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  1. I'll just add two things, even though I'm not necessarily disputing anything said about the race/class combination selection in games I've never played (like ArcheAge). (1) Actual character viability cannot be confirmed or verified by mass conformist trends. Average players who haven't studied a game thoroughly will often default to safe "FOTM" builds held in high esteem by popular approval. While this phenomenon will undeniably boost the number of particular builds (and decrease diversity all around), this tendency alone does not make any of those builds more "viable." If you've played any PvP game for a long enough time, surely you've seen enough of those builds crash and burn after a relatively brief period of time (occasionally through patch changes, but typically through the evolution of average PvP/GvG tendencies). "Viability" in general is never in a stable state, but always in flux -- as it should be in a solid MMO with a player-base seeking new advantages and undergoing their own form of adaptive evolution. (2) The diversity showcased by SB's race/class combo ruleset is a model worthy of emulation, whether one has enjoyed the game or not. The model had so much depth that it offered veteran players opportunities to experiment with new, unorthodox, and perfectly viable ideas even after playing the game for years. Moreover, anyone who has played the game long enough has seen plenty of builds and group dynamics declared "impossible," "ridiculous," or "not viable" by the majority of the playerbase (even on class discussion boards on the like) effectively 'break out' later and then themselves become "FOTM" due to the efforts and advocacy of a few dedicated contrarians. Such provides its own "rush" and reward to skilled players that cannot be duplicated elsewhere, and it undeniably keeps even those players who've played in hundreds of sieges and "done it all" coming back for more. Moreover, I've seen this happen in SB on some server or another in just about every period of the game, so this had very little to do with class re-balancing by patch changes alone (although of course certain FOTM builds spawned after certain passive racial abilities and the like were patched into the game later). Just a few examples I could think of from the top of my head would include PA templars back in the day, various human builds (starting with Bofis' GS warrior probably, but even including various other human warrior, caster, and at least one barb build), various aelf warrior builds, elf BW warrior builds back when you could use GS passive d null power with 'em, different PvP druids (a class that, until then, was strictly for farming except for a few dedicated contrarians), BM warriors and warlocks, different bird specs, HG sentinels, certain rangers, I could go on and on really. If Crowfall could duplicate this aspect, it'd at least ensure them a dedicated following for a substantial period of time even if the game itself becomes 'obscure' or 'forgotten' in the fickle mass market, which is worth something I guess.
  2. Just wanted to say hello. It's nice to see some former TSB players gaming around. 

  3. I know I vaguely recall your bard from either Treach or Veng, can't remember if we played in the same guild at some point or not. I played on Catskills and AC DT too (AC DT before SB - old AC DT guild "The Select Few" joined into my guild [TSB] on Treachery). I played with KoT, 409 (UO RPK guild) and JDD on Treach, before JDD left to go play on Death and had to form my own guild (TSB). We remained fairly small until the end of the server, allied with RoS/HH when CoS left, and then when RoS/HH left we were on our own against KGB/ML/TSL's massive carebear alliance, at least until JDD came back and we formed up with them and Freedom's Stain to create Chaotic Front, fought a server war for about a month before the announcements that the server was going to be axed seemed to kill everyone's interest. Anyway, good to see another old Treach player around.
