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  1. Seems that 5.110 is in October, and Dregs, alpha is likely February 2020.
  2. Thanks for clarification. I brought it up only to highlight that investors were brought in, and that the Crowfall team, and certainly not the Crowfall money, wasn't being used to promote the engine. Which, again, at the end of the day, would only mean more income that would help the company anyhow.
  3. Pretty sure they had a whole separate kickstarter/buy in for the company that was separate than Crowfall. Which is one of the reasons you see so many people with ACE Development Partner & Investor in their names in forums, I believe. And it's smart to look for other ways to make money for the company, but did they actually say "sorry guys for the slow down, some of the Crowfall team were working on marketing the game engine?"
  4. I believe I seen this one because of Zybak already, but September has been quiet of all news.
  5. No they didn't. And it's not a product... For those of use with reading comprehension we understand that this game is in development. Just because those who kickstarted, or bought their way in later has access to play the test build in no way means it's a final product. Thus we aren't getting bent over fallacious expectations. It's their livelihood. None of them are making money on the side that they can just flip the game the finger. People are seriously harsh on developers. No one wants to see what they put their passion into fail. While we would all love for it to be further along, what we would all hate more is that the game came out incomplete and there is no seconds chances for release. Right now most people aren't vested in this game except as an idea they heard about. So if it pops out later and is amazing, it will draw people in. The reverse isn't true. I understood the risk in 2015 when I backed the game a lot of things could happen that would make the game never launch. You mean these greedy ones AAA games are beholden to like Activsion, EA, Bethesda (owned by Zenimax). Who have been releasing utter garbage to players and then trying to squeeze every dime out of them on top of the purchase price through predatory cash shops? The same companies that have been the center of scandal and controversy through end of 2018 and all of 2019? I thought the whole point of the kickstarter was to avoid ACE being beholden to companies like that. I mean, if we had a super AI that could pop out software like a factory pops out a car, that would be kind of awesome. Just talk to the AI and tell it your idea and with a snap it's able to construct perfect code that accomplishes that idea and implements it into your game. Cars are made by machines. Of course they won't take the same amount of time. I think people misunderstand what a core module is here. This was released already. It's the basis for which all other systems have been building on and adding. It's how we went from hunger dome, to beach head, to campaign worlds. Each new system is a module added to the core of which eventually builds the game. Not to be confused with base game + expansions.
  6. And here I was looking at the lack of news and thinking, "been a while for news, are they going to surprise us with something big after this final trial?" Guess not.
  7. For most the time I was playing 5.8 I didn't have training in the combat passives and I had no issues killing people, even on the less effective classes.
  8. Which only goes to describes a situation where the argument for needing a skill wipe--to me at least--sounds like people just feel they missed out so want to "start even". The extra combat stats isn't even an argument because we all know that people were fighting other just fine with their passives only in the crafting and harvesting trees and all their combat stats from in game. EDIT: But at the end of the day ACE said they wipe things when big changes happen to them. No changes have happened to passive skill have they? Also a better time for the wipe would probably be 6.0.
  9. I know very well about tomes and what my understanding of them were, unless that somehow changed. And my question still stands. There was never any mention of someone coming in game a year later being able to just skill their way up to the vets, just make progress faster. Not to mention if a player joins a year later and can easily skill themselves up to that person playing from the start, what is the point of having a passive system in the first place? It's not rewarding long time players if the next Joe to walk in can get that without the inane wait. FYI. I think the passive system is stupid personally and I rather not even have it in game. Let people just put their own effort into it. And having all your crafting skill based on a passive time sink is ridiculous. But it is what it is.
  10. Correct me if this information has somehow changed. But it was my belief that skill tomes would be from players banking time and converting it into tomes. Which means that for a minimum, the first year, there will be no person putting time into tomes for anyone. Also you're arguing that these newer players are going to have people just dishing out tomes to them. Because if they feel so useless without having these catch up tomes, and can't produce much of anything worthwhile, what currency will they have to trade with? I can see guilds going we need get your pvp toon with their passive asap. But otherwise, you could just as easily dish out the material and gear that most of the passive training covers.
  11. Pray tell. What is your solution to people who don't start at launch when the game goes live then??? I'm waiting. I feel like this argument is just FOMO.
  12. Uh, no. Nobody needs a passive skill wipe to know prior to getting anywhere in those trees is not interesting and you feel beholden to others to do for you. And there is, quite frankly, no need to wipe it if there has been no changes to passive skills. It's a completely boring 'wait months to get anywhere' mechanic. There is nothing you can do to change that, make it more interesting, or need to test what will happen if you start out without those passives again.
  13. I mean, if the other accounts don't have their own junk to deal with. But this isn't anything new and they can't do anything about it. The other accounts are paying customers too.
  14. At least by release we will have better sites equipped to give information, when mechanics and numbers aren't wildly changing. The power creep is already there though, and will suck for those who are behind. Adding runics didn't help this any, either. All that did was combine 2 pieces of jewelry stats with the weapon stats. I really, REALLY hope they do something better with enchanting and it's not just more stats. Maybe we can enchant quality of life things into our gear like set bonuses that add flavor other than stats we are already capping. I noticed hunger shards are being nerfed. Symptom of the ridiculous amounts of stat stacking. But if they keep doing this, they make things not worth it. From a purely min/max perspective ya, you will want it. But as @thomasblair likes to say: will the juice be worth the squeeze? No, it will be another needlessly tedious point of having an extra item to farm, farming hunger shards enough to get decent ones to actually drop, and the normal crafting process after that just to add an item that will add how much stats now? If test would ever stay up could see... This happened with philo stones already, and a bit with reworking how rerolling items work--which is a good thing, large rerolls were just gauranteed huge jump in stats. But I see even more of this down the road. We already get too much of the same stats stacking. 1. Passive training combat tree 2. Vessels / philo stone 3. Talents from leveling 4. Chest on armor 5. Weapons 6. Jewelry 7. The extra jewelry stats on runic 8. Crests
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