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  1. Haha
    RikForFun reacted to Toadwart in How did character models become worse overtime?   
    Never feed them past midnight.
  2. Like
    RikForFun reacted to APE in Crowfall is Shipping July 6!   
    This is some deep worldly thought discussion for a game launch thread. 🙂
  3. Sad
    RikForFun reacted to mystafyi in The sad trajectory toward Crowfall being DoA   
    Pretty sure it was stated that they deleted passives training to give players a form of active progression that was basically just RNG grinding. They wont change it back since their desired goal of more grind was obtained. They did give some lip service about this being just a placeholder, and here we are long down the line, with nothing but a hollow faint echo of those words.
  4. Thanks
    RikForFun got a reaction from Kraahk in Forum Archiving   
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    RikForFun reacted to Altybear in [-LFG-] Market Days June 12th, 7 PM US Eastern Time   
    Auction Guide
    A primer on conduct and items to be sold
    Auctions will currently be held in general chat. (whose ready for a little chaos?)
      Valid bids must include the word 'Bid' and a number correspondent to the starting bid and listed minimum bid increment.
    Example: "Bid 1200"      "I Bid 30K"    and   "Vessel Bundle Bid 40K"
    Examples of invalid Bids: "1200"      "I've got 30K"    "Vessel Bundle 40K"    "I'll pay you 99k to stop this bull#*$&"
      Gold will be the only currency used 'this' Market Days, we have plans to integrate NBR and Dust trading.
      In the event of player default on payment bid the item will go to the runner up for their correspondent bid and in the event of a second default to the third highest bidder.
    Example:    Tonks: "Bid 40"
                     Peter: "Bid 120"
                     Hagrid: "Bid 150"
                     Peter: "Bid 170"
                     Hagrid: "I Bid 2K"

    If Hagrid was incapable of producing payment immediately following the auction closure the item would default to Peter for 170 and should Peter default on payment Tonks would get said item for 40. If all three default the item will be re-sold at a later date.
      Any player who defaults on payment of a item is not viable to make further bids on ANY auction item.
      Item distribution Location and player trader will be stated closer to the event ~------------------------------------------------------------------------~

    All Items listed are high quality white crafted items (Except for the Vessels of course)
    These items are to showcase what benefits common quality goods can grant a player when used by high end crafters.   
    10 Sets of Gathering Armor
               Alternating between Leather and Mail, one of each per gathering profession.

    5 Sets of Gathering Jewelry
              One set of rings and necklace per gathering profession.

    2 Packs of Epic Gathering Boosts, Miner and Logger
              These will include an Epic gathering disc, Advanced Rune Tools, and some potions to help get you going.

    5 Packs of Tool Bombs!
              Packs of 15 intermediate gathering runetools, all minimum 15+ with added durability.

    8 Sets of Crafting Gear
             Each set of gear includes both Jewelry and Armor

    2 Feast Packs
            Each pack contains a plethora of food goods, one set oriented towards crafting and gathering buffs, the other combat buffs.

    2 Vessel Packs
            A level 31 and 32 pack and a level 31, 32, and 33 pack. Stats to be posted prior to event. ~------------------------------------------------------------------------~
    New Gatherer Packs will be given out at the event. These packs will consist of 3x high end intermediate rune tools, 1x uncommon discipline, 10x Kebabs of the correspondent gathering type, and 10x gathering potions. Only available whilst supplies last. One pack per non-guilded player.

    Player Vendors will be selling their own higher quality goods as well. Starting bids, bid increments, and total bonus stats per set will be posted prior to the event.
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    RikForFun reacted to Altybear in [-LFG-] Market Days June 12th, 7 PM US Eastern Time   
    Lion Forge Guild is proud to present the first iteration of a marketing and community experiment we're calling Market Days!

    This event, to be held Saturday June 12th at 7 pm US EST in US Gods Reach Earth Temple (location will be amended should the servers do another shuffle before then), will consist of a series of auctions for crafted items as well as a collective time and place for individuals to sell their wares outside of the Eternal Kingdoms.

    My glorious team of guild members is working diligently to provide a wide array of harvesting and crafting oriented items aimed at new new to mid range level players which will be the central focus of the auction event. Naturally there will also be combat items and combat vessels available for purchase at the event. Most trading will occur in the 'Bar Area' behind the crafting stations in the earth temple. if you are a single player who would like to vend please send me your name and what items you will be selling.

