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  1. Hello! So as I understand things the Collector's Edition recently announced and available for pre-sale is the same as the one included with the Amber level from the Kickstarter. I pledged during the Kickstarter at the $60 level as that was what finances allowed but once they announced the Layaway program I jumped at the opportunity to upgrade to KS Amber. My question is this: I know often times Collector's Editions of games only go for a limited run. If I haven't fully paid the remaining balance on my layaway account, will I still receive the physical CE? Thanks!
  2. hello! just a quick question about VIP membership.I backed at the KS backer level and am seriously considering upgrading to Amber level for the years of VIP status primarily for the ability to passively train multiple characters. how much of a benefit do people think this will be (especially for those of us with limited playtime). likewise, does VIP allow passive training for all your character slots or is it limited to just 3 character slots. thanks! edits: freaking phones
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