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  1. This was really encouraging to see. Great improvements to harvesting. Well done ACE!
  2. If these half-elves follow traditional tropes (scorned by human and elf alike) then perhaps they would be adept at disguising themselves. So an active power that somehow makes use of a temporary disguise of some kind? This seems way more interesting and useful than a flat run speed buff.
  3. That is a really fantastic idea. That's the first suggestion I've heard that would give me any clue as to why someone would actually WANT to train into harvesting.
  4. Yeah, there must be a way. Maybe only apply the restriction if there is a certain type of trend for say a given account always connecting on the IP as several other accounts. That way the IP restriction isn't necessarily the issue.
  5. I like this idea, but it might make it difficult for people who like to do LAN parties, or for off-campus university housing and such.
  6. I think this system is perfect for players who only have time to dip their toe in on the weekends. It helps them feel like they aren't rapidly falling behind everyone else, and also gives them a reason to keep playing the game. ACE is building a game where the main content in the game is people. If nobody is playing, then there is NO GAME. They know this, and so they are trying to find ways to keep players interested. If they don't have systems like this, they are going to get a ton of people who pop in for a few hours, realize it's going to take them months to get anywhere, become a complete time sink for them, and then they are going to log out and uninstall the game. Games that rely on players tend to release with a concurrent player base of like 60K and then 2 weeks later there is maybe a thousand people still playing. It happens all the time. Crowfall is one of these games, so try to keep that in mind and see it from ACE's perspective.
  7. So... "action" harvesting is standing in place while facing the thing you are harvesting and clicking a button... mmk. If people like it, fine I don't care. Moving on, there seems to be a lot of issue with in/out combat states and how you switch between them. Was manual switching specifically a design goal? I thought this problem was solved ages ago by having the game detect your combat state for you... Is the whole point of manual switching simply to provide the opportunity to take advantage of someone who is not "in combat"? I'm seeing a ton of complaints about that mechanic anyway. Food for thought maybe.
  8. Firefall had a cool system for gathering. It obviously wouldn't directly translate to crowfall, but basically you had these thumpers that you call down and they would harvest the material over time while making lots of noise and attracting monsters. You were tasked with defending the thumper until it was full of resources and then it would take off and fly back to base. If it got destroyed you got nothing. The higher quality thumper would net your more resources, but also would draw a lot more, and more dangerous enemies. I think there were also some variance in how long it would take to become full. It wasn't perfect, and sure it still felt tedious after a while, but it never was as boring as standing still and pressing a button on the keyboard while looking at a hunk of rock on the ground. I think something like this could be implemented in crowfall and it would probably be pretty badass. Hell I have absolutely zero interest in harvesting but even I might be tempted to partake in an activity like that. I know ACE is trying, and listening, and I appreciate that. Whatever we end up with, I just hope that the majority of players who are interested in gathering/crafitng enjoy it.
  9. Okay, now I'm getting excited for this game. Nice work.
  10. Fair enough. I guess we'll see if any of that actually matters or is even possible to accommodate in a reasonable amount of time. I'm not saying there should be one damage type, I'm saying there shouldn't be 16.
  11. Never been in a large guild that wasn't full of 12 year olds with superiority complexes. Seriously, please if you know of a guild with functioning humans let me know.
  12. Exactly. Solo and small group players aren't looking to "win" a campaign. Honestly, I may have 10 hours a week tops to play this game. There's no way in hell I'd ever expect to win a campaign. What I want is the opportunity to make a viable contribution somehow, and also be able to experience what the game has to offer (for the most part). In the context of crafting, based on the system described, I'm wondering how that will work. Crafters need protection and a supply chain. What, if anything, does the game provide to accommodate this? "Nothing" is an acceptable answer, I'd just like to know one way or the other.
  13. I agree completely. Would love to hear what the devs have to say. The feeling I get from most people in this forum is that solo/small group play will be frowned upon and discouraged. I'm hoping the guild structure is such that small enterprises can ally themselves for protection and not necessarily have to deal with guild politics and drama.
