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  1. No doubt. With the overall testing fatigue across the community and the reality that keeping up hype for years is difficult (impossible) that engagement helps a ton.
  2. And we've been in that hole, honestly, for a long time. Distracted by a number of mediocre at best offerings over the years... I think that makes this wait even more painful as we have 2 of the most promising titles in a decade in development... Soon... But never soon enough lol
  3. Ultimately, it comes down to the reality that having multiple accounts in CF is little different than having multiple characters in basically any other MMO. The primary difference being the ability to trade directly between characters without having to utilize some sort of account-bank to do so. I haven't seen ANYTHING in the CF Combat System that lends itself to the "Team Wizzy" style of multi-boxing, focus fire 1-man bomb squads. It's simply not viable to actively run 2 accounts at the same time, even with one on a laptop next to you. Even just trying to run the 2 characters to a location would be more cumbersome than anything. The only real benefit to Multi-Account in CF is for self sufficiency. Say you want to be a Ranger, and you want to focus the combat tree for obvious reasons. Well, you also want to be able to craft yourself a solid bow, and suit of leather. With 1 account, you're completely hamstrung as you need to be training Combat + 2 Harvesting Professions + 2 Crafting professions and you STILL need help from a miner/blacksmith for subcomponents (not to mention your melee weapons. Now say, you run 2 accounts. One is the Ranger with a focus in Combat and Logging/Skinning. The other Mines and handles Woodworking/Leatherworking. What advantage have you gained? The ability to mostly craft your own gear without the need to rely on someone else (other than still needing Blacksmithing until you're able to break into that tree as well). In a game that is designed for Guilds, most of which will have an organized system of coordinating who handles what harvests/crafts, this "advantage" amounts to little more than the ability to be anti-social if you choose. It's not going to lead to some crazy game-breaking advantage. It's not going to lead to one of the characters being more powerful than intended. The fact that the same limit applies, regardless, to any one character for how fast they can train combat, there's really no meaningful difference between a person playing 1 account, combat focused, backed by a guild with organized Crafting/Harvesting (which will be the majority) and a person playing 3 accounts, using their own "alts" to perform the same crafting. Sure, that individual may not have to wait for said guildy to be online or coordinate the effort, but the end result is still the same Character with the same Combat Skills equipping the same gear. If anything, it will allow smaller groups/guilds to remain viably competitive with larger guilds by virtue of being able to have all of the Crafting and Harvesting professions covered. They will still be outnumbered, but at least they can maintain a level of parity in terms of gear availability, theoretically, obviously not counting for the fact that more members = more man power = more harvested resources to work with, countered by more "mouths to feed" if you will.
  4. Fae Divebombing Squads inc? Probably not... just a squad of 1... because I can't help myself lol. Fae Stealth Bombers above, Guinea Pigs from below. Watch your Z Axis folks!
  5. It has, and it should. That's the double edged sword of a known Skills reset. Gives some of us a reason to take a little break from testing, and gives an opportunity for another wave of people to join. ACE giveth, and they taketh away.
  6. Of course, just referring to the map no longer containing the intermediate stations in the beachhead
  7. You don't miss getting stuck in the broken wall chunks during sieges? That was it's own Mini Boss!
  8. Diz

    Basic Wells

    A. I totally agree on the wells being an EK parcel item since they are non-quality affecting materials. B. Man, I would totally love to have my own Boar/Cat/Spider parcel, even at Rank 1-3 lol
  9. I'm 100% with Anhrez on this one. I've tried getting creative to test out range, but ultimately, the test dummy set up is just not able to support it. Leads to us having to go to the EK with someone else to stand there as our living test dummy. It looks neat having them up on a platform like that, but it's not as functional for range testing as one would like.