  4. Well when Pann comes to kill this thread, he can read this post, since I'm unable to PM him. In case anyone is wondering, this was intended to be a response to the Warning I received from some post that VIKINGNAIL reported a good while back (I was on another long hiatus). Amusingly enough, the fact that he's reporting posts like this is just further evidence that he's not a real SB player. I've engaged in extensive, sometimes heated arguments on here with numerous SB players--some of whom, btw, definitely don't like me, and perhaps a few of whom even hate me--and despite the occasional exchange of light insults here and there, not one of us reported one of the other's posts. There's not even necessarily an implicit SB bro code on this issue, it's just that not even the most petty or annoying SB players reach the incredible level of lameness exhibited by VIKINGNAIL, who is incidentally only a make-believe SB player. Anyway, here's The Message I Couldn't Send about He Who We Shall Not Mention:
  5. Xemise is easily one of the best and brightest players in the SB world but my human warrior "Endlosung" on the Mourning server regularly romped the sword/board Exodeous and at the very worst drew him a few times.* Although I did take advantage of the post-creation blood rune thing, dewped rank 1 human+warrior boonz, FC items + high health regen, and the occasional ghoul transformation to get a ridiculously unbelievable amount of hit points (if I wrote how much it wouldn't be believed). When I combined this, the xformation, plus rage chant from a resist:con fury bot it was like cheating, as the character was virtually unkillable. Then Varg copied the template and posted it on the goddamn ubiforums! I made a few tanks utilizing similar principles in experimental templates on the emulators as well, a few were named Freezing Moon. Haven't lost a warrior duel across the two emulators yet either, even after surviving about 40 of 'em with all of the different jock sniffers that love riding my e-peen in vent. Before I joined WM everyone playing warriors thought GS was gimp. I guess while I'm at it I should also point out that throughout the entire 10v10 tournament I didn't d---nevermind, don't want to sound too conceited. * so you can imagine how difficult it was for me at times to suppress my desire to argue when every now and then in WM Vent Kally or someone else who enjoyed the self-fellatio involved in SotD/FTP memory lane time would start yappin' on and on about how Xemise never ever ever lost a fight on his warrior...
  6. Dude, you're not an "old school SB player," let alone "one of the most old school SB players." In terms of your game knowledge and ability, you are a complete newb. You haven't owned a city, run an organized guild, or prosecuted a single successful siege, let alone serving as a siege commander in a war of extended duration involving numerous banes and the stress and attrition that comes with that position, unlike many of the actual old school SB players here (the ones you probably refer to here as "SB veterans"). Additionally, since you left the game so ridiculously early with such a minimal amount of experience limited to a small release server, you haven't even witnessed a truly competitive siege featuring complex tactics, complex group composition, and competitive hard-bitten personalities who themselves had over time learned to excel at a nonpareil level on the specialist characters from their particular area of expertise. You have not even witnessed a truly excellent bane commander, an excellent priest player, an excellent scout, an excellent pure support bard, an excellent caster player, a truly excellent confessor player (I distinctly remember 'em from '03 as well as the crappy templates from that period), an excellent assassin player, and so on and so forth. You played in banes where crudely unorganized masses of bad players with bad '03 templates, with tons of unfinished chars on each side with few if any dedicated support players, crashed into one another until either SB.exe's or superior numbers determined the winner. You don't even know how to build an effective character in any class - your 2003 idea of a "template" would be balls. You've never even witnessed a spec group in action, and you quit before /tar, target calling, and voice comm use became universalized--therefore you've never encountered a solid target caller in the heat of battle either. Obviously you've never witnessed skilled target calling and skilled target conversion following the removal of /tar either, so you have absolutely no concept of how much skill is required in SB GVG. You erroneously believe that SB PvP is "slow" and doesn't require fast reflexes because you've never witnessed nor competed in a widely contested mine fight at Obsidian involving multiple nations fighting simultaneously with others unexpectedly crashing the party out of nowhere. You've never seen a spec group of any form. You don't even know what a frickin' Nephilim is, or what Vamp Necromancers do. Another thing that you can't seem to get into your head is that virtually all of us played since the release of Shadowbane, on a release server just like you *supposedly* did (many played even before that, in beta), so that fact alone does not qualify you as notable in any way or even "old school." You can't say you're an "old school Shadowbane player" due to what that statement implies and due to the fact that you barely even qualify as a generic "Shadowbane player," minus all other descriptive adjectives, since you were merely a casual. I'm genuinely intrigued as to how you developed this psychotic delusion that you were some good SB player during a competitive time merely because you served as a featureless scrub attached to the masses of a release server zerg that registered a modicum of success on an uncompetitive release server at a highly uncompetitive time. The level of innovation associated with GvG and siege warfare strategies had hardly come along by the time the release servers closed even. Both Vengeance and Corruption quickly became far more competitive than any individual release server on its own, as all of the most competitive guilds that had conquered and survived their respective release servers migrated to those two servers to war with one another in what could almost be analogized to a "play-offs" of sorts. Vengeance was the most populated server as a result, and a different level of siege commander had to arise since this was the only server where different alliances of 150+ clashed with one another at banes. It quickly led to the dawn of spec groups and new levels of organization. Also, Vengeance probably validated the fact that Scorn wasn't the most competitive 'release' server at all, since on Vengeance each of the foremost Scorn migrant guilds aligned from the start (several of whom were old R30's, subs or descendants) and were soon thoroughly crushed by an ad hoc alliance of Treachery guilds (who incidentally hated each other). That's just a little extra history of the game you know nothing about--maybe you can re-roll as a new username again and use it for a better impersonation of a leet "old school Shadowbane player" act. Because up until now no one has bought it, and everyone knows that you actually sucked at the game. I truly cannot comprehend why, if you were in fact supposedly so leet in other "competitive PvP games" like WoW (lol), you would repeatedly insist that we judge you according to your alleged "old school Shadowbane player" history. If we were to do so with candor, we would have to assume that in CF you're going to be low tier fodder in pursuit of cover provided by whomever is the "zerg of the moment," and that thereafter you're probably going to quit after a few weeks. Just give it up already, son.
  7. Hey dolmar! GlAd To SeE yOu HeRe.
  8. Dodge, dodge, dodge. The narcissistic basket case VIKINGNAIL has unraveled for all to see.
  9. Can you not read anything I said about my reputation in Shadowbane? Not to mention I was red on Ultima Online and had a reputation on the Asheron's Call "Darktide" infamous PK server. The fact that you think WoW was a competitive PvP game is hilarious but, like everything else you've written, quite telling. You're projecting with the "relatively unproven" charge. So what's the name of the guild that you were in, that was also the "best guild" in the R30's nation?
  10. For some reason you insist on dodging the question, and now want to exit the conversation. Curious, no?
  11. You still haven't given us the name of this alleged guild, nor have you provided one of the "many articles" discussing the PvP exploits of your guild in particular. Surely if your guild was the "best guild" in the r30's nation, then some Shadowbane veterans would remember it. So, what were they called - and any evidence that they or even you existed would be appreciated as well. And anything to do with the Emulator community is just the tip of the iceberg for me. My reputation from my release server let alone the subsequent servers I played on up until 2007 is more than sufficient to attest to my reputation.
  12. It's predictable that you would claim affinity with R30s as they were in fact one Shadowbane nation mentioned in "articles" but this was only for hacking the Scorn server, and not for any competitive endeavor. Moreover, R30s was a substantial nation composed of several guilds, several of whom continued to play Shadowbane. So which guild were you in and where are all of the "many articles" talking about your guild? There were hundreds of Shadowbane players tagged to the R30's nation in its heyday, most of whom were just fodder, so it would be laughable if you expect us to accept you as some "amazing Shadowbane player" based upon this tenuous affinity alone (which likely cannot be proven in your case anyway). As for me, everyone who is anyone in the Shadowbane community knows of me and my numerous 'competitive' exploits whether we're talking PvP or just the political game, going back to 2003 on the Treachery and even the Vengeance servers. Actually, I'm familiar with just about every Shadowbane veteran player who has posted in this thread and just about all of them either know me directly from the past or at least recognize my name and know of my reputation. You spoke of allegedly winning some "10v10s" in 2003 which of course won't be substantiated (and hardly matters, as in 2003 SB PvP wasn't particularly competitive as many guilds did not even use TeamSpeak of Ventrilo), so feel free to pull up my profile from the Shadowbane Emulator forums at shadowbaneemulator.com and