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  1. WoW this post is super interesting, actually one of the most important parts of any mmoRPG !!! everything you inform us are very good and exiting (at least for me..) !!! but i bet you opened this forum to read also other opinions and criticism i would like to express one slight disagreement! Its about the locked weapons cause of animations ! So far the game you design offers so much flexibility and its close to a good sandbox! But i feel that sandbox in character development means the ability to get whatever weapon/armor you like! Of course with the following penalties or hidden advantages for specific moments? I know this sounds like "more work on animations"(which are also important to be very very good) but this one will lure much more experimentalists and offer a huge depth in the game! p.s. the alchemist detail about the potion bag and the fact that if someone carry potions in normal bag and get hit they might explode made me crazy !!! that was an explosion of imagination, loved it so much !!! p.s. sorry for but english bored to correct it in word
  2. good luck on getting at least the double of the first goal !! i wish i was able to help you, but i am almost bankrupt xD
  3. hi i am from greece, and i bet all this PvP focus you saw already is very interesting for European gaming community (i said i bet..) about the localization, i dunno i believe it would be better to focus first on server and then on language packs .. about companies, dunno those i know already are kinda bad, i think it would be nice to coop with a company which already have servers but no gaming experience, maybe google/yahoo ? I believe if you found a good parternship then you will be able to translate easier and with the knowledge from a possible european publisher about the target audience/infographics etc
  4. congrats also from me ! that was an easy target for someone who saw your work you have done already !
  5. when i read the title of this archetype i remembered this image i loved the b2p method and the stat-away VIP membership but i worry for the "Priority access to all game servers" what that means ? i still cant read the lore i am tired
  6. well this is actually asymmetric formation, first appeared when Thebe won the strongest army of its time, Sparta, using this formation
  7. well for me except the WoWish graphics (which are not so bad just to bright/flat) everything else is EXTREMELLY INTERESTING and after the failure state of BlackDesertOnline atm, for this one i have some hopes ...
  8. i can agree its kinda late, but there is still time for them to get a bit darker like darker shadows and a bit more details on textures ,. p.s. about GW2 is far from cartoonish, for its one of the best MMO in terms of aesthetics, just the story is cartoonish there ... my favorite race is a beasty race called Charr who killed their Gods with machines xD their appearance is far from cartoonish !
  9. well after the Hunger realase info, it would be great if the Moon gets full as the world is close to the final stage xD p.s. i saw about clouds, how awesome would be coulds in the night, to make the place totally dark for the time they last ??? or rains in the day to slow down speed and attack speed xD
  10. i fully support this ! actually i want the game to reward those roles !
  11. considering the limitations of items which you can carry, i imagine the EK (EternalKingdoms) to be an eternal tutorial with some PvE to fill lore gaps and show off/duel/trades .
  12. well i liked this whole concept it seems that your previous presentations could fit as a planetary system the inner circles are the small ones were the Hunger comes in short periods like 1-2 weeks, on the next circle the Hunger come much later and one the outer circle there is no Hunger and its like a PvE experience like an eternal tutorial and a living story keep going to keep those who fail on PvP i dunno if you think the same. But i would like to see this concept. P.S. this actually what i was expecting from the GuildWars's 2 Mists where instead of world there would be compete guilds and alliances of guilds in big seamless maps .. P.S 2 it would be cool if it was a space game this one, where each world is a planet and clans/guilds travel with spaceships to each planet and try to exploit it until the winter in the planet comes. And this eternal place/lobby might be sky cities over a gas planet xD (Jupiter Ascended anyone saw ? ) soz my english are not my native language xD
  13. at least interesting combat system (if not awesome xD) but this which keeps me into, is to see how this system will work! It is something innovative i haven't seen anywhere else!
  14. there are tons of good MMORPGs which i avoid cause their animations are horrible :/
  15. they have also same render similarities, this is worrying me mostly
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