventa punto di incontro tra giocatori con esperienza maturata in altre gilde italiane ed internazionali e giocatori che si accostano per la prima volta al gioco. A fine luglio 2021 questo collettivo chiude la prima campagna GvG (dregs) dell'area USA (world: Nermara) piazzandosi entro il primo 20% delle gilde per punteggio di conquista (entro il primo 40% considerando le gilde con almeno 100 punti). Con il contributo dei membri ed i premi ricevuti, la gilda è già in grado di coprire in larga parte le necessità dei giocatori in termini di specialisti per gli oggetti da craftare, quali armi, armature e rune. Attualmente è lanciata nello svolgimento della campagna GvG, puntando sia alla classifica per conquista che per favore divino. Per questo si propone come ideale collocazione dei giocatori italiani che vogliano avvicinarsi a livelli competitivi, nella consapevolezza di non avere (ancora) la capacità di contrapporsi a gilde più consolidate ed organizzate. Stiamo stringendo le prime alleanze per consolidare la nostra presenza nella campagna. Frattanto, per continuare a contribuire all'incontro tra giocatori italiani, N. H. Italy rimane una gilda a libero accesso. Una gilda in cui si può serenamente dire che si farà una pausa di una settimana per portare i bimbi dai nonni o provare la beta di New World. Per ulteriori informazioni e per partecipare attivamente alle iniziative di gilda, ci troviamo su questo server discord: https://discord.gg/3KgAVyetcs
  15. I wish you to know that you can attach a chest and a merchant stall to a cottage. A cottage can be placed on your starter parcel. More larger aeras for sellers are proper to EK managed by a guild or a game community, which can accumulate resources to craft cestles and city parcels
  16. These should be advanced stonemasonry recipes and should appear to a character equipped with a stonemasonry rune (at the stonemasonry table)
  17. Buildings and parcels can be purchased in the shop or crafted by stonemasonry. Recipes for building and parcel require common resources, but a dreadful lot of them. You can find an useful resource on this thread. Keep in mind the information are related to a previuos version so some minor differences could exist, However to start you should decide which building(s) you need. You probably are trying to set up a certain number of stalls with vendor and a certain number of chests. These numbers can be read in the building detail of the shop. After that you will know which parcel you need, since an extra large building can be placed in a Town parcel, a large building in a Shire parcel and a middle building in an Estate parcel. Again you can find in details on the shop the size of the buildings. However you can "easily" start placing a cottage (small building) in your starting parcel. You can attach to it a stall with a vendor and a chest.
  18. The UI is planned for Mid term (TM). At the moment we have a list of commands which can be read left-clicking with the cursor on a "?" at the right of chat window. As far as I remember, the commands can be inputed on any channel, but their output is found in windows "ME".
  19. I figure it is not related with any guild or alliance or faction. If I gave you the title of vassal in a parcel of my EK, you should see the kingdom in "vassal kingdom" list. If I gave you the title of noble in my EK, you sholud see the kingdom in "noble kingdom" list.
  20. In my undestanding you should find the list of EKs in which you are a noble or a vassal.
  21. To be fair, I can't recall this point of history. Since Aristoteles and until Middle Age ended, most of the population thought the world was a perfect sphere at the center of universe with a greater mass than sun and stars together. Furthermore none known a meaningful way to draw a sphere in a map before prospective was developed in Reinassance. The flat-earth theoty was born in XIX century, but I doubt it included "most of the population". I bed pardon to mystafyi for not helping in this discussion about Crowfall, but I wanted to underline a common misconception which I read here and there.
  22. I just discovered MMOs are out of norm.
  23. Buongiorno a tutti. L'arrivo della versione 7.0 poche settimane dopo il lancio merita una piccola analisi. Ritornando alla roadmap annunciata lo scorso marzo, potremmo dire che questa versione rispecchia quasi interamente gli obiettivi dichiarati nel breve termine. Lì infatti si feceva riferimento a contenuti giunti proprio nel più recente update, in particolare a Shadow Ruleset (3 faction, time limited) ed ottimizzazione. Manca ancora un solo elemento a completare il programma ed è il cambiamento alla meccanica degli assedi che in campagna GvG non dovranno più avvenire nelle finestre definite dal sistema, ma tramite una "contrattazione" tra attaccanti e difensori, sul modello di Shadowbane (di cui so solo per sentito dire). Questo sistema (Handshake system for Sieges) è ampiamente atteso dalla community ed, in assenza di diverse comunicazione da ACE, ipotizziamo che sia ciò su cui sono al lavoro attualmente gli sviluppatori. Se avremo aggiornamenti in autunno, suppongo che il boccone più succulento sarà questo. Dopodiché la nostra fantasia potrà librare verso il mid term (TM), nel quale non sappiamo quale degli obiettivi riceverà priorità nello sviluppo. A leggere le questioni sollevate in forum però credo che sia in buona posizione la UI customizzabile, sviluppo che consentirà anche di rivedere scelte in tema che, parlando per eufemismi, non sono state particolamente apprezzate. 😛 Buon game a tutti!
  24. Why? Instead you have the burden to show us how this system is completely flawed and nobody believe it worth of investment. Hint: Somebody is making gold with necromancy.
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