note my user title. Indeed, it says "10v10 Champion" for a reason, namely that my group won a competitive tournament that was even livestreamed, with most of the fight videos still available on YouTube. Additionally, I participated in every fight and didn't die a single death in the entire tournament. The difference between a 10v10 tournament involving the SBEMU community at its peak (which inherited the ubi community) and any 10v10 fights that would have taken place on a release server in 2003 is that in the former every guild involved used voice comm servers with fully decked out and finished spec groups with spec characters while in the latter there would be about a 75%+ chance that there would be players or even an entire group of players not using voice comm, that neither group involved would be spec groups, and that the groups involved would certainly include unfinished characters with lackluster gear. In short, you're a complete nobody scrub, who still does not have a clue as to what he's talking about, who allegedly was a 'competitive PvP'er' in an alleged guild that hasn't been identified during a time when the game didn't even have truly competitive PvP as the overwhelming majority of the players were still complete nubs. Indeed, guilds like r30's and CoS and others who dominated release servers for a brief span of time did so because they were all beta guilds who learned the ropes of the game during the beta process and then they all spread out to different release servers respectively expressly because they didn't want to encounter any real PvP competition, but instead wanted to all be on separate servers where they would be the only organized beta guild contending against herds of inexperienced newbies to the game. Almost all of these guilds, R30's included, left the game at the precise point when their adversaries did finally start to learn siege craft, how to build toons, how to organize in a voice comm server, et cetera. The reason why your argument is entirely so hilarious to every Shadowbane veteran who has read it is because every single one of the premises supporting it is not just completely false but completely contradicted by the truth in every particular, as in the direct opposite of your representations is the truth. Notwithstanding all of that, you still haven't even identified your specific guild that you allege was so legendary in Shadowbane, nor have you shown us any of these alleged articles (that obviously do not exist). If you intend to reply "but I said r30's," many guilds were a part of R30's as well as many random nobody scrub players who weren't particularly good themselves but wanted to tag along with a winning nation. By the time of the migrations to Vengeance I'm pretty sure about 8 or 9/10ths of the former Scorn players could have claimed membership with R30's at one point. Thus far, you haven't substantiated any of your main claims and all you've demonstrated is your complete ignorance of the competitive PvP progression of the Shadowbane game and its player community. Moreover, not a single Shadowbane veteran player posting here knows you or remembers you; this is likely because you were in fact a nobody scrub who was never any good at the game.
  13. Most younger post-WoW MMO players haven't played a real MMORPG with real PvP, guild warfare, and player/political/server consequences. The likes of pre-Trammel UO (or "Siege Perilous" UO), Asheron's Call's brutal "Darktide" server, or Shadowbane haven't been seen for time, except for I guess "Eve Online" which is an entirely different type of game. Even though I didn't consider DAoC a 'carebear game' due to its RvR, that RvR system was still a part of the regressive descent into decadent carebear linear "faction"-based meaningless PvP. If there were any real "Millennial" students of Gibbon, Nietzsche, and Spengler who witnessed the entire progression of the major MMORPGs, they could write their "Rise, Decline, and Fall of the PvP MMO." The process follows the same trajectory of the on-going and gradual attempted re-engineering of competitive sports, erosion of martial spirit, demasculinization, and decline of Tradition in general, as in it was dictated by market trends (capital) and the supposed "feelings" of the noncompetitive masses who cannot handle the natural aristocracy of the sword fostered by real PvP in a Machiavellian-Hobbesian virtual world. The nerds who need a comfortable, apolitical linear world of two factions with cute characters, safezones, and the safe simulation of "real PvP" in optional and predictable "battlegrounds" and "arenas" are like the AIDS Skrillexes of on-line gaming, screeching "white male!!" to fully disregard + exclude the "PK!!" and "griefer!!" oppressors who slammed the weak into lockers and took their lunch money. Catering to the rather anti-freedom preferences of this demographic could of course be justified for over a decade because of WoW's success in the marketplace. In a sense, then, Crowfall aims to be reactionary, hoping to return us to a freer and more natural past that was sacrificed for the glut of simulacra produced for the appetites of the dull, weak, and feminized masses. And if Crowfall isn't this, shelving the "massively merciless, play to crush" intention to make a few brony snowflakes happy, the game will suck.
