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  1. I know this... but event still, that has nothing to do with all them stacking on top of each other so close if you touch one you grab all. And when you raise reticle to spread them properly because of this, that spread isn't too far apart to make use of that type of play either. So ocams razor would state that if the main use of the power is to provide a bunch of armors for you to either have ready, or for team to pick up, that they would naturally, baseline, need to spread far enough apart to facilitate this. And with all the other reticle targeting issues, it's not leap to believe this is just bugged.
  2. I doubt it's intentional that you ever place a bunch of armors that stack on each other and thus can't be picked up except by 1
  3. I should have known better having realized range/reticle issues in other aspects.
  4. I'm amazed this even has to be said and a developer didn't look at current mechanics and go "oh that won't work." Frostweaver's Frost Armory NEEDS TO SUMMON SPACED APART. Trying to touch the edge of one so that you can grab an armor without taking whole stack doesn't work.
  5. EDIT: Distance started working on my FW... so has none of the weaknesses with range I thought it had over the classes it stole features from.
  6. Cool ice (the pulsing green one) is what restores resources. Refreshing ice (the blue spirals that instantly pop) is the heal. Cool ice is supposed to restore everyone's mana, but isn't supposed to heal unless you have the healer trait. But my test showed prior to promoting that: Free-Weave into Cool Ice and then copying it with Stable Ice from Ice Weave would cause it to heal as well. Ice Weaving Stable Ice and converting to Cool Ice with Chill Out would not make it heal Using Chill Out on Freezing Ice would not make it heal Refreshing Ice prior to promoting wasn't seeming to heal at all unless I only Free-Weaved it and copied with Stable. Course some patches happened and later I seen the conversion healing when I blew a field of them up. So will have to see if part of server going down was fixing some of the bugs.
  7. I think there also might be more with the focus gems, ice build up and stuff that we're not really seeing much of yet. The tech that was build being having abilities that can change on the fly, and these other features. I dunno that it would take years either, but there's more depth to it than we think probably.
  8. 1. Well only one of the templar lines can spec into spammable execute as well. So it's not saying much that only one of the FW lines can. 2. Some of the healing is bugged on FW and not working properly as well. 3. Lol rolling a new FW in prep to level tank tomorrow. Because I was kind of wondering the same thing. 4. It's fun. The more you play the more you learn to better weave. Doing things like permanet zoning by using wave to turn all ice into freezing, then chill out to turn it back into cool ice. Then just pulling things while being on the edge and using other ice freely while you resources stay up. Keep refreshing the timer by using those abilities on it and you won't actually have to create the zone again. If you finish with freezing or cool ice, use ice weave to convert the ice back into stable ice so you can pick them up to move on to new location. This lets lets you use the storage to reset your zone without the massive mana cost. Starting with cool ice to bring resources and some health up on targets, then drop refreshing breeze on it to turn them all into refreshing ice to explode heal and heal with refreshing breeze. Or set up the cool ice zone and just free weave refreshing ice and copy stable over and over while your cool ice zone keeps your resources up. Obvious gets better with better vessel and gear, and things not being bugged. Even as healer the dmg is pretty crazy. Will get to point where won't even feel like you can die because it's too easy to keep resources up and heal, and heals will only get stronger.
  9. This. So much. There is really no meaningful choice when most nodes are stat type boosts or specific to: am I dps? ok I need to take the AP or crit nodes. And this doubling down on restricting us isn't making it any better.
  10. Really hoping the game would evolve past that, or at the very least discplines allow for more meaningful changes. Idk, maybe I'm remembering shadowbane wrong, or the ability to change your playstyle a lot with actual weapon runes, choosing abilities by training a number of points into them, and having disciplines like the weres, sundancer for unarmed, and few others really made it feel like you were building something more unique than the next guy. Right now Crowfall classes feel anemic after the split into 3 specs. And 90% of the discs are just extensions of a class or just feel very underwhelming. Doesn't help the limited bars make it so that even with disciplines you don't feel like your extending your capability without giving up other class powers.
  11. Ya. Look at how good it looks (whether you like how they play or not) when the class is designed from the start with 3 specs in mind. Prior to promotion they have a full kit that is pretty good, then promote into specs that have distinct identities from each other. Not only were the other classes diluted, but FW straight ripes a lot of what other classes did and do it better, with at most limitation in distance. Executes better, and from range Zones better while having healing, resource restoration, control and massive dmg in those zones Drops heals that don't require stepping on them Drop area heals that last for a long time As far as feeling like a full mage class. Druid pre-promotion is a joke in comparison, with LMB clicking til right before promoting and getting Gaia's Wail (if it's truly fixed now). Post promotion, Stormcaller might still hit hard buffed up, but a lot of draw there was the endless channel of lightning that required no skill to aim so allowed cheesing of damage, is removed with the 3 part combo change to lightning. Arch-Druid is fun once they get the rest of their skills, and with Force-mage and proper use of blight can do some scary damage. But every time you make a new vessel if you don't have artifacts built up, you die a little inside. And would love to see a full kit shatter onto ice combo, with Archmage passive in comparison to the orb/blight combo, which thank god still has much better range. Wasn't much of a confessor players, though strikes me as off that to be tanky confessors range had to be nerfed hard and now FW tanks are range? Even with that said, I'm not sure FW is for me. Going to test healing more and how intrusive this set up time for storing ice, recovering resources and the penultimate passive is for generating ice and how smooth it feels. Seems like could get a much better with better gear, full tree done, better vessel though. This is all impressions, and have to see hard data.
  12. I would go further than that. It takes a lot of what makes other classes unique and does it better. With only some moderately high mana costs and set up time as weaknesses.
  13. It's test anyway, not live. So unless they plan on keeping us there for an inordinate amount of times that passive training isn't going to do us any good in the long run.
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