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  1. Congratulations @Lasko & @ultrviolet Fantastic work. Well DONE everyone else. You guys are a very talented bunch and I was impressed with every submission.
  2. I LOVE them Having the centaur pulling the sleigh, er......cart is brilliant and hysterical. The blood & cookies........delightfully creepy. Well DONE!
  3. These are all brilliant! I LOVE Them. The poem is PERFECT! Fabulous results from a terrific idea. Merry Christmas everyone. May yours be filled with blessings and giggles. *Chrissy hugs* <3
  4. Any news on when we can see each other's creations?
  5. Me too! I can't WAIT to see what our gifted community creates.
  6. Another question and I risk looking really silly here..... When I size my image to 800 x 1200 I get a size of 2.667 x 4 inches. If I size it to 6 x 4 inches I get a pixel size of 1200 x1800 What am I misunderstanding?
  7. Question: Do we have to use the thumbnails just on that link or the full sized (Resized for contest specs) concepts of those characters?
  8. #CrowsThatSpeakTweet #CrowChirps #MurderousTweets #BlueBirdsThatCaw #Croweets #CrowsInBlue #SapphireCrows #Caweets
  9. Absolutely LOVE the title. Great source of info and appreciated announcements.
  10. Really great video all around! I loved hearing all the back story and thoroughly enjoyed the editing that threw in the splashes of humor. Loved all the pics of widdle Todd too. 
  11. Congratulations to the winners. There was some really great captions. Tough to judge I am sure.
  12. Congratulations to the winners and my hat is off to all those awesome entries. Well done Crowfall team *Looks at Pann with pride for running it so well and for surviving judging*. I heartily enjoyed the whole process.
  13. I think that only matters if you are profiting from the image. Just a mention like this is fine. For example the Oscar is fiercely guarded and owned by The Academy but media can use the image when talking about them or the show or if someone just mentions an Oscar they are fine with it.
  14. I have no clue how you guys are gonna be able to judge this. There is an amazing amount of fabulous entries and they are not finished yet. I don't envy the judges one bit. Well DONE everyone.
  15. Great idea for a contest. This was lots of fun to do and to watch the other fabulous entries. Welcome to Crow City Captain Crowfall charges from the graveyard Crowfall Scream
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