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  1. It's not real love ......... you only crave his guitar............
  2. I love this movie so much ..........
  3. Eonwe said this is not a joke !
  4. This guild reminds me of Obsidian - Covert Stealth Operations........ Are you guys trying to copy them ? GL & HF !!!!
  5. You are not alone friend ! From my experience this is very very common ! ....... On the other hand you are a part of a powerful Crowfall guild, so what are you complaining about ? ....... :) Buy that girl a Kickstarter account as a gift, when she is online on this forum she will realise how many wonderful friends you have !!!!!
  6. Pepperoni

    Working out

    I am pretty overweight and probably weight more than that thing you were lifting......
  7. Pepperoni

    Working out

    Lastgirl are you really a girl ? ......
  8. That will give too much power to knockdowns, in a group vs group situation, those that get knocked down will be instantly torn apart.
  9. Maybe the food was gooood ? maybe baby seals ? :) And you would get to watch MAD MAX !!!
  10. I just clicked on your youtube channel, I wouldnt stand up
  11. eating smothered baby seals What about you ?
  12. Except for the old guy with guns who had a helmet made of bullets....,.,, and had bullets for teeth..........
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