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  1. We had some good times with that black pearl and our naval run events with guilds like TWO!. Now you've got me wearing nostalgia glasses @Frykka is Sorcerer joining in on the CF goodness? There's footage of the maiden voyage of the black pearl but I cant find any of the events we use to run.
  2. Looks like disso beat me too it but feel free to message either of us on either here or discord! Bler#0602
  3. Well we were founded in APB honestly, under the name judgement, we were one of the top enforcer guilds during the games hayday and beyond that.... Things of note/ more recent would be FFXIV again as judgement on the leviathan server and ArcheAge on Kyrios where we helped get the servers first Black Pearl under with a group called Praetorian. We have a group from a wide variety of games I myself used to help run a community by the name of Sydi on SWG on Scylla server and Starsider after the merges, I've also played with Echo of Silence in Albion and The Elite wayyyy back in the day on Aion =P .
  4. Woot! If anyone is interested in anything involving us whether it be membership, alliances or organizations of scrimmages etc... Feel free to hit me up!
  5. They mentioned this in the March Q and A video while talking about disciplines. Currently Archetypes have a lot of things "baked in" to temporarily fill in the gap that disciplines will eventually be take up. In Hunger Dome confessors had difficulty using their spells and needed to channel for mana pretty regularly after using a few spells. Currently in BW that is not the case because she now has some things baked in to make her less channel dependent.
  6. just to show the effectiveness of no armor (currently) go ahead and watch facerip take on 4 people with no armor.
  7. Well if you consider the stamina cost of a full set of armor (currently) some people do go close to naked so they have more dashes as a confessor, a confessor in a full set of armor can be limited to a lesser number of dashes... So its not as a ridiculous notion (currently) as one would think. I do think that there are better ways to incentivize wearing full sets as you mentioned with armor bonuses I am just saying that's is what their thought process is. I remember initially they had armor bonuses but I am not sure if they were outright removed or just tabled for later.
  8. I don't think its necessarily about adding choices, its giving players a reason to wear full sets of armor instead of say just a chest piece. Which in turn gives crafters more of a reason to sell things in a complete set instead of piece by piece. I do get the reasoning behind people asking "but why?" Because other than what I referenced above this is just adding another level of rng. From a server perspective I am not sure if its less taxing to assign each hit/ability to a random hitbox across the board or for the system to keep track of "if player uses X ability the enemy player is hit in the Y hitbox" for the multitude of abilities we currently have on top of what Disciplines will be adding.
  9. I would like to see the leap have a "charges" function rather than a have it be tied to a combo and I wouldn't suggest a stun on the leap but perhaps a slow or dizzy effect could be added. As an example Tracer in Overwatch has a dash that carries 3 charges and regularly recharges. If the "charges" idea isn't a good one perhaps lower the cooldown if the second leap in the combo isn't used. Our #3 combo bleed ability Rending Strike(?) needs to be reanimated, I think its a holdover from the root animation days but it is damn near impossible to hit on anything other than a charging enemy or stationary target. Whirling pain definitely needs a rework, I like the idea of a charge ability perhaps that is the solution and instead of functioning as an ineffective whirlwind it could perhaps have a knockback effect to it if fully charged. I do like the idea of hurlbat not only slowing down an enemy but also having some sort of stamina drain attached to it as well.
  10. its not that I am missing it, its just that its not a hastle to me therefore not a factor. Alt accounts aren't a new occurrence, I had to do it in SWG, I'll have to do it here and that is fine. But as @scree said, the legionnaire is dead and I think taco bell wants to come buy and harvest its meat.
  11. That is totally fine I don't disagree with the pricing I am simply saying that the design intention is easily broken by simply buying an additional account and never paying a dime again and a cheaper alternative to 1 account and a years worth of VIP. That's not assuming anything that's just the math as is.
  12. oh no I realize that, pending this game lasts 41 years I could theoretically accomplish and be effective at everything (and also have a nice heirloom to pass down to my children) I am just saying that anyone can easily circumvent the intended design of the game, so why not make VIP accomplish the same thing and also make more money in the long run.
  13. Well if I remember right they encouraged people to register and assigned them like a Beta 8 testing group designation so come open beta "mid 2017" they wont have to register again or anything.
  14. I am interested in seeing how they plan on improving VIP, I will still probably carry it on one account and not on the rest. It'd be nice if they clarify it soon what with the open beta seemingly still slotted for middle of the year and people will want to know the details before fully supporting the game or not. Fingers crossed we all feel satisfied!
  15. At this point @Svenn you are just helping me get through work I bear no ill will in fact I thank you. As I've said I just want to play everything but I'd also like to support CF all the while. So for me and the few others like me just allowing me to do everything on one account as a benefit of VIP would enable me to do that which I would like. Will it happen? Not exactly as I'd like but I'd be happy with an account manager of sorts or like KrakkenSmacken mentioned on the previous page. I'd see that as a decent compromise because that way one character/crow isn't benefitting from all of those skills being trained at once.
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