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  1. I have a feeling the guild system alone won't bring people out of the woodwork as much as getting closer to launch will.
  2. When is our next activity night? I think I got invited into SP too.
  3. "Without confirmation, there can be no cookies." -Me, inspired by that witch.
  4. Check out Ascendance at http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6915-ascendance-a-chapter-of-legend-gaming-age-17/ or you can access the recruitment thread I just linked on the first page right here on this forum section.
  5. Welcome to the guild. I had the same feeling when I first joined, and it's still there, although in the form of being part of a great community
  6. I wonder if the lag Ziz mentioned is just a leftover from the old controller's interaction with the server.
  7. I think this is a great suggestion and should be added to the game.
  8. How dare you steal my position as guild pimp!!!??? My main and all of my 95748947 alts are male.
  9. So many boobs.... Then again, no one ever gets bored of boobs
  10. Not sure... maybe I spent too much time in Elder Scrolls games. But back on topic, Valor may be right about this being too soon for a community resources forum section.
  11. You can always use both The idea of naming it "Crowfall Guides" was simply so that new players to this game and/or the MMO genre wouldn't think it's a modding forum. "Guides and Community Resources" accomplishes both that and comprehensively explaining what the forum is about. EDIT: Although I guess simply calling it "Community Resources" would work... For some reason I read Crowfall instead of Community.
  12. I will certainly be there, at least for the non-testing part. Sadly I don't have alpha 2 access.
  13. I think the idea is great! That forum section could use a better name, though. "Community Guides" would be good, I think. Resources sounds a lot more like a modding forum.
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