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  1. No doubt. With the overall testing fatigue across the community and the reality that keeping up hype for years is difficult (impossible) that engagement helps a ton.
  2. And we've been in that hole, honestly, for a long time. Distracted by a number of mediocre at best offerings over the years... I think that makes this wait even more painful as we have 2 of the most promising titles in a decade in development... Soon... But never soon enough lol
  3. Also, still getting Navmesh errors when attempting to place/move/pick up parcels in the EK.
  4. Ugh... you are correct... and the fact that it's bound to C, which is also what my Harvesting stance is set to... this is not fun lol.
  5. Guessing /ekchangetokens <name> <type> <size> 0 didn't work?
  6. I've definitely seen the "connected" issue, but not just when trying to pick them up. In the one video I've posted you can see even trying to move the object, there's another piece "attached" that's not physically connected, but linked still. Much like you noted in your second section. I have actually noticed "some" collision on disappearing pieces, specifically with a gate, which vanished, but it's sparkles were still visible. Initially I was able to collide with it, jumping into it from below (invisible part was hanging over a hill) but then that stopped. On one occasion, I was testing the collision, ran through the area the object was, and found my whole EK crashed and showed "failed" under the Start EK button. As for the tooltip, I had seen that in the prior post, however, mine are not showing anything different in the tool tip. Had the 2 objects next to each other in my inventory and moused back and forth, exact same tooltip. Mine didn't show the extra text With regards to your personal note, you're not wrong. There's definitely a bit of complaining in there. Mostly due to frustration of having been working on this for the last day and a half and having entire wall sections begin vanishing on me. I've lost count how many times i've logged in and out of my EK. For what it's worth, I have an e-mail thread going with them on this as well that includes a number of videos breaking down everything, replicating everything I can, etc. Far more constructive than the posts I've made here, no doubt lol. I've finally managed to get a "full" wall built around the area I've been working on (just ignore the one corner where I kind of just jammed some un-connected items to plug the gap because you know what... it's good enough for now... lol). Still fighting mightily with picking up objects and trying to clean up all the random pieces I have strewn through the area. Unfortunately, many of these are bugged as well, including items where when I hold G to pick it up, not only does it not pick it up, I lose the ability to interact with anything. That one's fun, let me tell ya lol. But yeah, no doubt my posts included complaining... and I'm not gonna argue because your point is valid. All I can say in my own defense is I AM providing direct feedback to the crew via e-mail with far more detailed (and positive) information lol.
  7. Have you tried stealthing while grouped with a cleric who changes stances, yet? It was something that in 5.5 would constantly unstealth me, just curious if it still exists.
  8. See the above videos... they're vanishing when placed/moved. relogging makes them re-appear. Grabbing one wall piece seems to connect it to a piece 3-4 spaces down the wall and join them together. They're not going into my inventory when this happens, they're simply no longer visible.
  9. How to may an entire wall worth of pieces simply... vanish...
  10. I didn't really want that gate anyways... Story of my day.
  11. Ek woes continue. I'm no longer getting the Slope to Steep or Navmesh errors, so that's nice... but now i'm getting constant disappearing objects. Placing wall pieces has been an incredible struggle all day. 2x2 and 1x1 Fort Walls do not line up properly when connected, the 1x1 sticks out to the front a bit. Pieces seem to stick together and when you try to move one, it moves multiple pieces, and upon placing it, pieces disappear. Logging completely out of the EK and letting it shut down and start back up seems to make them reappear, though further movement again causes them to disappear. Ek management is currently, in a word, MISERABLE.
  12. Calling it quits for the night. Not a good first day for the EK at all. Constant Slope too Steep errors followed by loss of ability to move parcels due to Navmesh still being updated errors. Item placement felt bugged all night. At one point the "Temple" parcel became bugged only showing the statue and the sacrifice pools. Experienced issues even launching the EK at one point getting a "failed" message and also getting stuck at 99.1% loading. Experienced a number of random disconnects back to lobby both on US East and in my EK. While on US East I was hearing people's harvesting sounds (doober pickup, weakspot hits, etc) while far away from anyone else as if they were my own. Boars in the Chaos Beachhead were... excitable? Frequently would charge off in random directions as incredible speed mid-combat. Lag started kicking in again around 9pm EST Here's to hoping for a more stable tomorrow!
