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  1. Speaking of archers....is it possible for archetypes to take up disciplines that let them use other weapons to become ranged, or maybe take disadvantages for more weapon options? Tying to figure out what the legionnaire can wield.
  2. OOC updates: I'll be entering the next combat test, and hopefully streaming for the guild. All members are welcome to post questions or things to stream on the forums (can't find a recording of the armor cycling for centaurs? Want a specific question answered? I should be able to make that happen). Also, our EK now sports a Cathedral dedicated to Gaea, to fit with the RP theme of offering sanctuary for wartime refugees under the protection of the Fallen Lady. There's never been a better time to jump in on the guild forums and apply. Help us create a new kind of RP community where IC ranks can truly be earned or lost through skill.
  3. Is it possible to offer land to a player, and receive land from the same player? I ask because this would be great for RP. Two guilds could have a formal embassy on each other's eternal kingdom to request assistance, complain about backstabbing each other outside the kingdoms, political maneuvering, etc. Also, are duels possible in the EK, for practice and help training new players before jumping into pvp?
  4. Considering that most of us here in China didn't even know the game existed until after the KS closed and they announced a Chinese localization was in the works, that's hardly fair... I'm a fan of player choice, personally - I'd want to be able to select which servers I want to play on. I plan on using the backer rewards for USA servers, but also rolling a FTP account on Chinese servers for kicks. If they suddenly announce that there are ip restrictions on log-ins based on location, then I'd need to transfer leadership of a guild before launch. :3
  5. I could see maybe a ruleset with water elements come into play in a way that encourages PVP....the hunger might take the form of water that slowly rises and has corrupted sea creatures that attack players. The higher the water level in a given area, the bigger the sea creatures are that can swim there. If it exceeds your head's height, you drown. Players would be forced to head to higher and higher ground, with portals back to the EK being at the highest points to focus players into a pvp match. "Fishing" would consist of fighting sea creatures in shallow, walkable water (slowed movement and attack speed), allowing the team to get away with this without spending time developing actual water combat. Fishing would be risky, as other players could knock-back fishing players into water that was too deep - causing them to drown or aggro larger creatures.
  6. I think if we look at Roman Mythology as well, then we start to see the female warrior archetype. In Roman myth, the women that go to war are the ones who produce warrior sons or help men become heroes through war. Three cases in Roman myth: Juno, Artemis, Minerva: Juno is the mother of Mars (the God of War). She's also one of the most belligerent figures in Roman myth - constantly clashing with heroes out of jealousy. You might say she's an evil warior, self-centered, powerful, and vindictive. In depictions, she's a warrior despite being the goddess of marriage and love. Recent discoveries depict her suckling an adult Hercules. In the Aeneid, the Roman epic and counterpart to the illiad and the odyssey, she wars with the future founders of Rome and effectively turns Aeneas (and therefore his roman descendants) into a real warrior by continually trying to destroy him. Diana is the goddess of the hunt. She preferred and defended her virginity and independence. Still, her companion Orion in mythology was honored with a place among the stars by Zeus after his death. Minerva (also given to virginity) helped Perseus defeat Medusa, giving him the ideas needed to use reflections against her. In turn, Perseus became a hero. In short, if we take mythology into account, then having strong mothers or women warrior trainers might be seen as necessary to produce the strongest men, such as Hercules, Perseus, and Orion were. That could be the role of the female centaur. Also, my depiction of a female centaur, closer to diana, which will likely be nothing like what we get. Only re-posting for the person that wanted more images of female centaurs that weren't sexual/flashy: I think in my ideal at the moment we would have an option to be skirmishers, wielding lances, javelins, or bows with a high-damage one-time initial strike that could miss and very low sustained damage, forcing us to weave in and out of a fight. Also, we could serve as mounts for another class, going along with our support role. Surrender vast majority of attack speed or even ability to attack at all to allow another person to cast spells they normally can't while moving.