  10. I'll be honest... if they suddenly pivoted and switched to BnS Combat, I'd walk away instantly. Many ability chains in the game are already effectively "combo" chains with multiple branching options. Chain stuns... because that's ever been fun. Certain classes I-Frames DO allow you to dodge/negate abilities, including stuns/suppress etc. I honestly can't understand what you are trying to say with regards to "triggers after a amount of time on an area of the ground" or "like on a full pip stack of a successful i-frame" Ultimately, the only thing that's not already there that I wouldn't mind seeing, are "reactionaries" which would fit into the conditional category (if X, Y attack option becomes available). We have a tiny sliver of this with the Retaliate ability, but I'm thinking more in the vien of DAoC's Block/Evade/Parry triggers enabling specific styles. I don't really know how that would fit in to the current combat system though, and it honestly feels fine without it. Blade and Soul is just a completely different game and different style. Suggesting to forklift that combat system into this game is kind of mind boggling.
  11. A timer showing how long until an item is unlocked from going into or out of the Spirit Bank. The ability to enter mouse mode without the Inventory Window being open. - This would also allow us to mouse over buffs in the Top Right corner and potentially see tootip information on them Having opening inventory not swap the visible bar to Survival Tray even when still in another tray. The ability to move the Assassin PIP counter... would prefer it in the center of the screen. - Would also require the Mouselook change above, as it currently ends up behind the inventory screen. Local Bank effective window size reduced to it's actual size. Currently effective size is the same as spirit bank causing an invisible area of it to cover inventory slots at times if it is positioned too far to the right of the screen. The ability to view inventory while moving. Crafting Window being closable with a key press (esc or "J") A pop up "Accept" option for trades. /accept-trade <name> is miserable. I know it's supposed to come later, but a freaking combat log! Fixes to chat windows. Swapping between them sometimes causes them to change order, and thus clear all text from them. - (also sometimes when you log in you are missing multiple channels). Decoupling the Abilities (K) window from Inventory. If you have both open and move, or hit I to close, when you re-open Inventory via "I" the Abilities window opens as well. Same with Spirit Bank.
  12. Very nice. Hopefully with 5.5 I can work on that with better quality Durable
  13. We're you able to get more than 1 Treated per item? Still fighting with that. Have managed mid-300s with just the 1 treated. Durable continues to be a problem, can't wait for 5.5
  14. I have to Necro Reply this just to ask how the (random censor message) you pulled that many HP?
  15. If I'm being completely honest... I'm fine with it being "late" this year, early next year. I'd much rather the final product be finished and more polished. As it stands today... I'm already enjoying playing it in development, so I'm in no rush.
  16. Any kind of search function for the EK list would be incredibly helpful.
  17. While I've certainly ran into my fair share of bugs, as you would expect with a game that's very much still in development, I can't say I have had anything close to your experience from a support perspective. Jack specifically has repeatedly gone above and beyond in helping resolve any issues I've reported. Some times when it's just a bug, or something that's going to require significant work on the back end and likely to be part of a future version, I'll only get a brief note from Jack or Gordon, but there's not a whole lot more to expect imo on those. Generally they are known bugs, they thank me for the feedback and any information I provide, and it goes into a sprint to be added to the next version.
  18. You'd have to bump up the rating of the game to do so...
  19. The awkward part is where Balance can technically win without participating simply because Order and Chaos are in a stalemate. Ultimately, the theory of Order vs Chaos with Balance in the middle sounds neat on paper. If one faction gets too strong, Balance helps "balance" it out. Question... What happens when Balance is the overpowered faction? The old DAoC 3 Faction system that's been duplicated time and time again simply works. When 1 faction gets too strong, it's on the other two to work together, or at least stop working against each other to help balance it out. That's been accomplished across countless MMOs without some mechanic that turns them "not red".
