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  1. @djsweets137 & Demosthenes - Scree has been a bit tied up, but he asked me to have you PM your email address to his forum account so he can get you invited into the guild and onto our Slack tonight. Thanks!
  2. I'm going to be martyred? What?? As for implementing a mechanic for a reward...I guess I just don't see it that way. Incentive, yes...reward, no. But that's gameplay. It's all carrots and sticks, right? If the campaign is incredibly one-sided, I will most likely kneel to move things along; I'm no glutton for punishment. If the other side declines then I'm stuck in that campaign through to the finish, with what sounds like nothing to really show for it. Yes, I suppose I could "get good after getting got," but sometimes it's just a numbers game, and no matter how relatively "good" you are you're still going to get rolled. I would argue that's not really fun for most people, myself included. And yes, CF is supposed to lean heavily on emergent gameplay, but I'm suggesting something that would not be possible through those means. You could "grief" the other side, as you suggest (though I think your definition needs some tweaking), for some short-term gain of personal satisfaction, and maybe deny them the gain of a handful of resources. It's doesn't have quite the same satisfactory sting as being able to actively whittle away at what they've already worked to amass. And again, in an overwhelming numbers situation, your suggestion of "griefing" the opposing force doesn't really hold up; you would be a mild annoyance, at best. PS: -50 honor to you, sir. I can take away made up honor points, too, buster, so watch yourself.
  3. I would posit that I'm using the term as intended, at least within the scope of what would be possible with this game. That's why I've suggested the idea of being able to cause the loss of resources after a kneel is declined. Sure, you've won, but at what cost? If the losing side is able to reduce the winner's effective resource pool at the end of the campaign to practically nothing, I would certainly consider that a "pyrrhic victory" for the winners, wouldn't you? Either way, it's semantics. I don't particularly care what it's called; it's still a mechanic I would be very interested in seeing implemented. I think it would lend some additional depth to the campaign dynamics. If I'm going to fight to the bitter end, give me something to fight for. Give me something to make the experience a little bit more epic.
  4. I've been reading what little I can find on the Kneeling mechanic and it's struck me that it might be a good opportunity to introduce the concept of pyrrhic victories. Please correct me if I'm mistaken on any of the following points regarding the Kneeling mechanic - As it stands now, it sounds like one side in a conflict may choose to kneel to hasten the end of a rather one-sided campaign, thereby also hopefully securing some measure of resources to take out of the campaign with them, rather than suffering total defeat and walking away with nothing. My understanding is the other side has to accept for this to happen. What happens if they choose not to accept? They continue rampaging through the remainder of the campaign, most likely walking away the richer for it? What if the other side is able to make that victory much more costly for them? What if instead of having to then accept a straight defeat, they can use the remaining time in campaign to whittle away at the resources the winning side has been amassing? I'd love to see a scenario where even the apparent "losers" get to rally at the end to make every last minute of the remaining campaign a bloody reminder that it is sometimes best to be a gracious and magnanimous winner.
  5. I'm very interested in this idea. I'd love to chat with someone about the guild and see if it might be a good fit for me.
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