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  1. eh? i thought all the alpha's were running at the same time but basically different servers and that about 3-4 months after that is beta then in 2016 is live but all i know is alpha is in summer and live is in 2016 (winter) so theres a big gap of time lol
  2. Anyone in alpha 3 lets try to get to know each other so we can work together! ( also does anyone know when alpha is even out? )
  3. so can you change it i messaged you with my desired nickname
  4. i've email you and i waited a week and still nothing...
  5. messaged the person in all the ways possible still same name sigh...
  6. i messaged you did you mean on this thread?
  7. I would love to change my username i forgot the username is also displayed I:
  8. THANKS SO MUCH! I can't wait to play this game! <3
  9. I was at first in beta group 4 with all my friends and out of nowhere i click on my account info and it says i'm now in beta group 5 after planning for a long time i dont think this is fair or cool to do that and i want to be moved back to group 4....
  10. Hi i was wondering if there is anyway to change your username? I did not realize it would show the user name on the forums. Thanks and i look forward to playing yet another of your games! :D

  11. How do you change your name on these forums? i want to know for when the beta is out so i can change my name to something that better fits the theme!
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