  20. Did this include emails to Support@crowfall.com and/or support@artandcraftentertainment.com? I only ask because I've submitted countless tickets/requests through there and they have constantly impressed with their responsiveness and effectiveness. It's actually been shocking and unusual for the MMO world lol
  21. 1. I'm not sure I'd want Autoloot specifically, but I DEFINITELY feel like they need to significantly increase the "hit box" for looting a corpse. When farming mobs, I can often times catch it as the deathblow is delivered, but if I am at range or otherwise miss it, I spend FAR to long scanning the bodies for that one tiny little spot that causes the "F to interact" to pop up. That honestly feels miserable. I would NOT mind a Loot All option, or at least some significant improvements to inventory movement in general. It feels very clumsy right now trying to move things around or quickly loot something, as the RMB input feels clunky and doesn't always seem to register. Often feels like there's an internal delay to prevent rapid looting or movement of items into/out of a container. 2. I 100% echo the desire to maintain the Tooltip while applying training. I don't know how many times I've opened something up to apply training and realized I wanted to look at something on the skill and had to close back out. It's a minor thing, for sure, but I'm with you on that. As far as the window popping up in front of the node, you can drag on the "Apply Time" window which effectively moves the "background" skills page so that you can see the node. It's a minor annoyance, but it DOES seem right to have the Apply Time window in the center of the screen. Maybe I'm just used to it. 3. No question, mob AI is completely whack right now. I haven't got to spend much time on 5.5 to see the improvements over there, but on 5.4 it's pretty crazy. Cats trying to use their jump attack when they are 120m away and no where near in range, Boars running off to aggro someone else in the area (not to mention sliding while stunned, randomly resetting HP bars, running 15m away from you before turning around to fight, etc). I don't know that this has been given a whole lot of time at this point, though, and that's fine. They're just leather hide containers to me anyways lol
  22. 7-8 Seconds is just plain brutal. Admittedly, when I first started rolling around on Assassin it felt pretty busted. Popping Call Darkness and backstabbing people in the face was good times. It was completely devoid of skill or even conscious thought... but it was amusing. As time went on and more and more people geared up, I started to realize how much of it was simply being better geared. Positioning wasn't the issue. At all. Let's be real, here... there's a nearly 180 degree window to hit Backstab with. It's beyond generous. Sure, while getting the jump on someone harvesting you're likely to get the W for a variety of factors (their buildout being for harvesting, element of surprise, delay in their ability to get out of stuns and into the combat tray to actually react, etc). However, in a more straight up "fair" fight I felt like the Assasin somehow didn't have much utility. You've got a stun and a KD, and damage. There's not much in the way of survivability in there, and frankly, we're not all WildOne lol. At some point, I swapped out Agent Prov for Sharpshooter to mess around with that, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Let's face it... tagging people from 60m with a 1K+ bow shot that applies a Bleed and Nature Poison (which ticks too hard if we're being fair) was great fun. It gave me more to do during Fort takes/defenses, and it gave me another tool to use when someone tried to run away. Then I tried Arcane Archer... and began the process of learning how many of the Major Discipline options simply do not work on Assassin. Nothing like pulling out your bow, and realizing that you can't use nearly any of the abilities because you need Pips to do so, and you have zero ability to generate pips with a bow... and... well, throw that Discipline away. Equipped Banshee to help take Forts during the Indestructible Walls era... oh... I can't use Ghost Army without Pips... mmk... List goes on, but it basically shut of many other fun things you could do w/ Assassin because their resource requires the Melee/Stealth tray. Ultimately, I enjoyed my time on Assassin. I felt at least relatively effective with the class, but it felt like the class was missing something. As more and more time went on, I found myself wanting to use the bow more than my actual Assassin kit... Then I swapped to Ranger... and realized just how big of a difference there was. Maybe it's the new car smell, and it'll wear off, but the little bit I've done so far on Ranger feels like it's lightyears ahead of the Assassin. They're obviously superior at range, but they honestly feel almost as good in melee as well. In the end.. Assassin felt great in a vacuum. Once I started trying other things, it felt much much weaker.