  13. Now can no longer move Parcels... the dreaded Navmesh error has returned.
  14. Ek Building Placement has me ready to scorch the earth. 1. Experience same as others have mentioned when importing, seems like everything was doubled leading to a lengthy process of getting everything through the overflow, spirit bank and eventually into the world. I still strongly feel like there should be a separate EK only bank/inventory that holds unused Buildings/Parcels. Right now, it can effectively flood your spirit bank and unless you place literally hundreds of items, kiss your Spirit Bank goodbye. - Also, seriously consider prioritizing Parcels over buildings as far as what comes out of Overflow first, as those are far easier to place temporarily to get them out of your inventory than say, 56 castle wall attachment items. 2. Had originally placed the Keep on a City Parcel. Cool. Placed walls randomly on the parcel just to get them out of my inventory so I could get more out of the overflow. Went to place the 2nd Keep that I had, which also did not stack despite having the same name/features/designation as the previous fort, and began getting the "Slope too steep" error no matter where I tried to place it on the City Parcel. Verified multiple times that parcel still had XL Building ticket available. No matter where I tried placing it, same slope error. 3. Placed the Town Parcel and noticed on the map that it, like my Shire Parcel showed buildings that did not actually exist. Attempted to place buildings on the Town Parcel, however, I was only able to place the smaller cottages and even then only in limited places. Everything else gave me the Slope too Steep error. Was unable to place any other buildings on that parcel. 4. Returned to City Parcel and made the fatal error of picking up the Keep. Now, it will not place anywhere on the parcel, including where I just picked it up from. Slope... too... steep. So basically, the story of the EKs is, cool, we can assign Nobles, who can then place their parcels and such... but apparently every one of MY parcels are now considered steep slopes in capable of holding buildings. Unfortunate... and frustrating beyond words.
  15. Multi-account summerized

    Ultimately, it comes down to the reality that having multiple accounts in CF is little different than having multiple characters in basically any other MMO. The primary difference being the ability to trade directly between characters without having to utilize some sort of account-bank to do so. I haven't seen ANYTHING in the CF Combat System that lends itself to the "Team Wizzy" style of multi-boxing, focus fire 1-man bomb squads. It's simply not viable to actively run 2 accounts at the same time, even with one on a laptop next to you. Even just trying to run the 2 characters to a location would be more cumbersome than anything. The only real benefit to Multi-Account in CF is for self sufficiency. Say you want to be a Ranger, and you want to focus the combat tree for obvious reasons. Well, you also want to be able to craft yourself a solid bow, and suit of leather. With 1 account, you're completely hamstrung as you need to be training Combat + 2 Harvesting Professions + 2 Crafting professions and you STILL need help from a miner/blacksmith for subcomponents (not to mention your melee weapons. Now say, you run 2 accounts. One is the Ranger with a focus in Combat and Logging/Skinning. The other Mines and handles Woodworking/Leatherworking. What advantage have you gained? The ability to mostly craft your own gear without the need to rely on someone else (other than still needing Blacksmithing until you're able to break into that tree as well). In a game that is designed for Guilds, most of which will have an organized system of coordinating who handles what harvests/crafts, this "advantage" amounts to little more than the ability to be anti-social if you choose. It's not going to lead to some crazy game-breaking advantage. It's not going to lead to one of the characters being more powerful than intended. The fact that the same limit applies, regardless, to any one character for how fast they can train combat, there's really no meaningful difference between a person playing 1 account, combat focused, backed by a guild with organized Crafting/Harvesting (which will be the majority) and a person playing 3 accounts, using their own "alts" to perform the same crafting. Sure, that individual may not have to wait for said guildy to be online or coordinate the effort, but the end result is still the same Character with the same Combat Skills equipping the same gear. If anything, it will allow smaller groups/guilds to remain viably competitive with larger guilds by virtue of being able to have all of the Crafting and Harvesting professions covered. They will still be outnumbered, but at least they can maintain a level of parity in terms of gear availability, theoretically, obviously not counting for the fact that more members = more man power = more harvested resources to work with, countered by more "mouths to feed" if you will.