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  1. Alright so I have a question. They are building an action MMO... they are looking at TERA. It also sounds like you really want to customize your combat. Would adding a slider to your character creation that either slides one way so you have lower cds on abilities but lower damage per hit or longer cds, but harder hitting be something to consider? This could add this to your advantages/disadvantages page. This could allow different players a new way to express their combat appeal.... personally I like low cds, stringing combos, however I know some people who like to see huge numbers. Of course there would need a lot of work balancing. Lower cds might unlock different combos able to be done. This could allow people to adjust their support type to have big heals on high cds or lower cds where the heal is just topping off hp.....A Templar can focus on either being that dancer with a 2h sword or smashing peoples faces in.
  2. They are not really zombies. They are directed by the Others ( White Walkers) ... an ancient magical race that lives in the far north.
  3. Remove the cc chains in your combo and that would be much better. 2 people could kill 1 person without ever getting touched just by timing knock downs, stuns. Or implement a penalty system where say you use 2h sword attack at 1.5 seconds... you stumble and fall onto the ground for 2.5 seconds. I am all for skill above everything else. Just when you can lock your opponent down just through timing and 100-0 through a long fight by using cc chains then that's ridiculous. There are other ways of showing skill then 1v1 stun locking. Your opponent should have the chance to fight back for at least 50% of the time.
  4. I meant like in lore wise stealing life is what reduces your corruption bar. You accumulated hunger as you are using it and when you kill something it reduces the corruption. Not like a legit life steal where it heals you.
  5. That's why I was suggesting earlier that when you kill something that's not undead the corruption bar reduces a bit... cuz the hunger steals life. Makes me think of a drug addict ( Hunger user) needs his next "Hit" of life force to return some of his sanity. maybe instead of the corruption bar replacing the mana bar it just becomes a secondary resource bar? That's a worthy suggestion as well. However I think Shunejii has something here as well.
  6. But now the character appears to have control of the hunger within themselves... if they can do that then they appear stronger than the All-Father because he died to the hunger.
  7. So you die no matter what? Would you think is there a way to bring it down?
  8. My life is now complete. (>0.0)> (^0.0^) < (0.0<) (v0.0v)
  9. I didn't know I had those. Will you help me find them?
  10. If its just me and 3 100 man guilds want to make escrows safe zones...... I better have a huge sword. Being a man is irrelevant in this game.... I could man handle a woman in real life( I never would though) however in game I bet a girl has kicked my virtual ass more than once.
  11. Could work... instead of the Hunger beast next to you... you mark the target attracting hunger mobs to the target.
  12. ...... I wont allow it! Seriously though if that happens in the Dregs I would be quitting Crowfall.
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