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  1. Hats. Clothes. Playing dress up in UO was fun - nobody wants to see half the server dressed in the exact same T3 metal armour.
  2. I have a pretty big concern they are only really appealing to a niche market, the PvP crowd. Couple that with an arguably repetitive game (pretty much all PvP games get repetitive at some point), and I think there is a problem. A true MMO is a bit like highschool, where you have all of the different cliques interacting and giving the world depth and flavour. In UO you had faction PvPers, PKers, roleplayers, trammies, animal tamer bank sitters, dedicated crafters / artisans (Europa people probably still remember Lord Ulysses shop). Thats what made the game memorable. I fear CF is going down the route Darkfall went, only implementing PvP mechanics to the neglect of everything else. The customisable kingdom stuff looks interesting, but is is all basically instanced and fragmented.
  3. People are already in pre alpha alpha, and im just sitting here confused about the difference between backer and pledger, and whether or not im supposed to redeem or upgrade or idontknow.
  4. It makes sense for these kinds of rules to be determined by campaign ruleset. I imagine dregs would be full loot all day every day no matter who what when or why. The fluffy inner campaigns will be closer to pve rulesets e.g. tagging mobs, loot ownership priority and so on.
  5. I seem to remember Darkfall having a neat little system where you 'killed' someone which was really just incapacitating them. You then did a coup de grace to finish them off and allow looting. I can't remember if they had a timer that eventually killed them, or if allies could revive somehow.
  6. I doubt flash bags and normal grid based inventories will be remotely compatible just via having some mod / UI option. Even if it was possible, I doubt devs will ever have the time / effort to doing it. Its a small shame though, you guys are missing out on the satisfaction derived from having a nicely organised bag. Im getting a boner just thinking about how organised my bank and house used to be.
  7. The Darkfall / UO style inventories were great. They catered to really anal personalities, so you can neatly file everything away in various bags.
  8. Jesus I remember playing forumfall, although I only ever got to 1000 posts. Imagine if this game took 10+ years to release starting now. With updates from the devs every 3 or 4 years.
  9. Whats that? Is it like a spoof of another interview show or format?
  10. I like threads where people divulge info from that combat chat video, I cannot watch it myself because its just so unbearably awkward.
  11. Like most things, I think it will be fun if its balanced properly. It would be very cool to have abundant food producing resources in spring, but absolutely none in winter, so as the campaign comes to an end people have to rely on what has been saved up. It will give a new/different direction as the campaign wears on. Just another shade of complexity, which I think could be good.
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