    As a capstone item for the auction we will be auctioning a 'Vessel Pack' consisting of a common, uncommon, and rare Guinecian vessels with a dexterity, intelligence, and gathering bonuses focus. Items will included high end crafted tools (intermediate packs and advanced packs), crafted gathering armor, crafting armor, vessels, and jewelry.

    Item packs will be available for new players who are unaligned from designated members of Lion Forge Guild at the time of the event to help get you started with the gathering aspects of the game.

    Due to the large number of guilds currently exiting the guild in preparation for launch to avoid burnout the guild guide has been suspended for this event. Recruiters are still welcome to attend the event of course.

    Now, I make a request for the streamers and those who interact and advertise this game, I ask that you try and get the word out about this event. I'd like to see fields of new players freshly equipped with crafted gear beating each other's brains in skypoint. I'd love to see scores new lvl 30s and 31s sieging in dregs. And this event and enabling the new players to the best of my ability is how I'm choosing to try and pursue this goal.

    Finally, Shout out to @RainbowBeanArt on twitter for the fantastic artwork.

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    RikForFun reacted to PopeUrban in Aerynth Traders will be back for official launch!   
    If it fills up we'll launch burnside behind it to pick up the stragglers, same tax free deal. Gonna hold off on doing that as I think its ultimately just a better user experience to cram as many vendors in one EK as possible rather than try to "compete" for wayward merchants. PM me if AT ever runs outta space Jah.
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    RikForFun reacted to Jah in Aerynth Traders will be back for official launch!   
    Shortly after the official launch of Crowfall in July, we will be relaunching Aerynth Traders-- one of the longest running and most popular community trading EKs.
    Many players from a variety of guilds have run successful vendors in Aerynth Traders and you are invited to set one up as well. We charge no fees and the owners of all vendors are Nobles with the power to launch the EK.
    The EK will be hosted by an account with VIP and we will keep it open 24/7.
    Visit the Aerynth Traders discord: https://discord.gg/wTM4XfZ
    Contact Jah#1454 to discuss setting up a vendor of your own. Vendor locations will be first-come first-served.
  9. Haha
    RikForFun reacted to BarriaKarl in 15$ /month for my EK to stay open for 3 hours?   
    That is how you get macros.
  10. Like
    RikForFun reacted to Prometeu in No wipe on launch   
    Imo that would be one of the worst ideas and launch strategies ever!
  11. Like
    RikForFun reacted to Angelmar in Forum Archiving   
  12. Haha
    RikForFun reacted to mystafyi in No wipe on launch   
    Thank you, My thinking or reading comprehension was bass ackwards. I swear I read it twice after last post. Probably just reinforced my error by seeing what I wanted to. I am going to throw the age card here.
  13. Like
    RikForFun reacted to MacDeath in No wipe on launch   
    So, are you expecting that to mean that we backers can be head starting from July 2? I expect it to mean that the Live servers will be dark for those 5 days for some backend work. Test may stay up for some last minute bug shooting.
  14. Thanks
    RikForFun reacted to Jah in No wipe on launch   
    You can't play until the 6th, so there is no early start for anyone.
  15. Thanks
    RikForFun reacted to Jah in No wipe on launch   
    No, it's not.
    July 6th is a fresh start for everyone.
  16. Thanks
    RikForFun reacted to royo in No wipe on launch   
    You might not welcome many new players, when one of them hit the game try to tell him, at launch day 1 he will have weeks of farm to catch the vet, you will see answers... i dont think many of them tell you "nice it will be funny" , i think it will be instead "custard the poorly made dergs i'll wait and go on NW" 
  17. Sad
    RikForFun reacted to Toadwart in PVP Etiquette: Rules sets, 1 vs 1, ganks, and camping.   
    It wont survive unless it does.
    You can say thats just my opinion and it is, but its blatantly obvious at this point to anyone who can be at least somewhat impartial, that this game is dead on arrival in its current state.
    14,000+ backers...next to none of them play
    anyone can play for a mere 5 bucks if not a backer....yet next to no one does (when people play early access of other games at a price of 60 to 500 dollars)
    Practically every forum beside this one is full of negative reviews or disinterest of the game or is just dead with barely any activity.
    I dont believe for a minute the game will be redesigned at this point, nor do I believe it will succeed.
  18. Like
