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  1. Looking for more players to test with!!! Join us in discord for more information or submit a app!
  2. In search of active players to add to our ranks! As the interest grows for Crowfall, so does the guild! Join up today and grow with us! If you have any questions, drop into our discord and lets chat!!
  3. Adding to our core day by day! PM me or join us in discord and have a chat with us about membership!!!
  4. Assembling all crows for the upcoming test! If you don't have a home currently, feel free to join us in discord and in game!
  5. Come and join PTX on Chaos for the first campaign test!!!! If you're still looking for a home and would like to check us out, apply today!
  6. Pain Train is currently looking for like-minded guilds and individuals to game with in Crowfall. With all of the fun, PvP and currency to be had, we'd like to share our experiences with productive allies and players! PM me here and/or on our Discord to chat.
  7. Thank you @Mr. Kurtz We appreciate the love! Can't wait for us all to game together in this amazing MMO!
  8. We'll be doing interviews from now through the weekend for new players looking to join up! Join us in our Waiting for Interview voice channel or leave a message in our Waiting for Interview Text Channel! Can't wait to game with you all in the upcoming tests!!!
  9. I look forward to chatting with more recruits! If you're in need of a fun and friendly community to join, look no further! Pain Train is made up of both new and veteran gamers from all over the country! PM or hop into our discord for more info!
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