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  1. Any length is fine, provided I do not lose. Then it is not fair.
  2. Winners don't do drugs said the sad little loser who has yet to win.
  3. The players request that the devs kindly fragment this game even more.
  4. Franchise gaming guilds: We value your membership. Indeed, so we say.
  5. What is meaningful? Each has their own opinion, but yours is so wrong.
  6. Desperation grows with each thread the OP posts. Please, ArtCraft! Notice!
  7. Imitation is something something flattery. You know how it goes.
  8. The master blacksmith presses B plus S to craft legendary swords.
  9. Money. Cash. Moolah. I will spend all that I have to think I am good.
  10. My dream is a game where only tactics I like can succeed. Cookies.
  11. Snow falls on cedars. The sound of men slap fighting echoes in the night.
  12. No game exists yet. Come, let us all fight over the idea of chance.
  13. A fact is stated. It is argued, called baiting. Welcome to Crowfall.
  14. Emergent gameplay: No one here understands it, but all have ideas.
  15. Weeping and wailing over the mere thought of coins. Your tears fill my cup.
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