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  1. Vessel solution

    Feels a bit punishing right now when you don't have much information on the effectiveness of discipline granted abilities. Some are broken, some might as well be for all the usefulness of having to need a player to be standing still just to hit with it, or a heal that barely moves the HP of a player. Hopefully this will be shored up and we will get some working formulas that will allow us to reasonable "plan" the range of skills at our disposal. Hope some dedicated programmers plan to maintain a tight database for all things Crowfall.
  2. Lock Characters to EKs

    It's like a right of passage now. But now with a dedicated EK character, this can't accidentally happen. Because if you never bring that character in game, you can't just 'Enter Campaign'.
  3. Game is already too much farmville. This is supposed to be a PvP game but currently lack purpose and direction in that. Point capping things that can be immediately flipped seconds later is not fun. It's not worth fighting over. People DON'T fight over them and no one gives 2 fks the points because of that. Seasonal changes aren't going to change this. Fort flip-flopping every few moments is boring. Why would you sit there? Lag, gross balance issues, spirit banking resources, and no permanence to anything except keeps is what is ruining the pvp. You don't invest in something that can be taken with someone using normal weapons to beat down a hole in the wall to just solo take it back. EKs and keep crafting means there is zero reason to have the keep. Then at the end of the campaign with these huge numbers, no one actually cares about that. No one thinks, oh wow, you guys did good. They stopped caring that first morning after the new campaign push.
  4. 4 day campaigns

    Just stopped in place and logged. Just incredibly bored with what's going on. It's just farmville and then ghost world. Then when group pvp happens you lag tf out. Gonna need more than just seasonal changes and catch up mechanics. After the first push people gave custard all to the points again. You get bigger groups in other factions taking more stuff, forts just keep on back-capping over and over. Walls are meaningless on forts because you can take them down with effing normal weapons. They take too much to build up with the size of the resources needed. Just so 2 people can beat a hole in it and take the fort anyway. Outposts are just obnoxious af without a bunch of people sitting on it to make them flip. I know it's pre-alpha, but this boring dog chasing it's tale crap that GW2 and ESO call PvP in their games is just beyond boring and meaningless. The OP classes still OP af. You gotta run the same boring discs to deal with it, and damage is getting nerfed with advanced weapons, that will compound it. Just no point in logging in right now or taking anything seriously. Guess I need a break. Not because I'm burned out, but for the lack of purpose in the game.
  5. Combat tree passive skill training rework suggestions

    I wouldn't mind not having to worry about combat passive training 😄
  6. I don't see why every single kill, node harvested, or piece of gear crafted has to be worth some kind of points. Just another arbitrary system telling players they're somehow better for doing X amount of things. Which X doesn't have an inherent value but what is placed on it. Killing 2 people afk, isn't the same as killing 1 with complete epics fighting in a bane. Yet the system will inherently value the first more. And if X pit fighter at the top of the leader boards gets consistently stomped by Y pit fighter who only cares to escort his friend farming? That Arch Druid setting up bombs as his group fights and 1 shot finishes 2 groups coming through a bottleneck? The leader boards tries to quantify value in a very shallow way which I don't think can be fair or realistic to what people will be getting up to in this game. This is just more built in systems telling people how to play in a sandbox setting.
  7. This game wasn't just announced and interested people showed up to test what we got. This game was announced to be a niche pvp game and many of us threw down hundreds or thousands of dollars to back that concept to make it reality. The confusion here is people coming later, with this "we all want to see this game succeed" argument, when all they have done is throw down the $50 to buy the game early and then ask for changes that are not good for this game's direction. Just no. Stop. If you missed what this game was crowdfunded and then marketed as, go brush up. Just might not be the game for you.
  8. Thoughts and Ideas on Faction Play

