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ACE Investor & Tester
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    Ahoy, I'm Bobby, I study Forensic chemistry and when i have free time I enjoy playing strategy games and mmo's so hopefully crowfall is the perfect mix for me!
    Current games I'm playing
    -fallout 4
    -Heroes of the storm
    -Starcraft 2 legacy of the void
    -Crowfall testing
    -Swg awakening emu server

    I twitch at twitch.tv/icefallen crowfall gameplay
    and am a member of <HaH> [Hero's & Hooligans]
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    Buffalo, NY

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  1. I think this is a great idea, first thought that came to my head was i got corpses for sale, come and get them while they are fresh! Oh just a question/suggestion while the condition of them goes down will the vessels show decay? that'd be a neat little feature to add.
  2. Instead of permadeath its cloning! for the bonus.... okay that was my guess lol
  3. 4 the win? I can't believe it happened again sorry >_

    1. thenebrosity


      oh you but face.. lol the RNG is with you indeed. Congrats! XD

    2. thenebrosity
  4. Icefallen

    Damage Druids

    Druid itself might be a support class but you never know what the promotional classes will be until they announce them, even then they might change, so it is possible
  5. Hey bud won the backer bundle

    1. thenebrosity


      Contributor Bundle Heading your way Icefallen! lol over 1200 tokens in the drawing and you on with 4! XD Congrats!

  6. Aside from the crafting I can't wait to see a castle wall being broken from the enemy and a group of knights acting as our new temporary wall attempting to hold the enemy back!
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