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  1. Let's just call it a Necromancer and give us a real class Necromancer. I approve! 3 specs: Death Knight - Sustain Tank Deathcaller - DPS Blood Prophet - Leech healer
  2. Maybe this is something small, but can we like get the ability to see what quality gear is at a glance when we can't use it. People will quickly learn the type of items they can use, even if they don't at the start. Being able to see at a glance what quality an item is so we can junk it would be exponentially more useful than seeing a shaded red item I already know I can't use.
  3. I'm actually flabbergasted to learn that Crowfall plans to launch without bothering putting the functionality of inviting people to guild in game. This is going to go down so well. Spamming general chat with conversation, guild recruitment and such. If you respond to a new player it will have to also be in general chat, because why would a new player think to tab over on a chat system that couldn't even put all chat channels into one window like games were able to do over 20 years ago? Then you tell them, ya go to the website, search for the guild and apply. The devs are really going
  4. Posted this in suggestions, but putting here so people playing Rangers can actually see and give their thoughts on it. I posted this some time back in a list of some things I'd like to see for Ranger, some of which actually got put in the game. Suggested before, wondering what others think: Currently Ranger's LMB suffers from the damage not being worth the charge up to release each stage of the combo. I guess the mile may vary depending on the promotion. But inevitably someone is in your face smashing it in before you can get too many of these off, and nearly impossible to
  5. Suggested before, wondering what others think: Currently Ranger's LMB suffers from the damage not being worth the charge up to release each stage of the combo. And inevitably someone is in your face smashing it in before you can get too many of these off, and nearly impossible to get them off in smaller scale fights. Going to use some made up numbers just to illustrate the concept. 1. Rather than LMB just charging up to do a single shot of the combo, let LMB charge up through 4 stages. First stage is normal damage Second stage is 1.5x damage Third stage is 2
  6. Druid changes sound so underwhelming. Makes stormcaller even better which is cool, but further pulls them away from the absolutely mess and slow clunky play that Arch Druid is. Guess will see when I test and will be absolutely brutal with feedback now that overhaul will be upon us.
  7. Well the beauty of 6.2 is we will finally be able to rip into classes without the excuse "wait til the discipine and ability pass" being thrown at us constantly. They're about to get much more critical feedback, which will move the classes to a good launch spot or not; but for sure be a major deciding factor in if people are going to stick to the game upon launch.
  8. 6.2 Looks to be a very interested change in how all classes work. But in many cases abilities work the same with only tweaked numbers and such. There are some fundamental ability changes I believe the Ranger needs to feel better and for combat to flow smoothly that could help the class a lot. LMB - Basic Shot This is the skill Rangers start with. Unchainable. Just do basic damage. This damage needs to be boosted so that clicking the button does a base amount of damage that is sufficient for range fighting, and not a joke compared to the range of other classes and especially being
  9. This. Those names definitely could be switched up.
  10. That's kind of my point. They stated that things changed, but people are speculating negatively about how some things just won't work based on current knowledge. This is why I think the bow shot should be changed. Press LMB does a good normal attack. This is your bread and butter. Holding it will charge, once it get to end of charge, it moves into the 2nd charge. You can release here to do the dmg of charge 1 and 2, or keep holding it to charge into the 3rd rank of charge, which would be the 3rd shot special. This dmg would be more greater for having charged up 3 shots, an
  11. Force Mage is a perfect example of a major that needed to be limited. Made no sense for non mages to be able to take it. Hopefully more stylistic changes like this the domains take into account. So that reasonably certain powerful choices are limited to class roles that it makes sense on.
  12. They said at the start, just because something has the same name with what you familiar with, don't assume it's the same thing. In the example Banshee, that active could now be massive. Hitting it could make you reflect a lot of damage and get a lot of healing, basically being a kind of reset you can build into. That would definitely be game changing on certain builds. Just like I will assume with such a huge overhaul that all those worthless abilities on majors that barely did anything before expiring will have got buffed to usefulness. Just because Banshee has 1 power 1 passive doe
  13. The discs nearly quadrupled in majors alone, with nearly as many minors. All which grant passives or actives and stats. They said there are a lot of new things. Rather than pick apart how class trees could be tweaked before even playing the system, you guys really need take a chance to play the new system. I feel like the majors and minors will now play a much more significant role in what kind of character you are in your class.
  14. This is more to do with bugs breaking classes, and the devs decision that nothing big would happen to classes until the discipline and abilities pass. There was a time when a lot of people had stealth detect and a lot of stealthers had to play a lot better than just existing.
  15. I disagree. The more we can pull away from WoW style PvP and battlegrounds, the better IMO. Don't know why people are always like there's nothing to do. That has nothing to do with chasing some stupid title and more to do with, unlike Shadowbane, you have no means of finding fights easier with tracking or POIs that are always in the same place. Add the beta population and people feel bored. They need get this game in a much better place before worry about ego stroking extraneous things.
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