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  1. I'll just add two things, even though I'm not necessarily disputing anything said about the race/class combination selection in games I've never played (like ArcheAge). (1) Actual character viability cannot be confirmed or verified by mass conformist trends. Average players who haven't studied a game thoroughly will often default to safe "FOTM" builds held in high esteem by popular approval. While this phenomenon will undeniably boost the number of particular builds (and decrease diversity all around), this tendency alone does not make any of those builds more "viable." If you've p
  2. Just wanted to say hello. It's nice to see some former TSB players gaming around. 

  3. He surely doesn't. It's kind of like how Minotaurs have stun immunity (and low int). I don't expect VIKINGNAIL to understand that reference for a multitude of reasons.
  4. It's not an assumption. It's a deduction based on the fact that no one of any substance from the Shadowbane player community even knows who you are, many of whom are players who played since release.... If we wanted to be really official about it, we could just call it a rebuttable presumption, one that you have not yet dispelled seeing as how you haven't proffered any evidence to show that you have actually played the game. But then when such a presumption is not rebutted it naturally rises to the level of "fact" anyway; in any case, it's not some sort of warrantless assumption. What I ca
  5. I'm also already at the table of champions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_4wpRQd5vQ I'm a god, ur a gimp, get good or drink bleach scrubbo.
  6. Vikingnail at the table of unknown n00b scrubs: After all of the hard effort he put into figuring out how to get pulled in group formation followed by pressing ctrl + A, all he got was a plate of inedible crap. okay okay, I'm kidding. It's pretty self-evident that VIKINGNAIL never even actually played Shadowbane, not in 2003 or at any point thereafter.
  7. Out of a bit of insomnolent boredom and a little curiosity, I decided to open up the first part of the LoD History PDF posted by Obs. Call it sheer serendipity, subconscious synchronicity, or my latent psychic powers at work, but I just so happened to stumble across a paragraph that helps illustrate why VIKINGNAIL's pseudo-argument is so patently absurd that it doesn't even deserve another mention, but nonetheless, on p. 17 it reads: What this reveals is that one of Shadowbane's most legendary, renowned, and widely respected nations, one that had dominated a competitive and cont
  8. Lol, no one from the SB community even knows who Vikingnail is... Does this jester even remember which guild or server he played on? Does he even remember what ubi.com handle he used; could we even find evidence of his existence in the ubiforum archives? Obviously not. I just find it astonishing that an unknown alleged Shadowbane player would invest more time and far more effort than even I would in an argument that no one will ever read about a long dead game. You know it's bad when even I am not even going to bother to read all of your long-winded posts in toto. Speaking of the SB commun
  9. Except that you're clearly not a part of that class of people who dominated the game at the time when it was either truly competitive or when it was most populated. Since you only played on release servers which were actually sparsely populated relatively speaking, you're only making yourself look more and more clueless with each new reply. Suh dude...
  10. But if this is your (narrow and absurd) view, you inherently cannot determine who the best Shadowbane players were in the first place if you only played on one of the release servers, missing something like 90% of the game's PvP development. Your base of reference, just as a matter of logic and common sense, provides too small and too crude of a sample to support your assertion, and if you possessed a modicum of logic or common sense you wouldn't advance the claims that you do in the first place. Such comments would only be justified if the nature of PvP, GvG, and siege warfare did not evolve
  11. *shrug* I don't think my alleged lack of success, or complete lack of interest, in so-called "modern games that require actual skill" impacts the credibility of my remarks on Shadowbane, a game that I actually did play for years. That's notwithstanding the fact that "credibility" as a general matter has little to nothing to do with one's success or lack thereof in a particular type of game, but I suppose that pointing this out to someone who was evidently born confused is entirely pointless... Please go back to school, little scrub.
  12. Damn boy, you got to let go of that pain if you ever expect to heal. I barely even addressed you on the MB boards and you became traumatized.
  13. Ha.. The question was answered anyway apparently, but I hadn't read that far yet. Damn, I was surprised to see this thread blow up. I suppose this wouldn't be a true Shadowbane thread, though, without players who permanently quit after playing for a few months on a release server claiming that all of the competition left at the same moment they did (of course). It also wouldn't be a true Shadowbane thread without complete nobodies who had never built or led anything personally denigrating players who had well-established reputations in the community back when the game was well populated wi
  14. You're talking about Entropy, actually..
  15. Galahad: KGB was arguably worse in the hours-of-zerging department as well. If there was any blood in the water, they would never stop coming. It didn't matter if they outnumbered you by several groups or even outnumbered you by several groups with allies. After my Vengeance guild migrated to the desert and dropped to one solid core guild of 1.5-2 groups, they never stopped coming to our city. This was even after we fought a defensive bane against KGB + KoA (holding the stone) and EB + TSL + ML + TP (inside the city), effectively pitting our 4 groups or so against like 200 characters. This
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