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  1. Also, on this day in Shadowbane history . . . Actually, I don't recall what day it was exactly, but it was a glorious day in Shadowbane history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_4wpRQd5vQ I have this video saved now so even if YouTube purges it, we should be good. I encourage others to do the same, though, as they YT stealth-nuked the Reptilian Yakuza bane video. :( Use http://www.y2mate.com. All can blow me in thanks later.
  2. I'm trying to be more zoomer-friendly. They cry irl if you send them a text message that concludes a sentence with a period. I'll always be TL;DF though.
  3. hah, I remember Kulgan (why the extra n though, did someone jack your name? lol) Which clown world soy boys are you playing Steambane with now sir?
  4. I'll just add two things, even though I'm not necessarily disputing anything said about the race/class combination selection in games I've never played (like ArcheAge). (1) Actual character viability cannot be confirmed or verified by mass conformist trends. Average players who haven't studied a game thoroughly will often default to safe "FOTM" builds held in high esteem by popular approval. While this phenomenon will undeniably boost the number of particular builds (and decrease diversity all around), this tendency alone does not make any of those builds more "viable." If you've p
  5. Just wanted to say hello. It's nice to see some former TSB players gaming around. 

  6. I know I vaguely recall your bard from either Treach or Veng, can't remember if we played in the same guild at some point or not. I played on Catskills and AC DT too (AC DT before SB - old AC DT guild "The Select Few" joined into my guild [TSB] on Treachery). I played with KoT, 409 (UO RPK guild) and JDD on Treach, before JDD left to go play on Death and had to form my own guild (TSB). We remained fairly small until the end of the server, allied with RoS/HH when CoS left, and then when RoS/HH left we were on our own against KGB/ML/TSL's massive carebear alliance, at least until JDD came back a
  7. Well when Pann comes to kill this thread, he can read this post, since I'm unable to PM him. In case anyone is wondering, this was intended to be a response to the Warning I received from some post that VIKINGNAIL reported a good while back (I was on another long hiatus). Amusingly enough, the fact that he's reporting posts like this is just further evidence that he's not a real SB player. I've engaged in extensive, sometimes heated arguments on here with numerous SB players--some of whom, btw, definitely don't like me, and perhaps a few of whom even hate me--and despite the occasional exchang
  8. Xemise is easily one of the best and brightest players in the SB world but my human warrior "Endlosung" on the Mourning server regularly romped the sword/board Exodeous and at the very worst drew him a few times.* Although I did take advantage of the post-creation blood rune thing, dewped rank 1 human+warrior boonz, FC items + high health regen, and the occasional ghoul transformation to get a ridiculously unbelievable amount of hit points (if I wrote how much it wouldn't be believed). When I combined this, the xformation, plus rage chant from a resist:con fury bot it was like cheating, as the
  9. Dude, you're not an "old school SB player," let alone "one of the most old school SB players." In terms of your game knowledge and ability, you are a complete newb. You haven't owned a city, run an organized guild, or prosecuted a single successful siege, let alone serving as a siege commander in a war of extended duration involving numerous banes and the stress and attrition that comes with that position, unlike many of the actual old school SB players here (the ones you probably refer to here as "SB veterans"). Additionally, since you left the game so ridiculously early with such a minimal a
  10. VN is limited by a double-digit I.Q., fellas, so keep that in mind. Not even a high double-digit I.Q. like "99," either. He is quite literally so extremely moronic that he lacks the capacity to understand how ignorant he is. Case in point: his claims about supposedly "causing" Winterblades to kill facerip because he "misled" Winterblades to think that he was a guild-mate of facerip's. Now I have no personal direct knowledge of the incident in question, but it's pretty easy to determine VN is completely full of it after reading WB's recollection of what transpired and the reasoning
  11. Hey dolmar! GlAd To SeE yOu HeRe.
  12. Dodge, dodge, dodge. The narcissistic basket case VIKINGNAIL has unraveled for all to see.
  13. Can you not read anything I said about my reputation in Shadowbane? Not to mention I was red on Ultima Online and had a reputation on the Asheron's Call "Darktide" infamous PK server. The fact that you think WoW was a competitive PvP game is hilarious but, like everything else you've written, quite telling. You're projecting with the "relatively unproven" charge. So what's the name of the guild that you were in, that was also the "best guild" in the R30's nation?
  14. For some reason you insist on dodging the question, and now want to exit the conversation. Curious, no?
  15. You still haven't given us the name of this alleged guild, nor have you provided one of the "many articles" discussing the PvP exploits of your guild in particular. Surely if your guild was the "best guild" in the r30's nation, then some Shadowbane veterans would remember it. So, what were they called - and any evidence that they or even you existed would be appreciated as well. And anything to do with the Emulator community is just the tip of the iceberg for me. My reputation from my release server let alone the subsequent servers I played on up until 2007 is more than sufficient to atte
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