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  1. I swear I've lost faith in this game, and the continued nerfing, dumbing down and culling of spec identity. Druid (Arch-Druid) LMB hitting mob of to side of my reticle rather than what I'm targetting. Either super huge hit box on some mobs, or the reticle is wonky LMB throwing extra attack. Let go of button and extra attack goes out somehow. Coalesce Life FX permanent. No health flying text for the heal. Health goes up and combat log reflects. Maybe this is tied into the orbs actually vanishing? Blight bomb orbs bug out when you or mob moves position mid cast and FX remains like Coalesce Life. Gais Wail fails when target moves at all from position when you start channel. Also fails uphill. Blademaster Still have to try and climb up inside mobs to try and get at the spawn of the healing orbs. But doubt these were even touched in these months of development. Ranger (Warden) The super useless Aerospin penultimate talent doesn't work. Prior to God's it was useless in that you'd never slot it or get to build up the charge if you stupidly slotted it. Now that survival tray is removed and it should be always charging up, does absolutely nothing. Just get rid of this horrible horrible penultimate passive already. Forest Step has same pathing issues as always
  2. To be fair, test clearly says phase 1. This is only part of the stuff. They want use to test Frostweaver, Leveling experience and if things are messed up with classes before moving into other stuff. Not that I disagree with a lot of things being said about how much further game needs to go.
  3. 1. Then don't play. This is alpha. Some many things have been changing that putting development into something that would also constantly be change is asinine and unrealistic. 2. But you do even in released games. Or you stumble around until you learn it. The people who want to excel are not waiting for the game to tell them how to play. So do you. 3. They didn't have nearly all the stuff in game that is in now. Optimizing, like putting in tutorials, have to come after the systems are in place. Honestly is sounds like you have no clue what development is and you sound entitled. 4. The game isn't going to hold you hand at release either. There is a reason some stuff in crafting is named experimentation. You're expected to piece the stuff together to know how to do things correctly. They have never been shy about telling people this. 5. That development time is also an average for AAA companies. 5 years ago they were just telling us their idea for the game to sell us on it. Yea it sucks having to wait, esp being here from start. But that's the crap you gotta deal with. The devs don't like it any better when our impatience gets the better of us. Though most of us agree it should be further along.
  4. If only the pendulum didn't swing away from Shadowbane style building. In Shadowbane you had access to all your skills, and you were unique because you were taking: Creation runes In game stat runes Discs that actually had game changing abilities you wanted to use Weapon disciplines that could completely change up how you play from the next class You trained points into your abilities. Usually this consisted of 1, 20 or 40 but that changed what skills players relied on. In Crowfall we instead got them moving away from this. And there feels like no choice, nothing interesting you're excited in taking. And you feel like every other class. The answer isn't to just limit artificially more of base class skills to use, or inability to use discipline skills you get just to make the illusion of specializing in something. Just feel like lazy development right now.
  5. You sure you were in the right test? The only world we have had available was God's Reach. There has been no other campaign maps you could have jumped to and got locked in.
  6. I was so confused who this penultimate passive was supposed to ever be useful to a healer.
  7. What's worse is he published this video yesterday and it's the over 6 months old content that's not even part of all the beautiful changes that is in the God's patch. So now people are looking at this date on this and thing this is today's Crowfall. This video is perfect example of what happens when you withhold information for months and now people aren't even away of the changes @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair
  8. This really needs to stick to the amount of their max ice storage. Maybe with bonus for their focus ice from gem and/or +1 that frost amor seems to generate. Would also allow be being able to extend it higher as some kind of gear/special progression.
  9. I know this... but event still, that has nothing to do with all them stacking on top of each other so close if you touch one you grab all. And when you raise reticle to spread them properly because of this, that spread isn't too far apart to make use of that type of play either. So ocams razor would state that if the main use of the power is to provide a bunch of armors for you to either have ready, or for team to pick up, that they would naturally, baseline, need to spread far enough apart to facilitate this. And with all the other reticle targeting issues, it's not leap to believe this is just bugged.
  10. I doubt it's intentional that you ever place a bunch of armors that stack on each other and thus can't be picked up except by 1
  11. I should have known better having realized range/reticle issues in other aspects.
  12. I'm amazed this even has to be said and a developer didn't look at current mechanics and go "oh that won't work." Frostweaver's Frost Armory NEEDS TO SUMMON SPACED APART. Trying to touch the edge of one so that you can grab an armor without taking whole stack doesn't work.
  13. EDIT: Distance started working on my FW... so has none of the weaknesses with range I thought it had over the classes it stole features from.
  14. Cool ice (the pulsing green one) is what restores resources. Refreshing ice (the blue spirals that instantly pop) is the heal. Cool ice is supposed to restore everyone's mana, but isn't supposed to heal unless you have the healer trait. But my test showed prior to promoting that: Free-Weave into Cool Ice and then copying it with Stable Ice from Ice Weave would cause it to heal as well. Ice Weaving Stable Ice and converting to Cool Ice with Chill Out would not make it heal Using Chill Out on Freezing Ice would not make it heal Refreshing Ice prior to promoting wasn't seeming to heal at all unless I only Free-Weaved it and copied with Stable. Course some patches happened and later I seen the conversion healing when I blew a field of them up. So will have to see if part of server going down was fixing some of the bugs.
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