    1. They would be either homogenized or such they made one faction more appealing than others. 2. Compared to what? There were games even in DAoC's time that offered very diverse build system. Sure, after that it was here is your class--bye. From WoW era games. 3. Agreed. Though will be more a product of GVG and othes campaign styles. At least until base resources are in and those who will keep playing factions will need some love. Doubt we'd see that for alpha testing. 4. We've asked for this a lot. If we're lucky it might be included with the capture points update. 5. This as well. I imagine that siege disciplines which will flesh this out more when other comes and what we have are refined. But already certain classes off ways in now. Imagine sapper and saboteur runes. 6. No to stats. The point is not to widen the gap between Victor's and runner ups. You when SB is fixed you will get more loot, but the campaign winning will have other cosmetic rewards and special recipes already. It's just we are still in pre-alpha and they're not a system yet. Right now major balancing and minute details are on back burner while they finish putting major systems in they had planned to be a launch state game. We tend to forget it's pre-alpha testing. At least until the lag hits.
  9. 1. This is an MMO, not a Battle Royale. You get eliminated in BR and you are back in a complete new game in minutes. If you'd get eliminated here it would be weeks or months. You guys can't honestly think 50 camapigns full of people to populate them will be rolling so you can just hop into a new one. And if by some miracle there is, where is the MMO in that? Well, lasted a week in that one; accomplished so much? 2. Then the rest of the posts explains in detail what I have said already. Maybe a guild doesn't care about the score. Maybe they want to do something else. "We didn't want to play for points." But they 'were' playing. When they decided to "play for points", they weren't already eliminated because they were doing their own thing until then. Wouldn't have happened if they were just kicked off the campaign already. Ya, these last days, the real ones would be months. If you want to take a break from just one type of PvP in campaign and do another, shouldn't mean you are removed from the campaign. Players should decide, not programming.
  10. Your whole post is prime example of what I'm talking about, lmao.
  11. 2. Well to be fair, it's not at the point where balancing is a huge priority, I don't think. They're trying to get all the base mechanics and technology in first, and then tweak numbers after. And we're lucky to be getting the ones we are like the advanced weapon fix. 4. The whole point of this game is PVP. People like you and Hamon seem to thing you can advocate PvP becoming secondary, just because they have a very robust crafting system that puts most games to shame. Games like this used to exist a lot, and then were watered down into the WoW-era trash that liked to pretend to know PvP. These guys are bringing back the roots. So stop trying to bring in this CS or Battle Royale bs. 6. There is no PvE. The extent of PvE is just the most basic monster bash for materials and leveling. There no attractions to see, no PvE events, no dungeons or raids on boss monsters. And if there ever will be, is going to be solely for PvP to happen for that special rare resource. 7. It's pre-alpha. That is the only reason you can jump back and forth so easy with no penalties. You guys are treating test mechanics as if they are LIVE mechanics. Some campaigns won't even let you import into the campaign. Ya, it feels very weird now while things are being built still, but the end game is that everything is PvP, promotes PvP, and PvP will protect the harvesters that are out in the dangerous world of PvP, to support MORE PvP. All these change PvP into PvE mechanics and make PvP a sideshow from people without a K under their names just miffs tf out of me. It's cool yall threw down your $50 to try early. But many of us threw down hundreds or thousands of dollars on this game to get it started with a very specific vision of PvP incorporating elements of Shadowbane, Star Wars Galaxies and EVE. And if you are a kickstarter, then shame on you because you should have known that game you were backing and stop trying to turn it into instanced pvp trash you find in games like WoW.
  12. Wanting to win and knowing you can't always win aren't the same thing. But I agree with the rest. It's needs to be player determined, not a system.
  13. You sound like CN--and I know you commented on another post before mentioning them, as 'us'. Don't think most Shadowbane players are trying to break anyone's spirit in a video game. Taking whole maps, and holding them, necessitates your guild growing into a zerg. I doubt most guilds want to be zerg guilds. In fact, ones I've talked to would like to not be big at all. This idea that just because campaigns will have an end game, means you can kick guilds from the campaign and be the last one left standing, to start a new one and do it all over again can't function in reality. Kicking people from campaigns early because they didn't make the cut will ensure those people won't play that kind of campaign. Who wants to end a campaign early and be locked out from playing while the guilds who got ahead continue to get to play the game? No one. As cool as it sounds, I guaranteed if you aren't one of the guilds consistently making it to the end, you won't be playing that campaign. I already posted extensively on this already, though. So I'm not going to rehash all the issues with this kind of ruleset and how most not only won't keep participating, but goes against the very design philosophies this game was meant to combat.
  14. Quality of life improvements

    People are aware of this. There is such a thing as a happy median between 32 m and 80 m. If the devs can't do this, then they should be giving Archers some extra range as a perk, which is not usable. While they are doing a complete powers pass, they shouldn't have pushed a system live that caused classes to be bloated with useless talents, making them a weak spec.
  15. Quality of life improvements

    Except that's not the case. You lose very little bow power from going warden instead. Master of Bows allows you to equip quivers. All of a sudden Archer offers NOTHING that Warden can't provide. The passive is worthless and never useable, and it's just easier to click, click, charge green arrow (3rd part of LMB chain) to apply the type of arrow's secondary effect. But now you have access to actual worthwhile melee, built in stealth detection, and much greater durability even before equipping the mail. Archer offers nothing more because range is broken and capped, suppression can be spammed with Warden to hit consistently in melee range, and barrage becomes stronger which is the best ability of the bow but is made up for. I guess Archer is more a team player if you can actually do anything with your bow in large fights.