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  1. Welcome to the game! Hope you enjoy your stay! And yes, good intro, made me laugh
  2. Hi there! Welcome! And yes, are you a fan of Persona? If so how hyped are you for Persona 5?
  3. Greeting Alford!!! Hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Honestly not that long. It was basically the second mmo I tried (after WoW) and I believe I stopped due to the grind associated with the game. I heard that was fixed however. Now I can put up with grind but in my early mmo years it was a turn off. Nowadays I am trying to get more into pvp ( thus my interest in CF) but there aren't that many amazing pvp mmos imo that have a decent population and/ or are welcoming to newbies... I might be wrong however. Right now I am dabbling a bit in GW2 and FFXIV (which has terrible pvp might I add).
  5. Wow thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! The more I see the more I can't wait to play with you guys And I am glad that you all won't judge me too much based off my MMO history aha. I will try to post more and become more a part of the community however!
  6. Why hello there Crowfall forums! As you can tell I am beb2592 and I am pleased to finally be here as someone who purchased the Gold level pack! I honestly have been following this game from afar due to money constraints (knew about it all the way back from the Kickstarter) but since my finances have opened up a bit recently I decided to back this project! Now, unfortunately, I do not have quite the extensive MMO or even PC gaming background as many of you definitely have since I began playing MMOs around the original NA launch of Aion BUT I have tried to at least test each currently r
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