  7. Although the guild is currently inactive until beta 2, there have been some updates behind the scenes: New lore and more detailed RP history: The Gaean Remnant, elements of the priesthood of Gaea, found themselves in a delicate political position after their prolonged period of mourning. The pantheon was at war, and all involved sought the endorsement of the pockets of former Gaean followers to justify military action. Instead, the Remnant opened their wooden chapel and surrounding areas to refugees of the war in memory of the fallen diety - enabling any who wish to denounce the infighting of the pantheon to claim the fallen Gaea as their patron. The neutral stance vexed all parties involved - effectively 'stealing' followers from other dieties. Still, the situation demanded their overt support: even today, to oppose the memory of Gaea and thereby forfeit a claim to just cause remains political suicide. Thus, Gaea's Haven - now an open refugee camp and minor religious site - has been spared the bulk of the warring of the gods. This seems to be changing quickly, however. For among those who claim Gaea's protection are those who would do so not out of respect for peace or need for safety, but out of a desire to free themselves from oversight and pursue power or forbidden knowledge. To protect the increasingly threatened Haven from anonymous attacks of dieties who would make an example of any 'traitors' that would leave their faction, the Haven has adopted an increasingly martial demeanor. High Lord Kalai, recently elected head of the Haven, has re-instituted the ancient tradition of Naqam to ensure battlefield readiness. According to this custom, members of the military can now demand a formal duel with the current Khan of the armed forces. Should divine right support their claim through strength of arms, they can secure power over the military. This has fueled rumors of conspiracy, with claims that outside gods might attempt to place those loyal to themselves among the refugees, join the military, and demand such a duel. Perhaps even worse, the policy and increasing readiness for war has eroded public support for the civilian leadership overnight. Recently, the military arm of the Haven has imposed martial law on the outer city in response to a series of mysterious murders of former followers of Zaleena amongst the refugees. Rumors of the attackers' identity range from vengeful Zaleena devotees to patrons who would ruin the relative immunity of the Haven and claim the priesthood's endorsement by force. Whatever the cause, terror has begun to take it's toll on the populace. Worse, the harvest of the farmlands surrounding the Haven has suddenly failed to produce anything - almost as though someone or something has cursed the land itself. With merchants of the Eternal Kingdom less than open to the idea of selling to those that defy the greater pantheon, members of the Haven could soon be forced into a more active role beyond the relative safety of the Kingdoms...
  8. I'm sure you're right in that people will segregate to their own language (irregardless of client), but I think allowing languages to be seperate from server region actually alleviates the problem rather than exacerbates it: There's a large spanish-speaking community in most of the MMOs I play, irregardless of whether or not spanish is officially supported. If bilingual players will be present irregardless, then being able to link a weapon in Chinese in trade and have that weapon show up in English for a buyer with an english client makes trading much easier for both parties. It desegregates the trading market, offering more (healthier) competition. That said, to me the issue is more about access....if I want to play with an English client but have to connect to the US in order to do it, I won't be able to play competitively at all when abroad (my MS from Shanghai to Los Angelos ranges from 500-900ms, with spikes of up to 15 seconds of lag without disconnecting. It also requires a VPN to connect to anything not approved by the Chinese government, which most companies don't like and some companies even ban). If we can't play...it doesn't matter how good the game is, really. So that would make me join a Chinese server irregardless of the client language, just as Chinese players in the US will join US servers due to location and competitive viability. If I'm forced to play in a language I can't comprehend....then I won't enjoy the game as much, and might be less likely to purchase things post-launch.
  9. This would allow players to play with the client in the language of their choice on a server with the least lag possible.
  10. I used paint.net, a free photoshop alternative. If you meant my source image, then I based it roughly on this one from CuteSkittles4U of Deviantart.
  11. I'm an american expat living in Shanghai....as a backer, (if the stretch goal is met) can I log into Asian servers and American servers on the same account, or would I need a second copy of Crowfall? Asian servers would have less lag, but a language barrier (my Chinese isn't as good as I'd like), and as a role-player I'd prefer to keep a main character on American servers. But it would be nice to see how the game was intended to be played....and pvp as an equal once in a while.
  12. Wanted to quickly say - that female centaur concept was spot on. The balance of muscle and beauty is much better than I hoped - she manages to look powerful and pretty. Even better - that armor looks like it might actually protect her rather than just make her look sexy. Can't wait to play one!
  13. Mumble is up and running, officer's training courses are available and applications are open! We're looking into rolling on DDO's Sarlona server for some meet and greets this month. If you're interested in roleplay, check us out.
  14. -Character Portrait, Kalai. My vision of what a young lady centaur would look like. I drew the foreground, but it's based on this source image from CuteSkittles4U of Deviantart. Check out her page - she's a much better artist I was looking for more of a shirt for her (it's hard to find well-dressed female centaur images), which I tried to make more roman-ish after today's article. If you haven't read the new centaur lore, check out the update on the Centaur here.
  15. Kalai grinned at the gasps of the crowd as the newcomer breathed a flaming wyvern into flight, even breaking into a smile as the watery visage of herself evaporated into steam. Someone in the crowd broke out an er-hu, the stringed instrument singing in time to the beat of the conjured creature's wings. Kalai began to stomp her hooves - unconsciously at first, but quickly falling into familiar bass support. If it's a game you want, we're in. Those nearest her, wary of the famously over-graceful dances of her kind, began to give her berth. The Druids matched the casting of their spell to the time of the music, even as another musician began to sing from somewhere to the west. Waving their hands in a smooth motion, and twisting each other in a spin for effect, they doubled their golem's size and added a top hat for effect. The conjuration smirked, moonwalking into a spin before issuing a challenge with it's hands. One of the druids narrated: "A fine trick, lad! But Le''s see whatcha have when we ain' got our guard down!" With a quick clap of their hands, their conjuration dove - head first with arms extended- towards the Wyvern.
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