  14. ROFL! Really? Unless you're claiming to be some nobody scrub who tagged to one of the guilds from Scorn who were talked about in articles for a brief period regarding the havoc they wreaked during server hacking I have to call BS on the "I know there are many articles that talk about my guild in shadowbane from all the way back in 2003." I mean, c'mon kid, do you even understand the words that you are using here? I'm not one to throw around the "narcissist" label lightly as it's typically used by people who don't actually understand the technical definition, but the person who said that may have hit the nail on the head. Not only are you clearly self-obsessed with your purported on-line game glory, but you apparently lack the capacity to genuinely reflect on the substance of your boastful claims and are completely immune to the tinge of guilt or embarrassment that normal people feel when caught in an outright lie or when a glorifying fabrication is just completely wrong in its details with no connection to reality. Let's break it down for you so you truly understand what I mean here. You said that you "know" there are "many articles" that talk about "your guild" in Shadowbane from all the way back in 2003. Now, a normal person with just a scintilla of caution (and general self-awareness) would tend to avoid using such extreme verbiage because it can be so easily refuted or contradicted, at least in technical terms. More specifically, a normal veteran from Shadowbane would tend to stray from such verbiage simply because I honestly don't think there were any individual SB guilds that were ever talked about in many "articles" (meaning what normal people mean by "article" as opposed to a loose, 'democratic,' and all-inclusive definition of the term...) But you said it, not I. Let's see the many articles!
  15. When I got onto WoW the second time the PvP and GvG was so ridiculously easy, in BGs, Arenas, and otherwise, that it was almost hilarious. I think I also played at a time when Hunters were slightly OP and I swear that any half-decent Shadowbane rogue player (which ironically I wasn't one of) who understood even slightly the "kiting" concept could have dominated with the same character. I recall that it was similar to playing an SB Huntress but with pets that would root and stun for you and where you could run around and just mash buttons for critical hits. Then you add in the fact that the overwhelming majority of WoW players didn't even have a scintilla of understanding of how to react in PvP situations; not only were they passive but they were generally slow and couldn't even qualify as carebear zerg fodder in SB. Seriously, just imagine trying to command such players in a single siege, let alone a war that lasts more than a month.
  16. LMAO. You're such a neurotic newb scrub, who appears to be irreparably butt-hurt about the fact that he achieved no notoriety in SB. Seriously, it's like you have post-traumatic stress disorder from some failure(s) or shortcoming(s) related to Shadowbane. All of your posts about Shadowbane are the same, and the last time I checked this forum around 11 months ago you were spamming this forum with the same idiocy. Seriously, give it a break, get some therapy, or maybe just go to the beach. And get good. The reason you "can't recall a single SB battle that was 120 vs. 120" was evidently because you never truly played on a competitive, heavily populated server. It's okay, though, as most players who quit within the first 6 months or so of the game's release were in the same boat (and it's clear to me that your alleged abundance of experience within the Shadowbane universe was limited to a few months on some server before tactics in the game were even remotely close to being fully developed). In all likelihood, you probably quit the game long before 100% of guilds were even using voice comm, and even before the common usage of spec groups. As for the 120 vs. 120 thing, in fact the vast majority of sieges on the Vengeance server, after all of the server migrations were completed, far exceeded these arbitrarily determined magical numbers. After EB formed its second alliance, it was absolutely necessary for anyone who wanted to take a shot at them to bring more than those numbers to bane after bane. I bet even the majority of the PKI vs. EB et al. banes involved numbers like 150+ vs. 150+. This isn't an exaggeration either, and most people who played on the server were well aware of the numbers involved. One of the last banes my nation defended against (before CCRs forcibly "retired" the guild crest/guild name thereby causing us to temporarily switch servers), two separate multinational alliances (KGB/KoA/et al. + EB/TSL/ML/TP/et al.) tacitly cooperated to ensure that the numbers