  14. The issue then boils down to making sure that realism doesn't become a substitute for "fun". In my opinion (which may be wrong) it seems like they are banking on crafting appealing to people who enjoy calculations and spreadsheet management in their games. Fair enough I guess... I will just not craft, and that is fine. Unfortunately the same mentality seems to be bleeding into the armor system with what (again in my opinion) seems like an unnecessary amount of damage/resistance types that are only going to make choosing which equipment to wear another exercise in calculations and spreadsheet management. I guess we'll see soon enough how it plays out.
  15. Wow bro, you have fleshed this system out far more than I did in the 5 minutes it took me to think it up. Good work. I don't think I would have made it work the way you're suggesting though, but I think future posts should refer to yours if they want to expand on the idea at all.
  16. That would be pretty cool. I know they are abject to having much PvE in the game, but I would not be opposed to that type of response. That would still guarantee some level of danger and excitement when harvesting. Press F to harvest - and then prepare for inevitable doom!
  17. Exactly! I read that too and I thought great! My concern, and the reason for this thread, is that (in my opinion) players will always act in self interest. If the odds are bad they will not choose to fight. GvG is one thing, but I really hope the game is not exclusive to only have GvG combat. I want roving bands of 5, 10, or 20 people to be a thing. Those are the fights that interest me, and I'm concerned that there are absolutely zero systems in place to promote that type of interaction.
  18. I was agreeing with your point of having it be "LOUD"... which I also basically stated in my original post. Sheesh.
  19. I think you're right. When people talk about having a "crafting alt" I get two pictures in my head. The person who wants a maxed out character for each discipline in the game and they intend to put the time in to make that happen. And the person who thinks that this is going to work like any other mmo where they will just get to lvl 60 in 3 days and then make an alt character and do something different to assist their main.
  20. You should have kept reading. We do agree on that much.
  21. Thanks for the input. I think we just have opposite opinions of what it would do. I think not having a system like this will make most people just avoid the battle altogether. While having it would give people a reason to fight. Exceptions being large gvg battles. But I'm not sure how many people will want to play the game if they are presented with the ultimatum of "join our mega guild or die". I think they will choose option C and just uninstall the game.
  22. Will Crowfall allow me to enjoy both combat and harvesting/crafting? Why are these two mutually exclusive? What if I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with constructing my own gear from scratch or providing the valuable resources necessary to a fellow crow? What if I also enjoy using that equipment to slaughter my enemies? I get a greater sense of pride from knowing that I did it from scratch with my own two hands. This mentality is what drove MMO's to provide solo content to players in the first place. I'm not saying Crowfall should compromise. I do believe that this game will be great, and that it should not cater to the solo mentality. What I'm suggesting is that you need to have systems in place to promote positive PVP experiences that are at least moderately balanced and enjoyable. I think "gamify" was a poor choice of words. What I'm saying is, putting a thing in a field, and hoping that the people interacting with that thing just have fun organically (while certainly possible) is maybe not a solid plan when the basis of your game revolves around player interaction and little else. "Push F to harvest" isn't fun unless you know that by doing it you are inviting unpredictable consequences. I do like the social elements of group harvesting. That is cool, Vanguard did something like that and it was a lot of fun.
  23. The resources gathered while using the ward would be protected temporarily. So yeah, larger groups are still going to try and corpse camp you. I'd have to check but I'm pretty sure they said you'll have options available if you can't get to your corpse. Part of the idea here is that the large group can attempt to breach and kill your harvesting team in a fair fight to forego the issue of having to spend time corpse camping you. I mean I know this aint perfect by any stretch lol. I'm not a game designer (luckily). I would hope any system resembling this would be fleshed out by multiple people in more time than it took me to write this post. it's just a suggestion to serve as a starting point. I don't feel right complaining about it without offering a suggestion.
  24. Why would you use a ward if you had 50 people there already? I think you're missing that this is an optional thing meant to aid smaller groups... If you mean that you have 50 people outside the ward, waiting for them, well assuming they scouted and didn't see your zerg running around before they lit up a giant beacon saying "come kill us please", they kind of deserve to die lol... I'm not trying to make the game carebear, I'm just trying to balance certain situations a little.
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