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  1. I like to be amazed at how much time people have in their hands.
  2. I'm gonna have to disagree. Sure, simple games like Pacman and Tetris are regarded as genius, but how many hours do you honestly spend playing Tetris? Not many. MMOs are a different beast, you can't compare them. I agree hotbar bloating is a problem, and WoW had to purge abilities at a certain point because most were overload, but you need a good amount of complexity in order to have a high skill cap. If I want to have 2-4 buttons at my disposal and skill be based on reaction time, I'll play an FPS. I don't know about you but that's not the experience I expect from an MMO. in an MMO, I expect picking the right ability to use in the right situation to be the challenge. When or where do I stop to cast, what do I interrupt, what attack is worth blocking, do I keep attacking a target that has certain buff, who do you CC, etc.
  3. Top 5 reasons why I quit MMOs: 1. They expect me to sit down and grind for months in order to be competitive in PVP. 2. The combat feels awkward or too basic. 3. Cheaters/bots. 4. The game has an endless ladder that makes it impossible for new players to catch up, and the difference is too big to ignore. 5. Pandas, Pokemons or drag queens running around when I'm trying to play.
  4. Well, it looks like some combo branching is on the works, according to Thomas Blair in Twitch: source I love the fact that Blair understands how Tera's model is more about rotation than actual choice.
  5. I completely agree with this. Hopefully Crowfall will strike a nice balance between character and skill progression. PVP-based games should be more about giving all players a more or less fair environment to measure their skill against each other. EVE Online is a different beast, because of how many highly specialized roles you can fulfill in a fleet, newer players CAN be useful and feel like they have an impact. So even though it does have a virtually endless progression ladder and you certainly won't be piloting a titan any time soon, it never feels like it's unfair.
  6. Looks a lot like my real life progression from Spring to Winter (Canadian Winters build character).
  7. Just curious though, about that example of Fireball > Ice Stun > Meteor Strike, can you only access these abilities through the combo system, or is it possible to just cast each ability from the hotbar? I'm worried people are talking about combos and rotations interchangeably. If you can just press the individual skills one after the other for optimal damage, that's just a rotation. Of course, setting them up so the next ability in my rotation pops up after the previous one was cast, and I can just press a single button to go through them all makes it more convenient, but if there's no other benefit for using these "combos", I wouldn't really call them combos to begin with. Even if there's certain abilities that you can only cast after a specific one has been casted, it's very basic stuff.
  8. To quote the interview: When they say "left-click" combos (and with the example they give at the end), they mean exactly what I said, more of a 3-part attack where you push the same button three times. GW2 also uses this for some attacks, to reduce hotbar bloating. "Power combos" in Tera is just the options you have to chain certain individual skills, so that after ability A, you get a little heads up that you can cast ability B by pressing space bar (as seen here). But you can still cast ability B, regardless... it's just another way of making a ROTATION easier to see. Please correct me if I'm missing something, my experience playing Tera is limited. So, using "left-click" style combos to reduce hotbar bloat is a great idea, it works and I'm all for it. Tera chained skills are not really what I'd call interesting, since they are just a way to shortcut rotations. This is where I come from when I said we can do so much better here. Blair said they are trying to plus-one this system, I really hope they hear some of our ideas in this respect, since there is so much potential as far as combo customization and branching. Don't go too "easy to understand", complexity is good, up to a certain point of course.
  9. I'm not a fan of animation lock, but I understand how it can help combat feel a bit more realistic/weighted, risk/reward, whatever you wanna call it. It feels a bit overdone in Tera though, where I find myself locked in an animation that's moving me in the wrong direction, while I move my camera to look behind me and see what I'm NOT hitting, it's kind of annoying. I played Elder Scrolls Online back when it came out, and I remember your character could still turn and walk while casting, but it would move very slowly. I thought that was a good balance between paying a price for casting a spell with a cast time, while not allowing people to move around willy nilly. I like the idea of Tera plus sprint/block/double jump, with the animation locking toned down a bit (ala ESO). About the combos, the Onslaught I > Onslaught II > Onslaught III type combos don't really add any depth to a combat system, I'm SURE we can do better than that guys. I've seen some really cool ideas in this topic about combo branching and situational options. I'd love to be able to customize some combos and change them on the fly.
  10. You would only circle strafe keyboard turners, which is good.
  11. Xarvin

    Naval Combat

    The feeling of building my first ship in ArcheAge beta, and sailing out to find others to attack, was amazing. I definitely want that experience again with Crowfall physics. Imagine a coastal siege?
  12. No to stunlocks, yes to soft CC and short hard CC with universal diminishing returns. Being chained CCed is one of the most frustrating things in gaming.
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