of the force holding the city and bane-stone against my nation exceeded 200, and that's likewise no exaggeration. Our force was considerably smaller because of our failure to build alliances with many of the recent migrant nations but I recall that my nation alone back then could still field 5.5-6 groups and this was even after my nation had just recently released 5-6 groups of sub-guilds b/c of ‘identity issues’ (directly prior to this, and for a brief period of time, my nation had formed a "Northern Federation" zerg that alone could field 120). The Vengeance server at its peak was getting 1500+ pop and experiencing all sorts of interesting server latency/outage issues. Notwithstanding that, attaining such numbers was by no means “unusual” in the SB universe. Even on the Treachery server, a release server with relatively moderate/smaller population numbers, I’m sure there were at least a few banes during the earlier CoS wars where one or both of the alliances involved broke 100. At the very end of the server, when server population was at its very lowest, a “Chaotic Front” coalition nation was formed to fight the KGB/TSL/ML/et al. alliance and both sides regularly fielded 70+. Again, this was at a time when server pop was averaging 250-300, so you can imagine how easy it would be to double those numbers on both sides with the politicking involved in warfare on servers averaging 500 pop (the “moderate” size, at the time). Long story short, your lack of experience and outright ignorance is telling; you don't know wtf you're talking about,
  17. Holy smokes. By the next time I check this forum, VIKINGNAIL will surely have written over 4,000 posts of double-digit I.Q. fail about Shadowbane. It should be obvious that if VIKINGNAIL did in fact play Shadowbane, he didn't leave the game on good terms. My guess is that he came with some supposedly "l33t" guild at release that ended up quitting after getting dumpstered. It's the only logical inference to be drawn from his level of butt-hurt. And that would also explain why he won't give any specific information about his server or guild history from when he supposedly played the game. Edit: I wrote that before I saw him claim that he never died while playing Shadowbane. LOL.
  18. He surely doesn't. It's kind of like how Minotaurs have stun immunity (and low int). I don't expect VIKINGNAIL to understand that reference for a multitude of reasons.
  19. It's not an assumption. It's a deduction based on the fact that no one of any substance from the Shadowbane player community even knows who you are, many of whom are players who played since release.... If we wanted to be really official about it, we could just call it a rebuttable presumption, one that you have not yet dispelled seeing as how you haven't proffered any evidence to show that you have actually played the game. But then when such a presumption is not rebutted it naturally rises to the level of "fact" anyway; in any case, it's not some sort of warrantless assumption. What I can't figure out is why someone would pretend to be a champion in a game he either didn't play or didn't play long enough for anyone to remember him. Care to tell us why? It doesn't make any sense, especially if you're this l33t skeet gamer who went on to dominate other games that required "skill" after you left Shadowbane... Did you make a lasting impression in any game that you've supposedly "played"? The other amusing part about this is that, as far as collective memories go, Shadowbane players on average have the longest that I've encountered on any MMO that I've played, and I've been PKin' gimptards (followed by dumpstering them on the discussion forums) like yourself since the UO days. Since you're a little confused on the concept, here's an example of an assumption: I'm assuming that you're posing as a "skilled player" who supposedly "dominated" Shadowbane in its first few months because of the plausible deniability that naturally accompanies such a claim ("everyone who was any gud quit when i did and dats y no 1 remebers me nao"), and that you're pretending to have dominated a game that you didn't matter in expressly because you never attained any standing worth mentioning in any other game either. How am I doing?
  20. I'm also already at the table of champions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_4wpRQd5vQ I'm a god, ur a gimp, get good or drink bleach scrubbo.
  21. Vikingnail at the table of unknown n00b scrubs: After all of the hard effort he put into figuring out how to get pulled in group formation followed by pressing ctrl + A, all he got was a plate of inedible crap. okay okay, I'm kidding. It's pretty self-evident that VIKINGNAIL never even actually played Shadowbane, not in 2003 or at any point thereafter.