    RikForFun reacted to nihilsupernum in FEEDBACK: Bring Back Equipment Dropping.   
    So the thing with loot drop is that the pain of losing the gear that you need almost always exceeds the pleasure of taking opponents' gear that you don't need.
    It's an unbalanced fun/antifun equation, and it will continue to be unless the game supports more fungible gear or a better market for trade. It would be different if you could cash in looted stuff for its worth in mats, or sell it on an auction house for its worth in gold, but you can't, so when you pick up <some-random-piece-of-gear> that doesn't fit your build, you've gained something that's worth much less to you than when you lose <some-random-piece-of-your-gear>. Thus, you end up spending much more effort to gear yourself up on a regular basis.
    Yes, this wasted effort spins the economy wheel, makes harvesting and crafting more valuable, etc. ... but it does so at the cost of adding a net-negative fun-sink to the game. That's REALLY REALLY BAD.
  19. Haha
    RikForFun reacted to Thundar in No wipe on launch   
    I hear wipes are the leading cause of carbon emissions 
  20. Haha
    RikForFun reacted to SirEmery in No wipe on launch   
    Hey everyone, 
    I have a simple suggestion for a smooth transition into the launch of Crowfall. Having put so many hours into the game leading up to the launch and spending tons of resources on leveling crafter belts and discs, I'm ready to jump right into the game when it officially launches. Solution? Just don't wipe the servers. Here's a few good reasons not to have a wipe. 
    1. There really isn't a significant advantage for players who've put all this time and effort into testing the game. We deserve a little bit of a boost for all the work we've done for ACE. 
    2. The servers will likely be crowded with all the new players hopping into the game. We could reduce some congestion by simply not forcing the old players to do the crafter grind again. The 
    3. People are already prepared for a long grind that isn't very fun. How about we allow those people to jump into the fun part of the game immediately instead of making them work on a second job? Work/life balance is hard enough with a fulltime job without having Crowfall become a second one. 
    4. People did quit the game over the difficulty of the grind. We shouldn't put them through that again. No one wants them to quit the game forever after a terrible grind. Player retention is something we can all get behind. 
    So before you go telling your guildmates to get back to hitting rocks. Give this post a like and share with ACE why -you- don't want a wipe on release. Lets bring the community together on this one and send a clear message to ACE.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post and have a good one. Good luck pleasing the gods! May your enemies fall before you!
  21. Haha
    RikForFun reacted to Toadwart in Crowfall is Shipping July 6!   
    200 replies in this thread, almost all are negative.
    What could go wrong?
  22. Like
    RikForFun got a reaction from Jarkul in Crowfall is Shipping July 6!   
    Crowfall redefines the action of "Jumping in the dark".
    Good luck and hoping for the best.
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    RikForFun got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Crowfall is Shipping July 6!   
    Crowfall redefines the action of "Jumping in the dark".
    Good luck and hoping for the best.
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    RikForFun got a reaction from volrath in Crowfall Q&A di marzo 2021 (e 6.5*): da EVE ad Albion   
    TLDR: Ci è stata promessa al kickstarter una versione fantasy di EVE. Ci consegneranno nel corso dell'anno (dita incrociate) un gioco che punta ad essere la versione tridimensionale di Albion. Ma sembrerebbe un gioco che varrà la pena giocare, ancor più a partire dal 2023. --------------------------------------------   Fin dal fatidico Q&A di dicembre 2020 ho dovuto chiedermi quanto delle mie aspettative relative al gioco che mi hanno portato (cinque anni fa!) ad investirci sopra siano state corrisposte. L'abbandono del training passivo in sé non era una notizia sconfortante come quella che è stato sostituito da un sistema fortemente dipendente dal caso e dalle risorse a disposizione del giocatore.   In sintesi si è palesato che ACE Entertainment sta puntando ad un solo target, quello delle consistenti e consolidate game community in grado di mettere in campo decine o centinaia di giocatori. Quanto questo target sia presente in Italia e disposto ad orientarsi su Crowfall è difficile a dirsi.   Dallo stato di Crowfall al termine del 2020 e dalle considerazioni a riguardo sono emerse a tre domande, che ho fatto per in board per i recenti Q&A: - Al momento del lancio, Crowfall avrà una progressione legata all'account? - Al momento del lancio, Crowfall avrà la progressione composta da avanzamenti casuali e legata alla disponibilità di risorse introdotta nella "Belt Age" (6.3*)? - Ci sarà al momento del lancio di Crowfall una ragione per costruire un EK, eccetto collocarci un mercato di cui le gilde maggiori non hanno bisogno e gli altri giocatori non possono rifornire?   