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  1. Well, you kinda have the roguelike feeling in Crowfall with the constantly dying worlds. In order to have keep players for longer periods though most roguelikes nowadays have a persistent progression which would kinda be what you take to the EK and your skill progression.
  2. The 'good old days' didn't limit you to one of these roles by making the others harder or outright impossible if you chose to fill one of them. Seriously - limiting content with "you cannot do two things at once in my system" is one hell of a bad game design decision.
  3. Honestly, the skills over time overall seems bad to me. If you want everyone to have equal footing then just remove the passive training elements and instead have skill XP accumulate by doing stuff in the game and cap it based on how much time has passed on the server. Have the players be able to "delete" a skill they invested in to free up the cap but have them have to regrind the points invested in order to invest them again. This way you do not have a problem with disparity between new and old players, you have the players feel involved in the game and progressing by playing it and you have a way to "respec" and correct "bad" decisions by putting more work into the game.
  4. I am kinda sick of the modern "survival" games. It seems to me that every single one of the new games in the genre is missing the point - survival should not be about tedious work to maintain resources from environment filled with resources. It should be about managing the scarce resources you have in an environment that is starved of them - choosing what to do to get to what precious little the world has to offer, when to sneak or seek another path or take a risk and go straight forward or take advantage of the environment and construct an ambush and lure your enemies into it. Time itself should not be the enemy but what what roams around you.
  5. My 2 cents of the recent topic in this topic - WoW has an atrocious combat system(as with most early MMOs) which would never be acceptable in any kind of single player game where you don't control multiple units. The thing that saves it though is that it does not need to be any better as it plays like a tactical crpg or a strategy game and not an action game.
  6. Yeah, add friendly fire, Magicka was fun after all.
  7. Here's the thing - you are not talking on behalf of a large array of gamers - you are talking about your own personal view on the matter as is anyone on the forums. Please stop referring to yourself as some kind of elite collective that knows better than anybody else.
  8. You have not yet proven that having the ability to move and attack at the same time results in higher skill ceiling, especially at that low of movement speed, and there are quite a lot of arguments to the contrary. The ability to aim is a basic requirement to play competitively and not an advanced skill.
  9. Or they really find it very very boring. Seriously, stop with the "I disagree with you therefore you are incompetent" fallacies.
  10. Have the design focus on battles in narrow passages with obstacles between players and not on large open fields and have collision between players and have the attacks end their path when they collide with friendly players and you will not have any problems with zerging.
  11. No, I haven't, I have played only the last build, but I can see there might be a problem with that version if there is a problem with collision detection and the hit does not stop at your opponent. There is kind of a problem with that kind of hit in single player games as well and you often have the option to lock your facing direction toward your enemy which results in a smoother combat experience - you would miss your attack only if the enemy actively takes an action to avoid it. Even without a lock I think that that kind of system is superior to what is currently in the game - if you miss your attack you are left open to enemy attack which means you have to aim and decide when to attack and not just spam attacks as soon as you can. To be fair what I'm advocating for is not your typical MMO combat experience and I doubt a lot of people who like MMO combat would like what I have in mind but it seemed to be what Crowfall was aiming for at the beginning. I hate the large scale pvp I saw in GW2 and ESO and the new Crowfall combat strongly reminds me of those games - as I said before I am just looking out for my own interest.
  12. Zushakon, it is quite obvious that the principle is not horrible as plenty of people enjoy both Tera and BDO. Your personal dislike of something does not make it universally bad. Verot, it seems that the previous implementation of the combat missed a lot of marks. One of the most simple ones being moving the melee characters forward on attack which would alleviate the chasing and stopping in place problem immediately. The problem with the free movement system is that the character is not predictable while attacking and thus the attack is harder to avoid or counter and there is no risk factor when attacking. Locking the movement for the attack duration in a certain pattern brings that predictability and with it the risk and the ability to counter the attack. Complete stop for ranged characters can feel pretty bad but some movement speed reduction while attacking would be the a fine solution to kiting and will introduce a risk factor to attacking as a ranged character. That kind of slow on attack can work for a melee character as well but there has to be a disadvantage for attacking if the combat can claim any kind of "action" title to it. On an unrelated tangent - I do not think TERA went with the red is bad, green is good approach that Wildstar had to the combat telegraphs, at least not initially. You had to watch your enemy animations in order to predict an incoming attack. A lot of people call Wildstar a MMO bullet hell and I kinda agree with that and partially that is because of the free movement system.
  13. Well, what I see in the video footage is something completely different - nobody has any problem landing an attack and nobody can ever escape because there is no penalty of any kind for attacking and moving at the same time. In the older videos sometimes I see something very cool - people dodging attacks they see coming. What I also see in the older videos is that the animations and thus the attack locks are too long and the movement speed when not attacking is too low so yeah the combat would feel a lot more rooted but allowing movement while attacking is not the solution to that problem.
  14. And considering what the top PvP games are nowadays I would suggest that you overestimate the skill required to land attacks on moving target by a large margin especially in melee range. In order for this to be the main challenge of the combat system the movement needs to be a lot faster than it currently is and even at this point we would be talking mostly about the ranged classes and not the melee ones.
  15. How? Allowing moving and attacking at the same time if anything decreases the skill required because you can think less about the consequences of attacking in a certain direction and whether that would leave you exposed to attacks. Moving in random directions while attacking does not require skill and neither does constantly trying to be at the back of your opponent so he will not be able to target you which is basically what every MMO PvP devolves into at melee range.
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