  22. Out of a bit of insomnolent boredom and a little curiosity, I decided to open up the first part of the LoD History PDF posted by Obs. Call it sheer serendipity, subconscious synchronicity, or my latent psychic powers at work, but I just so happened to stumble across a paragraph that helps illustrate why VIKINGNAIL's pseudo-argument is so patently absurd that it doesn't even deserve another mention, but nonetheless, on p. 17 it reads: What this reveals is that one of Shadowbane's most legendary, renowned, and widely respected nations, one that had dominated a competitive and contentious Shadowbane release server, in fact doing so despite having the rest of the entirety of their server allied and arrayed against them, did not even implement the use of a voice communication server until well after the Death server started. According to their own account, they did not even do so until well after the server's initial prevailing political scheme had already evolved to a point where the rest of the server was allied against them, in fact this was after they had already solidified their reputation as the "evil PK" faction of the server. As someone who played since release and who can actually remember what the progression of the game was like, this does not surprise me at all. In fact, I had a similar experience on Treachery. I had played for what was probably a couple months in a slew of different guilds, some quite large, before I had joined my first guild that had actually used a voice comm server (TeamSpeak), which was Juevos del Diablo (JDD) at that particular time. In other words, I had played in a number of guilds, and had even fought in multiple large-scale sieges involving the 'server alliance' pitted against CoS, in guilds that didn't even use a voice comm server... In fact, a guild could become somewhat dominant in PvP back then just by the mere fact of utilizing a guild voice comm server alone. I know this because I ran my own small PK guild on Treachery that had held its own and fought rather admirably against a server coalition of much larger 'carebear' guilds, despite being heavily outnumbered at every turn, simply because we utilized a voice comm server and had a modicum of organization. We didn't have anything close to the level of advanced organization or tactics utilized by guilds in sieges that took place just a year later, and not even a scintilla of that skill employed by competitive guilds two years later. We honestly didn't even have truly well honed template builds or spec group organization at that very early stage. In fact, back then, a small PK guild in a voice comm server could dominate most of a server with primarily healer casters, as Block was originally ridiculously OP and Channelers could spam bolts to deal out ridiculous amounts of damage. I still, to this frickin' day, recall camping a certain Minotaur RP guild on Treachery for hours after I had applied a +40 int to my first elf healer channeler with gold block, as I could easily tank and kill a small group of 3-4 solo just by healing myself, nuking, and running around. Many melee players didn't even use weapon styles back then! In other words, VIKINGNAIL's position is not only patently absurd, but eminently WHACK. Shadowbane's PvP and GvG was at its least evolved point when he played. The average player was terrible, playing on poorly made characters that weren't even utilized properly, running around in guilds that were not highly evolved, most of whom did not even use a voice comm server to coordinate themselves. Even though the release servers weren't even the most populated servers objectively and empirically speaking (it's just laughably absurd to claim that no subsequent server pop exceeded that of Scorn when Scorn probably only fielded 1/4 or 1/3 of Vengeance's server pop at their respective peaks), it wouldn't even matter if they were, since everyone for the most part sucked at the game back then, at least relative to the skill curve attained by each server after 2004. Again, this is not said to diminish any of the accomplishments attained by the dominant release server guilds, as some of their respective accomplishments were still considerably impressive in my view even if the average guild wasn't very advanced or highly organized at that time. For instance, I still think that HeRog Valthanor can probably present the best case that he arguably "won" Shadowbane even if it's true that he probably wouldn't even have been considered very good at the game in a competitive PvP guild circa 2005 and later. [Edit - I unfortunately had to edit this post because one cannot use the "R word" here, even if it's quite appropriate... Needless to say, writing that Vikingnail made an "eminently wonderful" assertion didn't make any sense. Thanks for that filter.]
  23. facerip was a Loremaster, as in a 4 realz Loremaster.
