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  1. Congratulations @Lasko & @ultrviolet Fantastic work. Well DONE everyone else. You guys are a very talented bunch and I was impressed with every submission.
  2. I will be sorry to see less of you but It is all for the right reasons. Congratulations on your life level unlocking and good luck on the mental XP project.
  3. My mother's, neighbor's, boyfriend's, cousin's, teacher's, nephew plays a game where Jamesgoblin actually responded to one of his friend's posts.
  4. Whelp, these aren't gifs but they got some giggles on Twitter
  5. Here is J Todd's Answer for the graphic from the Twitter Q & A:
  6. You are most welcome. I am just learning how. Basically I hover around until I get a pop up and look in a new tab lol. Baby steps lol.
  7. Upload it first to an image hosting site. I use Imgur, it is free and works well for all the stuff I do. Once you upload it, copy the "Direct Link" When you click on the little picture icon, paste that information into the pop up and you will then see it here.
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