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  1. No doubt. With the overall testing fatigue across the community and the reality that keeping up hype for years is difficult (impossible) that engagement helps a ton.
  2. And we've been in that hole, honestly, for a long time. Distracted by a number of mediocre at best offerings over the years... I think that makes this wait even more painful as we have 2 of the most promising titles in a decade in development... Soon... But never soon enough lol
  3. Ultimately, it comes down to the reality that having multiple accounts in CF is little different than having multiple characters in basically any other MMO. The primary difference being the ability to trade directly between characters without having to utilize some sort of account-bank to do so. I haven't seen ANYTHING in the CF Combat System that lends itself to the "Team Wizzy" style of multi-boxing, focus fire 1-man bomb squads. It's simply not viable to actively run 2 accounts at the same time, even with one on a laptop next to you. Even just trying to run the 2 characters to
  4. Fae Divebombing Squads inc? Probably not... just a squad of 1... because I can't help myself lol. Fae Stealth Bombers above, Guinea Pigs from below. Watch your Z Axis folks!
  5. It has, and it should. That's the double edged sword of a known Skills reset. Gives some of us a reason to take a little break from testing, and gives an opportunity for another wave of people to join. ACE giveth, and they taketh away.
  6. Of course, just referring to the map no longer containing the intermediate stations in the beachhead
  7. You don't miss getting stuck in the broken wall chunks during sieges? That was it's own Mini Boss!
  8. Diz

    Basic Wells

    A. I totally agree on the wells being an EK parcel item since they are non-quality affecting materials. B. Man, I would totally love to have my own Boar/Cat/Spider parcel, even at Rank 1-3 lol
  9. I'm 100% with Anhrez on this one. I've tried getting creative to test out range, but ultimately, the test dummy set up is just not able to support it. Leads to us having to go to the EK with someone else to stand there as our living test dummy. It looks neat having them up on a platform like that, but it's not as functional for range testing as one would like.
  10. I'll be honest... if they suddenly pivoted and switched to BnS Combat, I'd walk away instantly. Many ability chains in the game are already effectively "combo" chains with multiple branching options. Chain stuns... because that's ever been fun. Certain classes I-Frames DO allow you to dodge/negate abilities, including stuns/suppress etc. I honestly can't understand what you are trying to say with regards to "triggers after a amount of time on an area of the ground" or "like on a full pip stack of a successful i-frame" Ultimately, the only thing that's not already there
  11. A timer showing how long until an item is unlocked from going into or out of the Spirit Bank. The ability to enter mouse mode without the Inventory Window being open. - This would also allow us to mouse over buffs in the Top Right corner and potentially see tootip information on them Having opening inventory not swap the visible bar to Survival Tray even when still in another tray. The ability to move the Assassin PIP counter... would prefer it in the center of the screen. - Would also require the Mouselook change above, as it currently ends up behind the inventory scr
  12. Very nice. Hopefully with 5.5 I can work on that with better quality Durable
  13. We're you able to get more than 1 Treated per item? Still fighting with that. Have managed mid-300s with just the 1 treated. Durable continues to be a problem, can't wait for 5.5
  14. I have to Necro Reply this just to ask how the (random censor message) you pulled that many HP?
  15. If I'm being completely honest... I'm fine with it being "late" this year, early next year. I'd much rather the final product be finished and more polished. As it stands today... I'm already enjoying playing it in development, so I'm in no rush.
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