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  1. So, by 'trolling' you mean like, pranking people, or like, one ship forcing a timer to start in EVE trolling?
  2. That must be a pretty funny story thanks for the help
  3. Simply put, can I do it? If so, is there an option in accounts to do it, or do I have to talk to an ACE employee or something?
  4. I'm fairly sure that's the first thing they plotted out, just saying.
  5. I've been trying to buy a layaway to amber for a while but the payment won't go through. I've tried paypal and mastercard, neither worked. ayudame?
  6. How will cavalry combat end up looking in Crowfall? Is there even a planned model for such?
  7. 2,077,624.00 USD Random numbers in the range
  8. It's never intended, but when combat works on animations someone will find a way to do some animation cancelling in the quest for optimization of their toon's attack rotation.
  9. If the game's pacing is fast, then a downed-state is OK, I guess. Nothing too prickly though, maybe enough to kill adds but not straight-up murder players post-fight.
  10. what rank is that? doesn't look like bloodstone... ...then I clicked the image. gg, it's diamond
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