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  1. It's the castle defense tower. Thank you. I had wondered if it was its own item or not. I hope they add them back into the castle package. Sounds like making a bunch of those gonna be resource costly.
  2. Is there any way for us to build the octagon chamber that connects keep walls like we have in the campaign version of the keep? That's the only bit I haven't figured out in recreating the walls.
  3. From what I've tested, damage snapshots in this game. Since all orbs explode at once, they will snap shot with the 15% more damage before the buff could vanish. So all orbs would calculate with increased damage.
  4. I assumed they nerfed it. Didn't notice the damage until my final combine and thought they decided that over 10% basic attack damage like my current ammy was too strong.
  5. Oh wow! That's crazy. Always wanted a different GUI. This videos seems to suggest they need get on that asap (maybe part of 5.9 change).
  6. War Camps Fun and interesting new thing to grind. Drop rates on the recipe that lets you craft esoteric runestones and spherical gemstones is too low. No one likes to see drop after drop of the same recipes but not the mat you can slot into it. Some of the mobs are just too spammy with CC. Will be hard to move away from being able to constantly retaliate, if it's necessary to do that on the war camps because they just excessively can spam some kind of CC ability. Make bosses a little more interesting than their difficulty merely being the amount of health while dealing with non-stop CC. Rangers War camps highlight perfectly what the issues with Archers are, and by extension, somewhat all rangers. You can NOT sit turret style winding up your LMB shots. You just can't. Players murder your face just as bad as these mob do. Every time you try and charge, BAM CC. It's hard to mitigate that because the inherent slow when trying to charge LMB and Sharpshooter actively punishes you. Archer don't have the kit to deal with this, having to rely on such crap style of damage source. This isn't even getting into the broken damage, quivers not adding damage, constant fizzling of Rapid Fire and charging LMB. Adding new stuff is great, but PLEASE lets remember you are leaving people to deal with broken abilities patch after patch and it's not fun; no matter how much new stuff you add until that class powers pass.
  7. hogwash. I can screenshot all the epics I got from it. Nieghclaw, me, and bunch of Infernal were there getting epics.
  8. Instead of arguing what I farmed from the grave, you guys might want to go out and actually dig up the things. Then you would see the R8s. grave indeed gives epics. Or do you not think by my very specific instructions that I'm not familiar with the grave that I just assured people were epics? You think I bother taking the time to tell people there is source of epic pieces, when it's been campaigns since there has been, if I wasn't absolutely sure what I got from it? Now the people who ready this and bothered to go would have already farmed up theirs. Less arm chair saying what it should be and more seeing for yourself. Mm k? Could be that they are actually R9s. Was being very chatty and not paying attention to the rank. I was directed to the spot and told they were r8s
  9. There are 2 R9 graves that give epic elf parts. It's on the Dishonored map in the forest just west of Blacksilk's Lair Fort. EDIT: Just ran back to check. The graves are indeed r9. Didn't bother to look was in rush to dig them, that someone directed me to the spot saying they were just r8s. Seen the fort was R8 and didn't think that the parcel to west was it's own parcel.
  10. Anything but standing in more circles...
  11. Seriously! I thought the whole silver lining to this painful harvesting was the idea that with exploration passive training and giving up ALL YOUR COMBAT STATS for harvesting stats, was to make you a harvesting powerhouse so you could beat down nodes like a white vessel noob accidentally wandering off the beachhead.
  12. I feel like if they could make it so that the timer on death shroud started the moment you spawned as the crow, would make things much better. That way if you have some ridiculous 5 min run back to your body, you could revive and not be shrouded. But if you have a quick run, you could respawn but have to wait out the shroud timer. Having both when the body run is excessive is extremely off-putting. Just feels bad.
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