  24. Lol, no one from the SB community even knows who Vikingnail is... Does this jester even remember which guild or server he played on? Does he even remember what ubi.com handle he used; could we even find evidence of his existence in the ubiforum archives? Obviously not. I just find it astonishing that an unknown alleged Shadowbane player would invest more time and far more effort than even I would in an argument that no one will ever read about a long dead game. You know it's bad when even I am not even going to bother to read all of your long-winded posts in toto. Speaking of the SB community, it's a shame that more players from the community are not on here (yet). It's a shame because some of the assertions that I've seen represented as 'factual' on here would be reflexively dismissed and would instantly trigger a cacophony of lulz from the vast majority of veteran players who actually played the game for years and across several servers. If nothing else, they would at least invite a greater amount of scrutiny from a greater number of articulate and well-informed veteran players (not that there's anything lacking in those who have contributed to this discussion thus far). I never thought that I would actually miss the old SB posting community to any degree... Ah, enough emo nonsense! I only have one other point to make on the historical server population discussion, even though I find it depressing that I have to be the one to make this point (where the hell are all of the old Shadowbane players?) This point is purely technical and only meant for the SB vets. Anyway - I cannot comment about the relative numbers of "server accounts" and how they reflected server population, nor have I ever had access to any statistics evincing the relative number server accounts active on each server at a particular time, nor was I ever made aware that such statistics ever existed. In fact, albeit I am reluctant, I am forced to confess that I find all of this talk about "server account numbers" completely contrived if not wholly imaginary and fictitious, but hey, maybe such statistics did exist and maybe they were accessible at one time to certain "special" colored name players (although none of the Advocates or Loremasters or any other widely known Special Ubiforum Snowflakes who played in one of my guilds ever spoke of such a concept). Notwithstanding that, I can talk about relative server pop numbers in the sense of accounts that were actually logged in at one time or another back when /who used to reveal those server statistics, and I find it disheartening that there are no other former Vengeance players (not even facerip) chomping at the bit to point out the obvious fact that the Vengeance server boasted population numbers that amply blew away those of any other server at its peak, even Corruption during its prime, by an almost absurd proportion, especially after all of the server consolidations were completed on Vengeance. Vengeance's pop was even competitive if not higher than Corruption's when just Scorn and Treachery were migrated into it. By the time the populations of Carnage, Chaos, Death, Dread, Deception, and so forth and so on (I think that only Fear [if even] was added into the Corruption pool, with War going to Entropy), Vengeance's population was so ridiculous that it was unmanageable. To illustrate, while my primary server was Treachery, I also played on both the Death and Dread servers after release, and I honestly cannot recall any of these servers breaking 1000 accounts logged in at any single time (although Mourning may have come close or even done so back in the day, I'm not certain). In fact, people would have a collective orgasm when a release server exceeded 600 or 700 accounts logged in at any one time. Vengeance was classed as a "high pop" server when it would hover ~700 before all of the server migrations were complete. In any case, when the server migrations to Vengeance were all finished (around Thanksgiving of 2003), Vengeance's server pop was averaging around 1500 accounts logged in and that's not an exaggeration. Server crashes during banes that involved the different server coalitions were frequent during that time to the point it was driving the community bonkers and leading to all sorts of conspiracy allegations. I'm not saying this for any sort of "bragging" purposes because I really don't give a poorly made socks and in fact left the Vengeance server drama at one point to screw around on the Entropy server.. I'm just pointing it out because Vengeance's intense server instability due to overpopulation used to be common knowledge on the ubbforum community and frequently discussed; now I'm seeing representations that Corruption's server pop was implicitly comparable or perhaps even foremost when in fact the situation wasn't even close, at least not after all of the migrations and consolidations were complete. On the same token, the best of the best release server populations likewise did not come close to matching Vengeance's server population numbers, especially at Vengeance's peak, and when you account for all of the different server populations that were submerged into Vengeance's pop, it's really not difficult to see why. On a final note, thanks for the compliment (?) Lindorn. Your nice comment was quite refreshing, as I have not brought any old Shadowbane players to climax with my posting since my forum interactions with Starfish, and I've been slowly dying ever since!
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