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  1. The game was brought to my attention recently and I decided to fund it (50$ package). I usually give a game a couple of weeks before deciding if I continue or not. Overall, it looks promising, but as others mentionned the lack of "soft reset" preventing the servers from stagnating and keeping things fresh for newer players and smaller guilds is a setback. I'm hoping they have planned events to shake things up, not entirely running on nodes and the player interactions. With only 5 days left on their Kickstarter, I'm sure people will have plenty of time to continue to pledge and change their opinion with the information they release.
  2. Damn ! This seems like just the perfect guild for me. Please help this tester noob find an awesome guild: 1. Yeah, absolutely. 2. My Steam library is an attestment of my video game addiction. 3. Soothing dramas over ever since I was born. 4. LIES. I like purple. 5. I'll work on making a shrine in-game. Maybe I could be the Oracle of the Jaffinator ! Currently in Pre-Alpha 4.0 Testing group, help.
  3. Hi there ! New to Crowfall too, just got my Pre-Alpha test access yesterday I'm happy to be here to help, I can't wait to enter the game and start figuring out all the kinks and quirks. It's the first game I'll ever try which has such a deep economy and player dependancies. I love MMORPGs (TERA) and Path of Exile, playing games as a mix between a console and PC player. Stragety was never my forte, but I'm willing to learn and contribute in any way possible. Thanks for an amazing community fellow Crows.
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