  23. Ascendance PvP Excellence, Crafting Supremacy, Politics and Influence - A Chapter of the Legend Gaming Multi-Gaming Community - Estabslished May 2015 Ascendance Website Legend Gaming 10th Anniversary Video Previous Recruitment Thread NOTE: RECRUITMENT CLOSED AT THIS TIME. THREAD WILL BE UPDATED ONCE RECRUITMENT REOPENS We are Legend Gaming! As a multi-gaming community, Legend Gaming has recently completed Ten Years of MMO excellence. Since we were founded our chapters have always succeeded in multiple games, promoting a spirit of friendship, unity, organization and quality. As part of Legend Gaming, Ascendance seeks to bring that same quality standards to Crowfall. We focus in all aspects of the game, pushing for PvP domination and crafting supremacy. We will also work hard on our Eternal Kingdom establishing a powerful force and influence in the community. Upon joining Ascendance, you are not joining simply a guild, you are joining a family. We are an organization that is proud of it's achievements and thankful to the loyalty of our members. We are looking for like-minded players who value organization, loyalty, maturity and strong leadership. We will need your skill and dedication in our continued journey to the top! The primary goal of Ascendance will be PvP Domination. As a guild, we seek to provide our members with every tool they need to get maximum enjoyment out of Crowfall. We want our guild and it's members to be at the height of this game's excitement and potential. Make no mistake about it; Ascendance is a Hardcore PvP Guild. Therefore, our members should expect nightly PvP events and full focus on achieving pure domination in the many Campaigns that compose Crowfall's Throne War system. If you wish to learn about our goals and focus to each aspect of the game (PvP, Crafting, RP) please check the About Us section of our website! You can also register in Legend Gaming forums and participate on the discussions with our members. We are very welcoming and most of the forums are open for anyone to see and post! Main Timezone:--> US Eastern Time (EST), open to all time zones. Recruitment Status:--> Recruitment open. Interviews are required. Seeking PvP and crafting progressive minded players and active testers Discord:--> Discord is required for voice chat. Guild Focus:--> PvP Domination and Crafting Supremacy Guild Leader:--> Diz Joining: You must be 17 years of age or older. This is due to the maturity of the community and the maturity rating of the game. You must be prepared to use Discord and be logged into the Legend Gaming server whenever you are logged into the game (Post release only). Understand you are joining a community, not a guild. Upon joining Ascendance, you are joining Legend-Gaming. So if you're not looking for a tight knit community concept, we're not the right fit for you. Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth both pre-release and post-release. Joining Ascendance is quite simple. Visit our website's join us page. Follow the directions! NOTE: RECRUITMENT CLOSED AT THIS TIME. THREAD WILL BE UPDATED ONCE RECRUITMENT REOPENS Some of Legend Gaming's previous chapters achievements include: Age of Conan: First PvP Keep on Cimmeria server - Hand of Set Age of Conan: PvP Keep held until our official resignation from the game. - Hand of Set Age of Conan: First guild city on Cimmeria Server - Hand of Set Warhammer Online: First successful Order city raid (Volkmar server) - Legend Warhammer Online: Server firsts on all release raid content (Volkmar Server) - Legend Warhammer Online: First guild, on server, to level to release max (Volkmar Server) - Legend SWTOR: Over 30 server first boss kills in raiding on Jung Ma server - Jen’jidai SWTOR: First server wide Role-play event in Jung Ma server - Jen’jidai SWTOR: First guild to be featured in the official Bioware guild spotlight - Jen’jidai TESO:. Vokundein was one of the most respected PVP guilds in TESO. Naming 3 different emperors in the most competitive campaigns. TESO: Dragon Star Arena - World 2nd, NA 1st clear time on PTS. Special Invitation to exclusive DEV Q/A Panel. For more information on Legend Gaming and our current chapters, please check our portal at www.legend-gaming.net You can also check out 7th Anniversary Video and 5th Anniversary Video, even though they a bit outdated it is still informative and inspiring!
  24. The Gold requirements we've seen so far for upkeep seem pretty easy to keep up with, honestly. It didn't look like it was too heavy, and I'm sitting on something like 14k gold just from farming hide. Garryth did some rough math on it and I'm pretty sure it worked out to me doing less than 2 hours a week of farming I could easily cover the upkeep, and of course, that's not counting anything that sells going into those coffers to offset. Admittedly, I haven't given it a lot of attention yet, but it's definitely something I'll be interested in digging into once it's added to the test environment.
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