Il giorno 2 u.s. Todd e soci ci hanno presentato un programma di sviluppo che va ben oltre l'uscita del gioco, che risponde a queste domande.   Niente progressione legata all'account (stile EVE), ma un più tradizionale sviluppo del personaggio (vedi Albion). Lo si temeva.   A breve termine ed idealmente prima del lancio si è programmata una rivisitazione del sistema della progressione. Da quello che ho compreso però dovrebbe essere limitata ad associarla al personaggio piuttosto che ad un oggetto. Si auspica anche un minor peso del fattore casuale (tramite meccanismi di clemenza). Male anche qui. Resta il nodo della facilità con cui giocatori meno assidui ma legati ad una gilda maggiore possano surclassare giocatori di gilde medio-piccole, salvo disponibilità a dedicarsi al gioco non comuni.   E, per finire, no. Non c'è alcun interesse ad avere un EK, se non quello di tentare di scambiare risorse che le gilde maggiori possono monopolizzare controllando la fascia del dreg (che ora si chiama GvG).   Ai giocatori meno assidui è quindi proibitivo muoversi nel contesto della fascia GvG ed il giorno del lancio i contenuti ragionevolmente fruibili saranno quelli delle fasce meno ardue. Lì si potranno sviluppare personaggi fino al livello 30, in attesa di tempi migliori.   Il percorso indicato nel Q&A di questo marzo prospetta d'altronde questi tempi migliori. Intanto per il medio termine, anno presunto 2022, è indicata l'introduzione del logoramento (decay) di edifici e città. Nel momento in cui le gilde maggiori avranno un costante flusso di uscite per realizzare gli obiettivi della campagna, verrà ad essere meno scontata la disponibilità di risorse per trasformare uno slot personaggio poco sfruttato nello specialista di crafting o gathering di cui abbisognano. Si spera che divenga quindi un fattore strategico il ricorso a "professionalità esterne". Con questa speranza si potrebbe entrare in gioco al giorno uno e cominciare a specializzarsi in ambiti di supporto al PVP.   Se il logoramento non fosse sufficiente a fare entrare nel ciclo economico di Crowfall giocatori meno assidui, si dovrà attendere il lungo termine. Allora negli EK vedremo allevamento e agricoltura. Questa meccanica diverrà il tassello che completerà il ciclo economico coinvolgendo chi non è dedito al confronto in fasce più competitive, potendo acquisire risorse di tali fasce con scambi di ciò che è specifico dell'EK. Possiamo esserne certi? Beh, è quanto avviene su Albion. Nel 2023-2024 quindi, soprattutto mettendo a frutto le risorse ottenute dai pledge del kickstarter,  piccole gilde e comunità di giocatori minori avranno modo di crescere e prosperare.   Non ci resta che attendere.   Nel frattempo in TEST è arrivata la versione 6.5* che si differenzia dalle più recenti milestone per l'assenza di significativi cambiamenti. La 6.3* ha visto infatti l'abbandono del training passivo e la 6.4* ha introdotto la connessione tra l'avanzamento del livello e il perfezionamento del vessel. Una assenza di cambiamenti che stride decisamente con la quantità di cambiamenti annunciati anche nel solo Short Term. Che trovarci di positivo? Facendo uno sforzo, diciamo che tanto più lo sviluppo si avvicina al termine tanto meno corposi saranno i cambiamenti.   Ci sentiamo per la 6.6* (forse).
  25. Sad
    RikForFun reacted to APE in PVP Etiquette: Rules sets, 1 vs 1, ganks, and camping.   
    Which games and how are they doing today?
    Nothing wrong with PVP being part of leveling and learning the game, but games that do well usually have some structure to make it more about learning and less about those that have already made it to the "end game" coming back and rolling new folks.
    Games drop off for many reasons, but this type of situation seems likely to aid in a game doing down hill. Looking at Shadowbane, Darkfall, Mortal Online compared to EVE and Albion.
    All MMOs bleed players and new players are very important to long term sustainability.
    IMO learning the game and reaching a point of minimum viability shouldn't involve players that have already done so. As in there should be more rules for God's Reach and Infected. Likely the low population is a big reason people find themselves hunting new folks in Infected which can be resolved with launch hopefully, but it is still lame.
    This is no longer true unfortunately. 😔
    "We have worlds that end up destroyed," says Walton. "Players can win big but they can also lose big. Our game is all about tension and consequence, not about grinding to level-up to playing some end-game. Our entire game is end-game."
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