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  1. This is an obvious issue, but to notice is only one step in the dialectical process of refining an idea. The solution is obvious as well: Captured points of interests (camps, watchtowers, forts, keeps) need investment to install and keep operating (resources, money, but most preferably crafted items). That way a bigger empire will need much more resources than a small one. You could even tweak it that it scales exponentially. Et violá, you've got a self-balancing system.
  2. It's a big mistake to treat Crowfall like an old-school MMORPG, which mostly centers around PvE. Crowfall has more in common with a MOBA and where it does not, it shows to have very negative effects on the gameplay. This is a fundamental issue and was obvious from the beginning. While I am very happy with the technical advances of this game, I am still puzzled by the bad state of fundamental core concepts of the game as a game. The victory condition system right now feels like a placeholder. Introducing new knobs to tune the counting system is like adjusting the speed of a ski lift that o
  3. Greetings! In this post I want to make some very general observations about the game. I found it interesting, how negativity plays an important role in key aspects of the game, on different levels and in different ways and meanings: 1. in an abstract way, 2. in the sense of loss and 3. in terms of inter-player relations. Negativity itself is fundamental for logic and ontology. Everything, that is real, must have a negative aspect to be real. So negativity is not something bad per se; the problem is, if the focus is only on negativity. Without going too deep into non-formal logic I ju
  4. I just wanted to point out, that giving this method a fancy name doesn't make it a "rule". This is the worst possible way of "fine-tuning" stuff – brainless trial and error. It's not only wasting time by forcing lots of pointless iterations, but actually may not work at all, if the underlying mechanics are too complex or, in worst case, show a chaotic-deterministic behaviour (that means slow variations in the input variables result in extreme and unpredictable changes in the output). If we are not able to make a mathematical model of the system, then at least we have to consider how varia
  5. This article of Blair begs the question, if RNG can serve as a substantial part of the player experience. Blair seems to completely misunderstand, why most gamers say: "RNG sucks". It's not because they've got a bad result, but because randomness can be a horrible game design element! I don't know what is worse: That Blair is applying Skinner's scientifically out-dated behaviourism onto game design, or that he even feels being smart about it. To me (as a psychologically sane player in the sense, that I am not affected by pathological gambling behaviour), the RNG takes the game away f
  6. I actually do know – but it's confidential. But you can draw the conclusion yourself, that their push for the race / class split means, that they were successful to acquire a significant amount of additional funding. Obviously the more funding they get, the more time they can spend developing the game, or in other words: delay the launch.
  7. I think a refresh / respec at the start of every campaign is the obvious optimal solution that serves the interest of all players except the whales.¹ I deem it possible, that the very confusing and clumsey design decisions of ACE are not a sign of incompetence, but that they are betting, that the tiny minority of the whales will bring much greater profit than to actually make a game which is fun to the big majority of the player base. In my eyes it's not only a risky bet, but even a lunatic bet, since the hard empiric facts show that the most successful games ("League of Legends", "Player
  8. In Europe it's called democracy, when money should not be able to buy power. If someone does buy power with money, then it's called corruption, a criminal offence.
  9. Die Subkultursprache ist leider Schrott und findet zu Recht keinen Eingang in Übersetzungen mit einem gewissen Anspruch. Ich habe "Gothic", "Dragon Age", "The Witcher" gespielt und wenn da auch nur einmal ein Wort wie "Tank" fiele, wäre die ganze Atmosphäre ruiniert. Genau die Spieler, die nur in "tank", "dps" und "xp" denken, drehen auch die Grafikeffekte und Büsche ab, nur damit sie irgendeinen spielerischen Vorteil gewinnen. Dass solche ein großer Teil des Zielpublikums sind, ist natürlich unbestritten, allerdings ist genau dies mit ein Grund, wieso Spiele selten als eigene Kunstform r
  10. Hallo! Ich habe gesehen, dass die Alpha 5 jetzt auch auf Deutsch läuft! Toll, danke sehr! Im Fertigkeitenbaum (skill tree) habe ich auch schon eine sehr lustige Übersetzung gefunden: den Hühnchen-Fernschreiber! xD (Ritter -> Substanziell, ursprünglich "chicken ticker" oder Hühnchen-Zähler) Die Archetyp-Klassen sind schwierig zu übersetzen. "Tank" und "DPS" fallen einfach aus der Rolle. In "EverQuest 2" hießen "Tanks" glaube ich "Beschützer". "Tank" finde ich allgemein eine sehr unpassende Bezeichnung in einem Fantasy-Rollenspiel. Erstens bezieht es sich auf den moder
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