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  1. My ability to perfectly predict opponent's moves and react before they even realize what they're doing is really going to come in handy here.
  2. We're currently in the pre-pre alpha stage. It's very clear.
  3. Tell me again what truly makes one hardcore.
  4. Star Trek online is in its death throes. The post 50 leveling is abysmal, group missions are terrible and queues are filled with tumbleweeds if everything. The director behind it is running the game into the ground, which is a shame as before Delta Rising they had almost completely turned the game around from its shaky launch. STO seems to be focusing solely on milking as much money out of the whales that haven't given up with increasingly absurd costs that almost make it necessary to turn to the cash shop. SWTOR has gotten a little better. Their XP event for subscribers at least makes it so you can level solely off story missions. I've always just found the core game lackluster. The art style really hasn't aged well, which makes me wish they had gone for a more stylized look like the Clone Wars cartoon.
  5. I get it, it's just not funny. Anyway, I can't wait to play a legionnaire! I'm gonna trample people all day every day.
  6. Easy, tiger. More female only classes would be nice, too.
  7. I role-play in every MMORPG so the RP is always there for me.
  8. It will never meet your expectations.
  9. Wildstar is in the E3 humble bundle. You can own the standard edition for as little as $1, which is still more than it's worth, but hey, some of the money goes to charity! https://www.humblebundle.com/twitche3#t
  10. Dear ACE: Please, for the love of all that is holy, don't make Crowfall as unfocused Star Citizen. I really want the game to come out this decade. xoxoxo Aiona
  11. I'm sorry, I spelled it wrong.
  12. Yes, if I start speaking gibberish I expect people to keep up. Ballyhoo flibedy gibbet flam flam floo pttttb.
  13. You're not a cat meme, you can say "now". And the term is scrub, so please stop trying to making sud a thing, vbae.
  14. Oh, btw members: we also need to know your Myers Briggs personality type and astrology sign, both of which are legitimate and very informative sciences. This important. You'll find the relevant forms on our secret and highly exclusive website.
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