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  1. Its funny I'm also waiting on Crowfall's release before I invest in a new gaming computer.
  2. I'm pretty certain that they have already said that you will be able to construct your EK on someone elses EK and they can give you dominance over your part of that EK, Meaning that you will be able to ride across your friends EK's or to your friends Castle. As for Stitching together EK I don't think you will have to, if all you have to do is add your buildings and land plots to another persons EK.
  3. So... a persistent world... Crafting..... looking forward to getting into this and seeing how its improved since the last time I was in there.
  4. Me too I'm excited about this, I've found that the HD and SP tests were at very strange times. I have found it difficult to log in and try it out the last few months.
  5. This game won't differentiate between PvPers and PvEers. I would guess that all players would have to pretty much both roles. A person who is focused on PVE, building, crafting etc, will have to PVP as well to acquire the materials needed to do their respective trades. And as a Hardcore PVPer good luck finding someone to craft you the gear your going to need to be an effective pvper if you aren't securing POI's and hauling resources back to base, besides who is going to establish the base?
  6. Minotaur look awesome! Its a stay the hell out of its way type of class and hit him when he's down.
  7. I'm going to be either a Ranger or an Assassin
  8. You know its funny..... JamesGoblin does always likes your posts....lol
  9. I love the fact that you've come out and let us all know that things are delayed. Its reassuring to know that you are being honest with your community. IMO I say delay and finish the game before launch. I'd much rather play a finished polished product free of bugs and wait for it than having an incomplete buggy game to play. You guys are doing a good job, keep it up..... Combat is coming along though, it is vastly improved from the first version of the hunger dome that I logged into.
  10. The more the Merrier Welcome to Ascendance and Legend Gaming
  11. There is still lots of info to come about the archetypes...... Something for everyone!
  12. Sure..... and use that ability too much and you take more damage and more damage yourself until you die or you switch to your damage bar... then who heals? I suppose if you have a second druid who is dealing damage while your healing then you switch.... but that leads to some interesting coordination between the healers.
  13. The Druid can't be a dedicated healer.... or your going to have a crispy druid on your hands... I believe the mechanic forces the Druid to be balanced between healing and damage dealing. If you burn yourself to heal others you have to quickly figure out where the balance in that is, or your not going to be healing for very long.
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