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  1. Hey! Like others have said above, it works pretty nicely with Steam Controller and setting it all up in Steam. However, after I tried it out around the time I started this old thread, I realized that at least for me, combat efficiency dropped so badly I just went back to mouse and keyboard. But if you stay away from pvp, it should work just fine!
  2. Good to hear, thanks for the feedback! I'll update this shortly with crow form and temples, but meanwhile, most of the important stuff still goes!
  3. Aah, I somehow didn't notice that! Thanks a lot!
  4. Kraahk, would you consider sharing these without the nodes added? It would be so nice to use as a base to add nodes from observations (since these change more often than the map is rebuilt, at the moment).
  5. Okay, this is probably not a good idea, but I wanted to air it anyway. What if there were a stamina cost when running uphill. It would add meaning to mountains, and could have interesting consequences tactically, that could resonate with dynamics of historical battles. If it would work, it would probably need a half-speed movement that doesn't cost stamina, like walking. Or, simply, reduce movement speed overall when going uphill, and let sprinting drain stamina as it already does. Big risk of bringing more non-fun than fun, though, I guess.
  6. I think this is an interesting concept, worth thinking and talking about more. I like the social, language/country based aspect of it, and I think it might help foster a sense of greater community, the way it is easier to feel connected to a fraction of a whole, and via that also feeling connected to the greater whole. The problematic aspect is that it seems to work in competition with the guilds, because of resources, so for this to take off, it might need to work in tandem with regular guilds instead. One obvious way to do this might be to be a bit more fluid when allocating the
  7. Sorry to hear about that bad timing, Kina! But it would be awesome if you finished yours anyway - two newbie guides cannot be a bad thing!
  8. Oh, look! You wrote the perfect instructions for yourself (I just fixed it a little bit, see below.) "If you do not like things like forums that require a respectful tone towards others, do no tread them, pass over a post made by people that make you scared, turn the page, no one forces you to read the banter forums, no one is forcing you to look, but yet.. yet you feel compelled to look if for no other reason than to complain about it so it fits into your box of how things should be. "Grow up, the world does not revolve around you. "Banter between guilds / players A socia
  9. Slight update in the original guide, about Spirit Bank.
  10. Thanks for the sticky, and thanks for the gratz! Eaden, of course!!
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